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Prepared by : Zuraidah Abdul Wahab SKDA.

Read the instruction carefully. Study the picture and words given. Understand the whole / main ideas about the picture. State verbs and nouns. Use the words to make five sentences to describe the picture.

Make sure you understand the meaning of the words given. If

not do not use the word. Find your own word that can be related to the picture. Use linkers and conjunctions where appropriate. Try to write compound and excellent sentences.

You are advised to use simple present or present continuous tense. Add suitable and relevant information to make your sentences interesting. Use different types of pronouns.

Write various types of sentences.

Read the sentences and check if they are logical. Make sure the sentences describe the picture correctly.

Check your answers and correct any mistakes in grammar,

spelling and punctuation.

1. Your sentences should contain : * place * activities * facts 2. Try to spend only 15 minutes on this section.

Hot tips

Lets try it out.

children park bench
flying kites

women kneeling marbles

spinning tops

sitting tree

How to construct sentences. What to do ?

A. List the nouns and verbs. Noun * a word or a group of words that represent a person, a place, a thing or activity, ( cloth, tea, football ), a quality or idea ( danger, happiness ). Verb * a word or a group of words that used to describe an action, experience, or state : for example : come, put on, be etc. Nouns Boy Girl Children Park Verbs Flying kite Sit Kneeling Playing

B. Write sentences based on the picture.

Nouns / Subject (who) children boys girl women boys park boys boys Verb (what) are are flying kites is sitting are sitting are kneeling is playing spinning Object / Information (what/where/when/why) at the park. in the park. on a bench. on the ground. clean and beautiful. marbles. tops.

B. Write sentences based on the picture. 1. The children are at the park. 2. Two boys are flying kites. 3. Two women are sitting on a bench. 4. Two boys are kneeling on the ground. 5. The park is clean and beautiful. 6. Two boys are playing marbles. 7. Two boys are spinning tops.

Now read this.

1. The children are doing their own

activities happily in the park.

2. There are two boys flying their beautiful kites in the park because it is a windy day. 3. The girl with the pony tail haired is sitting beside her friend

on a wooden bench under a big shady tree.

4. Two women are sitting side by side on a wooden bench while talking to each other.

5. A boy who wears a cap is kneeling opposite his friend on the

ground and they are plating marbles. 6. Two boys wearing t-shirts are spinning tops happily. 7. The park is big and it looks clean and beautiful. 8. There are trees and bushes in the park.

Other appropriate answers.

Two smart boys who are tall are playing kites in the park. Two smart and tall boys are flying their kites at the park. A boy wearing a cap is playing with some marbles with his best friend. Sarah with the pony tail haired is sitting on a wooden bench under a shady tree. A girl with her hair in bunches, is sitting on wooden bench under a tall shady tree.

Lets try and do.

For PART (A) , read and understand the instruction.

Look at the criteria given.

Relate the criteria with the keywords in the table.

Examples : * aluminium tin * 300ml * RM 1.30 * free 1 pack of tissues with 6 tins

of drinks
* fresh orange and sugar

Look at the table and find information you need to complete the table.

Match your information with the keywords given in the table. Transfer the information to the blanks in the table.

For PART (B), choose one option that you can give good
reasons. Use the information to help you list out reasons. Ask yourself questions on why you choose the item based on the criteria / keywords. Example : Aluminum tin : easy to open light and easy to put in the bag could be recycled can use the tin to make a pencil holder

Write your reasons.

1. 300ml enough for me - cheaper than the two others - can use my own pocket money

Hot tips
Try to spend 25 minutes. Take extra care when reading the instruction and information. Give 5 reasons.

2. RM1.30 have enough money to buy

- the price is reasonable and affordable 3. Free items share the free drinks with siblings or friends. - could save budget / money 4. Fresh orange and sugar healthy and refreshing drink - orange contains a lot of vitamin C - good for health 5. Write complete sentences neatly and clearly in the space given. Be careful with your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I would choose orange juice because it is my favourite drink. It contains vitamin C so it is good for health. It is a nutritious and refreshing drink. It could quench my thirst. The price is reasonable and affordable. I have enough money to buy it. Although the orange juice comes in 300ml per tin, I think it is still enough for me. I will get six tins of drinks and I could share the drinks with my siblings and friends. This will save my budget.Besides, it is packed in aluminium tin which is light and easy to take to picnics or schools. Other than that, it is very easy to open and it could be recycled. I can use the empty tin to make a

pencil holder and it would be nice to me. Based on these reasons I

think it is the best choice for me.

Price/fee/ fare

1. It is cheap/the cheapest. 2. It is reasonable and affordable. 3. The price of RM_________ ,is reasonable and affordable. 4. The price is RM ________.It is cheap and within my budget. 5. The price is RM________. It is cheap and l can afford it with my own pocket money. 6. The price is low/high. 1. The time is suitable for me as l am free at that time. 2. The time is convenient for me as l do not have a tight schedule. 3. It starts from _______ to _______ 4. It lasts for ________ hours.

