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SAP Document Management System Overview

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DMS : Overview

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(Known by some as a "paperless office" system or content management system. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users (history tracking).) • A document management system (DMS) is used to track and store electronic document and / or Image of paper documents. We have used below mentioned Processes for improving the affectivity of our DMS System.DMS : Overview • Document management is a process taken with document within an organization. approval distribution and deletion of documents.  Engineering Change Management Process.  Document Review & Approval Process . 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 3 . with respect to the creation. Sunday.

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 4 .DMS : Process and Features Create original and Upload document Classification System for Storing Meta Data Start 1 Document Creation 2 Document Upload Engineering Change Management for tracking changes 1 2 8 Storing and Managing Documents Document Review and Approval 5 Document Approval 4 Document Review 3 Document Workflow 3 7 6 Document Distribution 7 Change Management Finish Document Linkage to other SAP objects 4 6 Document Distribution Commenting 5 Final Approval Sunday.

DMS : Document Life Cycle Document Creation  Upload documents  Characterstics Maintenance  Reviewers & Approvers  Document Recipient List Document Review  Triggering Workflow  Internal distribution  Redlining and Commenting Document Approval  Accept or Reject Decision  Re-submission Notification to Vendors Document Distribution  Create Recipient List  Internal Document Distribution with in IPL  External Document Distribution Change Management  ECN (Engineering Change Number) creation  Approval for Change  Creation of New Revision  Master Markup  Version creation Creation  Notification to  Approval with Categories Vendors  Vendor collaboration platform Sunday. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 5 .

DMS : Capabilities • FIND: Find documents and files in seconds rather than hours. • VERSION CONTROL: Version control gives you the ability to mange document changes and revisions including going back to a previous version of a document. and schedule archival or removal processes. Sunday. • ARCHIVING: Set retention periods for documents. • AUDIT: Verify who viewed and made updates to documents. • SECURITY: Set document security for who can view and update files. • SHARE: Allow more than one worker access to the same document at the same time. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 6 . • CENTRALIZATION: Store department or workgroup documents in a central storage area.

Evaluation Vendor Dwg. QM QAP FQP Cert.DMS : Integration with other SAP Modules Production Planning Module has a seamless Integration with all the other Modules in SAP MM Tech. Purchasing Support Doc./Manuals O&M Dwg. FICO DMS PP Generations Reports Invoices Vendor Doc. F&A Doc. PM O&M Doc. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 7 . QAP and FQP SD Sales order Sales contract Invoices Customer Doc. O&M Modification Proposal Vendor Dwg. Contract Document Tender Doc. of Conformity / Non Conformity MDCC Test Certificate Sunday.

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 8 ..) Sunday. Meta Data : It refers to the attributes related to the attached Originals (such as the Dept. the design drawing) which contains the actual information in the document.DMS : Document Info Record Document info record refers to the master record in the SAP System that stores all the business information for a document. Package etc. Originals : It refers to the original files (for example. Project. It contains the original files and the metadata for a document.

we have defined a number range from 10000000001 to 99999999999. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 9 .DMS : Document Numbering System (DIR) DIR Numbering System • Internal numbering strategy is SAP generated numerical numbering system. • For example. • The first saved number will be 10000000001. Sunday. second will be 10000000002 and so on in a sequential fashion.

DMS : Document Types Definition The document type is used to categorize documents according to their distinguishing features and the organizational procedures and treatment that result from them. Examples: Sunday. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 10 .

document passes through multiple decision points.DMS : Document Status Network Document Status During document review and approval process. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 11 . It helps cater multiple needs of a process and can trigger automatic notifications to decision makers for making a decision. Advantages  Process Standardization for document review and approval process  Unique Status network for every document type  Automatic alerts/ workflow notifications triggering on document status change  Reduction in document review and approval lifecycle  Highly Secure Sunday. which are represented and identified as document status. Document Status Network The multiple decision points once defined can be formed together in a logical sequence to build a Document Status Network. The Document Status Networks are based on the Document Types.

DMS : Document Status Network L E G E N D Previous status Current status Pending further status Sunday. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 12 .

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 13 .  Dynamic selection for reviewers and approvers  Decision notifications with document link to the reviewer/approver  Informatory notifications via e-mail Reviewers Approvers Sunday.DMS : Document Workflow The Proposed Business Work Flow solution will add value to the document review and approval process.

Informatory Workflow Alert • The screen shows the informatory workflow alert. the document work flow gets triggered ahead. • Based on decision made. with specific decision details for a document. with multiple decision options. Sunday.DMS : Document Workflow – Alert Messages Workflow Notification – Decision step • The screen shows the SAP Business Work flow notification in SAP. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 14 .

 Comparison of original application files between two different version of DIR Sunday. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 15 .DMS : Document Display using ECL Viewer 7.0  ECL Viewer from SAP enables to view the original application files without the native software being installed on user front-end machine.  Review and commenting on original files with the use of mark up layers / redlining.

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 16 .DMS : Review Functionality Provides Complete review functionality with users not requiring AUTOCAD installed on the local machines.04. Review of the document is stored automatically with Time Stamp attached to it Time Stamp Name: User XX Date: 08.2009 Time: 11:25:41 Sunday.

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 17 . vendors. consultants. reviewers etc.DMS : Document Distribution In its entire lifecycle document needs to be distributed multiple times to multiple users like clients. With this Solution it will be possible to distribute the documents directly from SAP to multiple recipients dynamically Key Features  Document distribution log maintenance  Single source distribution avoiding multiple communication modes  Secure for “Confidential” documents  Dynamic selection of document recipients possible  Document Distribution to any external agent is possible Sunday.

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 18 .DMS : Document Collaboration SAP Vendors Consultants Collaboration Hub SAP Client IPL Sunday.

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 19 .DMS : Document Collaboration – Using cFolder • cFolder (Collaboration Folders) is the SAP web-based application for collaborative sharing of information which enables users to work on complex engineering projects in virtual teams with external business partners. • cFolders is part of a suite of applications powered by SAP® Net Weaver™ that provides a collaborative platform inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise Sunday.

 cFolders is used as collaborative platform to share information with external parties e. Sunday. access to cFolders structure will be provided to Vendors  Based on current document status in cFolders. suppliers and customers.  Role-Based and Clients. It caters with requirements to work in distributed design and manufacturing teams in a collaborative web based environment. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 20 . Document will be visible to Vendors and Consultants. vendors.g.DMS : cFolder Structure  cFolders (Collaboration Folders) is the SAP web-based application for collaborative sharing of information.

Revisions Sunday.DMS : Document Management with SAP DMS & cFolder SAP DMS • Document Info Record (DIR) • Alerts • Notifications • Versions SAP ECM • Engineering Change Record (ECR) • Engineering Change Number (ECN) cFolders • Collaboration • Document Structure • Versions. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 21 .

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 22 .DMS : Document Storage and Retrieval Document storage and administration functionalities for different locations using SAP Content Server and SAP Cache Server Components which will interact with the knowledge provider  Secured Centralized storage for all originals  Improves processing time  Fast and direct access to documents from any workplace or location Sunday.

Improve staff productivity Reduce costs associated with manual document Promote sharing of knowledge and information Enhance corporate transparency and governance E-mail and fax files instantly Access documents while traveling Publish documents to CD. 5. 4.DMS : Advantages 1. 2. as appropriate Sunday. DVD or the web. 3. 23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 23 . 6. 7.

23 June 2013 © IB Technology Solutions Inc 24 .DMS : Overview Thank You Sunday.