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The proposal should contain the following: – – – – – – – – – Title Rationale Review of Related Literature Objectives Methodology Expected Output Potential Users of Research Findings Time Frame Budget . What Proposals May Qualify • Research proposals that will be entertained by the CRHRDC are those which address priority health problems identified by the PCHRD and CRHRDC.A.1. Call for Research Proposals A.

.000.• The submitted proposal shall also meet the following requirements: – Simple – Relevant to regional health problems – In accordance with the priorities identified by the PCHRD and CRHRDC – With budgetary requirement not exceeding ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P100.00). – With a duration of six months to one-year.

Who May Apply • Regular staff and faculty members of research institutes. medical and paramedical schools. Suggested deadline for submission of proposals is June of each year.2. medical residents of hospitals may submit proposals provided that he or she will be working under the supervision of a more experienced researcher affiliated in the same institution.A. properly endorsed by the head of the agency. . and other health related agencies may submit proposals. hospitals. Likewise. These proposals should be addressed to: The Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Committee c/o DOST—Cordillera Regional Office.

Representative from the PCHRD may join these subcommittees in any stage of the evaluation process.B. Evaluation of Detailed Research Proposals • The Research and Development Sub-Committee (RDSC) reviews the detailed research proposals to determine which proposals meet the requirements enumerated above. The following criteria may be adopted in project evaluation process. . • The evaluation of proposals shall be done by sub-groups of the Ethics and Research Management composed of a biostatistician/epidemiologist and 2 content experts.

methods of data gathering. 2. control of variables. 3. They should be phrased clearly-unambiguously and very specifically—leaving no doubt as to what has to be measured.1. They should be expressed in measurable terms. Merit/Urgency Need of the Project – The project’s research finding should contribute to the broadening of existing knowledge in the field of science under investigation. . Likewise. The sampling design. the project should provide an immediate solution to an urgent health problem in the region. Adequacy. Clarity and Attainability of the Objectives – The objectives of the proposed project should meet the purpose of the study. experimental design and statistical treatment should be given attention. Soundness of Methodological Design and Procedures as Related to Objectives – The methodology and procedures should meet scientific standards.

CRHRDC can also rank approved proposals for CRHRDC RRF funding using the attached matrix. technical know-how and manpower conditions. In addition. • Based on selected criteria.4. the institution with which the proponent is affiliated should be committed to provide the proponent with technical/laboratory facilities and administrative support (i. Capability and Availability of Researcher and Institutional Support – The proponent record should show potential. Workability of Task Schedules Based on Methodology – The project should be workable considering existing constraints in laboratory equipment. 5. for success in the proposed research undertaking.e. He/she must possess technical knowledge and/or skill necessary for the accomplishment of desired project objectives. Accounting and Auditing Services). .

CLARITY. manpower.Ranking of Research Proposal TITLE OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL RANKING CRITERIA CAPABILITY & WORKABI-LITY SOUNDNESS OF MERIT/ AVAILABILITY OF OF TASK METHODOURGENCY RESEARCHER & SCHEDULES LOGICAL NEED OF INSTITUTIONAL BASED ON DESIGNS & SUPPORT METHODOPROCE-DURES THE PROJECT 15% (Results will solve LOGY AS RELATED TO an existing and OBJECTIVES 10% emerging (is the plan of problem. AND ATTAINABILITY OF THE OBJECTIVES (institutional counterpart. presence of facilities) 25% RANK . sound?) aligned with the 20% research agenda 30% TOTAL SCORE ADEQUACY. budget access. have far study technically reaching effects).

. the project leader and chairman of CRHRDC. The head of institution/agency to which researcher is affiliated shall act as witness.C.1. Contract of Services • The DOST-Cordillera Regional Office prepares the Contract of Services of projects approved by the CRHRDC. • The contracting parties are the DOST Regional Director. Administration of Research Projects C. • The contract shall specify the obligations of the proponent and a clear definition of outputs expected from the project.

2.C. Grant Release The project’s grant shall be released to the proponent in accordance with the following schedule: SCHEDULE OF FUND RELEASES Release of whole amount for MOOE Last release (honorarium) MILESTONE ACTIVITIES Signing of the contract Submission of acceptable revised final technical report and full liquidation of funds .

. Deposit of Funds • The proponent shall deposit the grant in a checking account in any bank in the locality in the name of the project.C.3. Disbursement of the grant shall be in accordance with the approved line-item budget.

4. However. the length of which depends upon the availability of funds or the work to be done. – Hire other personnel on a piece-meal basis • These are those who work for short duration. the project leader can: – Use the existing personnel of his/her institution • These are those who are already employed in the same institution. if the implementation of the project’s activities would need the assistance of a support staff. the services of whom can be paid on honorarium basis.C. . Project Staff • The CRHRDC should encourage project proposals that could be done by a project leader without the assistance of a research personnel/aide.

• For this purpose. 9. 8. 4. Title of the Project Implementing Agency Project Leader Duration Date Approved/Started Period Covered by the Project Summary of Accomplishment Objectives Methodology: design. 7. Monitoring of Projects • Monitoring of projects shall be undertaken to check whether the implementation of projects is in accordance with the scheduled activities and budget. 10. 5.D. 12. 6. 11. materials procedures Results with figures/tables as necessary Problems encountered and solutions suggested Plan of work and target for the next period . 3. 2. the project leader will be requested to submit a progress report which contains the following information: 1.

5. if needed. . 2. Colleagues Abstracts (not more than one page) Introduction (include objectives) Review of Literature Methodology: Design. Donors. other) Plans to Promote the Results of the R & D Project • The Research Management Sub-Committee shall review the submitted final reports and recommend revisions. 7. The CRHRDC shall furnish copies of the revised final reports to PCHRD. This report shall contain the following: 1. to improve presentation of project outputs. publications arising from the research. 4. 10. charts. two (2) copies of the final report shall be submitted by the proponent to the CRHRDC. Acknowledgement: Source of Data. 9. 6. 3.E. Materials. Submission of Final Report • One month after the completion of the project. 8. Procedures Results (with figures/tables as necessary) Discussions/Conclusions References Appendices (if any tables.

. • The researcher shall revise final report according to the comments/suggestions made in the forum.F. discussions and recommendations of the study. The presentation shall highlight the results. and PCHRD consultants. members of the CRHRDC. The Research Management Sub-Committee shall certify compliance to suggested revisions to affect the release of honorarium of the researcher. Evaluation of Completed Projects • Completed projects will be presented before an inter-regional forum consisting of project implementers.

and regulations. • CRHRDC shall exert all efforts to ensure dissemination and utilization of the results of all researches undertaken by the consortium. 8293 or Intellectual Property Code of 2002 (Annex C) and DOST Memorandum Circular No.G. series of 2002 (Annex D) and other applicable laws. 001. publications and reports produced by virtue and pursuant to the MOA shall be owned jointly and severally by all members of the CRHRDC and PCHRD-DOST and/or concerned funding agencies. and intellectual property rights that may arise from the activities undertaken pursuant to the MOA shall be governed by pertinent provisions of Republic Act No. • Ownership and right to innovative discoveries. . provided that proper acknowledgement is made. Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights • All research outputs. without prejudice to the researchers’ choice of publication journals. royalties. rules. Publication of research output should be cursed through the CRHRDC publication media.

Any problem. . question or conflict that may arise from the said agreement shall be resolved through consultation.H. Other Provisions • All parties concerned shall exercise full diligence. good faith and commitment to ensure compliance to the stipulations of the MOA.