Time / Duration


1. The facilities available are __________ l love ________ because its _________ 2. The rooms are big, clean , spacious air-conditioned, well-managed etc
1 . It is available in ______,______and_____ 2. It comes in _______ and______ 3. __________ is my favourite. 4. I like_________ because its bright / beautiful / attractive 1. 2. 3. 5 6. 7. It is more lasting. It is more durable. It is stylish. It is of high quality. It is comfortable. I like Malaysian products because they are of high quality. 8. As a Malaysian I will always supportour local products. 9. By buying Malaysian product l would contribute towards my countrys economy 10. Although it is an imported product ,l would still buy it because l really like it.



Contents of books, magazines or television programs

1. The story is ________interesting/adventurous/ exciting/thrilling/ informative/amusing/fascinating. 2. It is suitable for me because - I can widen my knowledge. - I can acquire information on______ - I can improve my vocabulary/language.

Hobbies/ Interest (a) Fishing

1. 2. 3. 4.

It is relaxing after a hard days work. It is a good form of relieving tension. While fishing I can make new friends. If I get a good catch, I can cook the fish for dinner. I can save marketing expenses.

(b) Reading

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

I can acquire new knowledge. I can gain general knowledge. I can widen my vocabulary/improve my language. I can learn good moral values from stories read. I can learn to think creatively. It is an enjoyable past time. It is an educational pastime, which will help me improve on the language. 8. It is fun and exciting. 9. I can make new friends. I can exchange books or share ideas or opinions on reading.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. It is a good form of exercise/relaxation I can relieve my tension. I can appreciate the beauty of nature. I can beautify my living room with pretty flowers. I can do my part to protect the environment. I can sell my vegetable or flowers and add to the monthly income. 7. I can save my money because I do not have to buy vegetable everyday.

(c) Gardening

(d) Games

1. 2. 3. 4.

It is challenging/exciting/interesting. It is a good form of exercise. I can relive my tension I can learn to be co-operative, tolerant and understanding. 5. I can make news friend.

(e) Stamp-collecting

1. I can acquire and widen my knowledge about other countries. 2. I would be able to know more about the cultures, religions and belief of other people. 3. I can make new friends through exchanging stamps. 4. I can learn to be more patient. 5. I need to have an album for the stamps. I already have one which my gave as my birthday present

(f) Place

1. 2. 3.

It is located near my.. It is only a stones throw away from my I can easily walk there. It is situated in a strategic position because...

(g) Clothing/ material

1. The material used is It is soft. 2. It is very comfortable to wear. 3. It is beautiful and trendy. 4. It is stylish and is in fashion now. 5. The size is very suitable for me. 6. It is manufacture/made inI like the clothes because they are of high quality and more lasting. 7. It is suitable to used for.. 8. It is made of .

(h) Computer games/ Surfing the internet

1. I can acquire information on anything I want to know. 2. I can widen my knowledge. 3. It can help me in my homework/my folio. 4. I can meet and make new friends through online chatting 5. I can send e-mails to my friends. It is faster and cheaper 1. It is thrilling and I can test my endurance. 2. I can learn living skills like cooking and housekeeping, which will be useful in my life in future. 3. There will be a lot of fun-filled activities. 4. It is fun and adventurous. 5. I can learn about team building and cooperation

(i) Camping / jungle tracking

Read and understand the instruction. Study the pictures and words carefully. Circle the keywords - present or past tense. Insert the appropriate words and write sentences.

( adverbs, proverbs, adjectives, similes etc )

Using the notes given, write a paragraph to describe the pictures. Write a lot of simple sentences. Write a few compound and complete sentences. Write neatly and clearly. If you can write a story, that would be great! Write a paragraph of introduction and closing. Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation by reading the whole sentences.

Hamid is twelve years old. He walks to school everyday as his school is a stones throw away from his house. One day, while Hamid was going home from school, he saw his friends buying burgers at Azlans stall. He was hungry. He wanted to buy a burger but he did not have any money. Hamid had lost his money at school. He was sad. Meanwhile, his class teacher, Puan Mawar, was on her way home. She saw Hamid was looking at his friends. She was sorry for him and decided to help . Puan Mawar went closer to Hamid. She took out some money from her purse and gave it to

him. Hamid refused to take the money but Puan Mawar

insisted. Finally, he accepted gladly. He thanked his teacher for giving him the money.

As Puan Mawar walked away, Hamid rushed to the

burger stall. He was as happy as a lark because he could buy a burger for himself. He quickly bought a double cheese

burger which is his favourite. When he reached home , he

ate the burger. He shared it with his brother. He told his mother that Puan Mawar gave him the money. The next day, his mother asked him to return the money. When Hamid reached his school, he returned the money to Puan Mawar. However she refused to take the money from Hamid. Hamid realized that his teacher was very generous and kind-hearted.

Dont worry. If you are unable to write like that.. write like this.

Hamid - going home - friends - burgers Hamid was going home from school. He saw his friends were buying burgers.

teacher - Puan Mawar - looking - gave - money His teacher, Puan Mawar saw he was looking at his friends. She gave some money to Hamid.

happy - quickly - bought - ate Hamid was very happy. He quickly bought and ate the burger.

Now read this.

You are advised to spend 35 minutes on this section. Take extra care when reading the instructions and notes given.