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Group 10 – DHTP6ALT
Tran Phuong Khanh Thai Van Duc Le Duc Minh Tran Thi Lien Mai Thi Thu Hien

1. Introductions (Khanh) 2. Deforestation (Hien + Lien) 3. Pollution of air (Minh) & water (Duc)

• Who ‘s he?

Micheal Jackson
• What ‘s its name?

Earth Song

killing of animals • The plant continuously ‘ve been discharging smoke into the sky • The war ‘ve been killing innocent people .Which ‘s the destruction of man with nature? • Deforestation .

Discussion 1) What is this song’s desire? the resurrection of the Earth. animals and plants alive . the people who have died in war. the plant stopped discharging smoke.

Discussion 2) Messages of that song? • cherish the natural vegetation. care for nature protection • we come to know peace • war is only making thousands of innocent people and children must die .

Forest area decreased 5. Reduce plant and animal diversity 4.Ten environmental disasters that threaten humanity 1. Land degradation 2. energy depletion and the greenhouse effect that threatens all of humanity 3. The climate change. Freshwater resources are threatened .

Area of sea and ocean levels will rise too 9. The air is heavily polluted 10. Chemical Pollution 7.Ten environmental disasters that threaten humanity 6. Disorganized urbanization 8. Hole in the ozone layer widening in the polar regions .

nới rộng .disorganize [dis'ɔ:gənaiz] .New words . sự thoái hoá : khí hậu.urbanization [.ə:bənai'zei∫n] .climate ['klaimit] .widening ['waidniη] : thảm họa : sự suy biến.depletion [di'pli:∫n] . thời tiết : sự suy yếu.disaster [di'zɑ:stə] .degrə'dei∫n] .rise [raiz] (n) . nhân loại : tính đa dạng : phá hoại tổ chức (của…) : sự đô thị hóa : tăng lên.humanity [hju:'mæniti] .greenhouse effect .ozone layer .degradation [. sự làm giảm đi : hiệu ứng nhà kính : loài người. dâng lên : tầng ozon : sự làm rộng.diversity [dai'və:siti] .

Deforestation Let's enjoy the images of original forest with immense and green forests. An diverse natural with all of wild plants and animals… .













. what are we doing to it? The war…..??? .and you see .

and deforestation for fuelwood. hardwood. Nation states in these areas are often under-developed and striving for improved economies.Status of Deforestation: Largest and most critical forested areas are in the tropics. local people and developers often look to natural forest areas to provide the potential for profit through altering land use. . mining and war… . In an effort to obtain enhanced incomes. This frequently results in the conversion of forested land to agricultural land. urbanisation.



Forest fires… Forest fires… .


hardwood.Deforestation for fuelwood. urbanisation… .

urbanisation… .Deforestation for fuelwood. hardwood.


What are the Effects of Deforestation? Loss of Biodiversity & Erosion of Soil… .

Erosion of Soil… .

Erosion of Soil… .

Flooding and Drought… .

Flooding … .

Flooding… .

Climate Change : Greenhouse gases… It is well known that global warming is being caused largely due to emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere… .

Acid Rain… .

Acid Rain… .

Đa dạng sinh học . cách họ sống và tương tác với nhau. Atmosphere – The outer layer of gases that surround a planet. Xói mòn . Khí quyển . Ecosystems – Collection of life forms.Đất trở nên cằn cỗi của các chất dinh dưỡng và đất nghĩa là "ăn mòn" và là cuốn trôi bởi các yếu tố. Thổ dân nhân dân những người dân đất đã được ban đầu của cư dân. the way they live and interact with each other. kinh tế mạnh mẽ các quốc gia có nhiều hơn. Erosion – Land that becomes barren of nutrients and the soil literally "erodes" and is swept away by the elements.Lớp bên ngoài của các loại khí bao quanh hành tinh. .NEW WORD Aboriginal People – People who were the original inhabitants of the land. Hệ sinh thái . Developing/3rd World Nations – Countries that do not have the economic resources that other.Những biến đổi trong hình thức cuộc sống mà tồn tại trên hành tinh. more economically powerful nations possess. Biodiversity – The variation in life forms that exists on the planet.Bộ sưu tập của các dạng sống.quốc gia mà không có các nguồn lực kinh tế khác. Developing/3rd World Quốc .

thoát hơi là dùng trong nước của lá trên cây. carbon dioxide và nitơ oxit mà giữ nhiệt trong bầu khí quyển trái đất Greenhouse Gasses – Gasses that trap heat and hold it in the Earth's atmosphere. Khí nhà kính . helping to contribute to global warming. Chuyển tu .mạnh mẽ các nước có công nghệ nguồn lực kinh tế mà các nước khác không có. Hâm nóng toàn cầu . Shifted Cultivators – People forced off their land who resort to making homes and farms in the tropical forests. giúp đóng góp vào sự nóng lên toàn cầu. carbon dioxide. Global Warming – The temperature increase in the earth's climate that is caused by an increased number of gases such as methane. Sự bốc thoát hơi.Evapotranspiration – Water is removed from the environment by transpiration and evaporation. Industrialized Countries – Powerful countries that have economic and technological resources that other countries do not have.Những người bị buộc phải ra khỏi mảnh đất của họ đã viện đến các nhà sản xuất và trang trại trong rừng nhiệt đới.khí là cái bẫy nhiệt và giữ nó trong bầu khí quyển của Trái đất. transpiration being the taking in of water by leaves on trees. . Các nước công nghiệp hóa .Sự gia tăng nhiệt độ trái đất của khí hậu mà là do sự gia tăng của các loại khí như khí methane.Nước được lấy ra từ môi trường do thoát hơi và bay hơi. and nitrous oxide that retain heat in the earth's atmosphere.

