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A Software Programmer The Occupational Definition The Functional Responsibilities The Educational Qualifications The Technical Expectations The Job Market Case Study Roles and Requirement Cover Letter Curriculum Vitae Interview Questions Conclusion

The Occupational Definition

A Software Programmer is
According to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, a

software programmer is a person who converts data from project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to create or modify computer programs
A person who is trained and knowledgeable in the act of

developing computer program.

Also known as a software engineer

and is responsible for the design, construction, integrations, testing, verification and maintenance of software product.

The Functional Responsibilities

The Roles of a Programmer are

The roles of a programmer includes but not limited to the following; Write computer codes and software programs in-line with system specifications and requirements. They analysis and design business models in relationship to software and system requirement. Partakes in software installation process for the end user They work together with other IT professionals in resolving systems and software engineering issues. They assist junior programmer and research into new development.

The Educational Qualifications

A degree in any of the following;

Software Engineering Computer Science Mathematics

Computer Engineering
Information Systems Or any IT related field.

The Technical Expectations

Sound technical Skill

Software developer are excepted to know different

programming language such as

C/C++, Java, Visual Basic / C# .Net, PHP etc.

They are excepted to have the ability to focus for

long and to think logically. To be detail-oriented and understand all the aspect of software development process. To process excellent business and communication skill.


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A candidate with at least a Degree or Professional

Degree in any IT related discipline. ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, XHTML, CSS and SQL Server Good communication skill in both oral and written English language Knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) At least 2 year working experience in IT related field.

Cover Letter

Company Address

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Curriculum Vitae

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Interview Question

Questions and Answers

"Is a" is a notion that is used to explain inheritance in

OOP- Object Oriented Programming Languages, which notion denotes "Has a" in OOP?
ANWSER: Composition.

What is the super class of all classes in OOPL - Object

Oriented Programming Languages;

ANWSER: Object.

What is the truth value for "true || false"? ANWSER: true.

As human needs keeps changing and technological

advancement keeps evolving, so also are the roles, responsibilities and skill-set requirement of a programmer in the job market.
In order to keep up with our ever changing world as a

programmer, constant and never ending development is required.