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Presented by: Joy Mae Gulay

Objectives.are subject-centered goal is a mastery of content.step by procedures in lesson activities is strictly followed and teacher-directed.1. 5.use teacher-organized content and sequencing is strictly to be followed. Teachers. 3. . Content. 2. 4.uses objective tests and other quantitative measures. Evaluation.they are subject matter experts and dominate lesson activities. Implementation.

Objectives. 3. 5. Content.use qualities assessment tools such as informal observations. Teachers.student-centered goal is to gain knowledge. 4.1. interviews and discussions. . Implementation. develop skills and instill values. 2.facilitate guides and encourage more student participation. Alternative steps are undertaken to avoid misdirection or delay. flexible and may include related subjects as in integrated teaching.allows substitution of materials during the activities if needed.

from the particular to the universal. from the simple to the complex and from the concrete to the abstract. from the specific generalization. It starts from the known to the unknown.Inductive method is simply defined as the process of arriving at a given generalization. .

situation and phenomenon. We use a generalization or rule or principle to arrive at a specific and arrives at a specific item.The deductive method is a process of starting with a generalization and arriving to a class of subjects. . he is deducting.

Integration is the process or practice of combining different elements and presenting them as one unifying whole. social studies and character education. It has been used in several instances like combining two objects in the curriculum the science and health and physical education. .

discussions d. Lecture.a. b. c. Reporting-discussions Inductive.lecture Film showing.discussion Demonstration.deductive . e.

.The lecture method is a teaching procedure for explaining and clarifying a major idea. It makes use of exposition which may be a narration or a description.

but method cannot be standardized simply because children do not belong to the same mold. .In the past there was a general search for this general method. Perhaps there should be as many methods as there are individual differences among children.

exercise. It makes use of the principles of learning and permits the operation of these principles such as readiness. 3. 5.It utilizes the principle of “learning by doing”.It utilizes the principle of “learning by doing”.It provides for growth and development .It stimulates thinking and reasoning. 2. and effect as provided for . 4.1.

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