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& Mounting of Maxillary Cast

Face-Bow Transfer

Toggle & Shaft Hardware


Plaster Bowl for Hot Water

Nasion Relator

Face-Bow (Bite) Fork

BardParker or Lab Knife One sheet Pink Base-Pate Wax

Detailed Inventory of Facebow Device

Facebow Apparatus Lower Frame Support Bar Jack Screw .

Place two thicknesses of wax on the “top” 3. Identify the “top” of the bite-fork 2.Adapting Wax to Bite-Fork 1. Mould to form the wax in a horseshoe as illustrated .

Use Bunsen Burner to Heat the Baseplate Wax .

Warm the Wax in Hot Water Prior to this step. try the “horseshoe” on the the maxillary cast to make sure all of the occlusal surfaces of the maxillary teeth including the buccal cusps will be imprinted. Make sure the wax extends beyond the last molar in the arch .

Hold bite fork in place firmly as wax cools . Align the bite fork with the mid-line of the maxilla 2.Insert & Align Bite Fork 1.

Chill & Trim the Excess Wax .

Assembling Hardware to Face-Bow .

Use of Cotton Rolls Patient can assist in holding bite fork in place but must bite on cotton rolls .

Gently guide the ear piece into the external auditory meatus 3. After bite fork is repositioned 2. Patient applies firmer pressure and holds in place while pulling forward at the same time .Initial Placement of Face-Bow 1.

Note toggle & shaft hardware are already attached to the face-bow at this stage .Initial Placement of Face-Bow 4.

Tighten thumb screw on the nasion-relator assembly 3. 2. This secures the vertical relationship in the sagittal plane . Center the plastic nose piece on the patient’s nasion.Nose Piece 1.

Make sure face bow is parallel to an imaginary line going between the pupils.Attaching Hardware Have patient look at you. Loosely guide the vertical bar & horizontal cross bar to the bite fork shaft .

Attaching Hardware 1. cross bar is above the bite fork shaft . Make sure the horiz.

Attaching Hardware 2. Tighten the T-screw on the vertical bar 3. Tighten the horizontal frontal T-screw as well .




>Removing the Face-Bow< Loosen the thumb screw on the nasion relator & remove it from the face-bow .

The bite fork can then be removed from the mouth .Removing the Face-Bow 1. Loosen thumb screws on facebow & have patient gently remove the ear pieces 2.

Disinfecting the Wax Record and Bite Fork .

Remove the Locking Screw .

Add the Support Bar Support Bar .

Mounting the Lower Frame 1. Assemble the Lower Frame as illustrated . Remove the upper member of the articulator 2. Remove the lower mounting plate from your articulator 3.

Tighten the clamp screw . Insert the vertical rod into the lower frame all the way down so it contacts the base 5.Mounting the Lower Frame 4.

to the upper member of the articulator Add a new Mounting Plate .

Rest upper member on support bar as illustrated .Return Upper Member to the articulator 1. Remove incisal pin 2.

Make sure Centric Latch is engaged & locked .

Attach & Extend “T-Bar” Bite Fork Support to Lower Assembly Jack Screw .

Place Maxillary Cast into imprints of wax Secure maxillary cast to bite fork by melting some of the wax to the cast in selected areas .

Ready for Plaster Mounting You are now ready to affix the maxillary cast to the upper member of the articulator with mounting stone .

QA Form .

Finished Maxillary Mounting .

Replace Incisal Pin .

Horizontal Black Line .

• Have Mandibular cast ready to mount • Have a mounting plate available for the mandibular member of your articulator NEXT WEEK: .

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