Forests help to conserve soil by preventing rapid runoff of water after heavy rain and minimizing flooding. Other uses. plywood and fuel wood or charcoal. supply many products like wood from trees as lumber. towns and roads. plastics. we shouldn't cut them down. rodents' population will increase which will cause more rodents in the cities and towns. Many medicinal plants such as camphor. With the development of civilization. Cork from the thick bark of the cork oak is stripped for making bottling cork. 60% of the earth once covered with forest. loose soil. cinchona. Pulp and paper are made from the cellulose of trees. The economic value of forests. mines. . synthetic fibers like rayon and nylon. If bears start to die off. • Forest help in giving the direction of wind and its speed. tunes and a wide range of rubber goods. reduce light reflection. • Forest helps in keeping environment healthy and beautiful. Without eagles and other birds of prey. building houses. fruits. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into air. Timber is used in furniture making.{ as it would be too hot without trees/forests} than the trout are going to become overpopulated and other scavengers that rely on bears will begin to starve. and soil-retaining powers of the trees' long roots. which is a great benefit to mankind. nuts and spices are gathered from the forest. forests are vitally important for preserving adequate water supplies. large areas have been cleared to make way for farms.THE IMPORTANCE OF FOREST TO OUR LIFE • Forest has been of great importance to mankind since prehistoric days. Because of the thick humus layer. offer a sound barrier and help guide wind direction and speed. The wild animals and other beings get enough protection from the solar heat. Today about 30% of earth is still forested. Forests influence local and global climate. temperature and the leaf cover formed on the earth gives cooling effect to the earth. . Since trees absorb heat. • Forests also minimize noise pollution. The forest is also vital as a watershed. Natural wildlife is important because it is part of the natural circle of life. Processed wood products include cellophane. Latex from trees such as the rubber tree goes to make tyres. ships and railway sleepers. coca (from which the drug cocaine is extracted) also come from the forests. Forests offer privacy.

1. so wrong of human's mind so .. correct 6. 5. 4. Do Forest help in giving the direction of wind and its speed? => Yes. 3. Which do people exploitation in the forest? => People exploitation forest with many purpose such as exploitation of timber. Could U tell me what is benefits of forests ? => Forests influence local and global climate. 2. How much is square forest now? => I think the totall forest square in the world are 30% land of earth about. make way into farms.… . Do people deforestation to improvement to human's life ? => Yes. and planting more trees etc. correct.. towns and roads etc . maybe our life had been improved now but in the future we can't know what will happend. However.. make farms.. the forest is also vital as a watershed and more and more. What need we do to improve the current situation of forest? => We need demonstrators to stop deforestation.

. • Comes in different forms and from many sources.Air Pollution • Has many effects on public health and the environment. • Ozone and Particulate matter are two types of Air Pollution that affect human.

level in the air we breathe.What is Ozone? • An odorless. colorless gas composed of three oxygen atoms.ozone(smog) poses serious ricks to human heath. • Ozone in the upper atmosphere protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. . • At ground.

What is Particulate Matter? • particles of different substances suspended in the air • in the form of solid particles and liquid droplets • particles vary widely in size .

Fine particles come from a variety of sources Dust storm Tracffic jam .

Industrial wates power plants .


tobacco smoke

Pregmancy spam

Construction equipment

Volcanic smoke

Harmful effect of air polution can lead to problems later • • • • • Coughing Nose and throat irritation Chest pain Reduced lung function Increased susceptibility to respiratory illnesses • Aggravation of asthma .

Health effects of exposure • Premature death • Aggravated asthma • Acute respiratory symptoms • Chronic bronchitis • Decreased lung function (shortness of breath) .

or walk .Water Pollution What can you do ? • Reduce vehicle emissions: • Drive less • Turn off the engine when your vehicle is not in motion • Take public transportation bike.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Conserve electricity: do not over-cool or over-heat buildings turn off lights and appliances when not in use .

what do you see this water supply ? This is a clean water supply. .

.what do you think about water supply nowaday in HCM city? It is seriously polluted.

too frightful what do you see this water supply ? .

What is this pollution ? Paint pollution .

.What is this pollution ? Chemical pollution .

What is this pollution ? Oil pollution .

What are you going to helf for it? .Why is water resource polluted today? People and industies are polluting water supply.

. If not.Don’t say that this problem is too difficult. It is not a problem JUST DO IT.

Thank you ! .