and no major revision has been introduced to them since 1966. Susie Lum Shun. the case will be referred to the Medical Council for possible disciplinary action against doctors involved. Three other women were stricken after similar treatment.official members. Director of Health Constance Chan Hon-yee said upon completion of the police and departmental investigation. the Consumer Council and the Customs and Excise Department will examine how to strengthen also said the government will clamp down hard on misleading medical claims and unlicensed doctors who carry out such treatments while a yearlong review is being conducted. the only non-health-care professionals are public relations executive Jasminia Kristine Cheung. 2012 Beauty centers and staff conducting high-risk medical treatments will be regulated to prevent a recurrence of a blood transfusion after which a customer died. A superbug associated with tuberculosis. Professors include Fok Tai-fai. in order to safeguard public safety. comprises 16 non. Homer Tso Wei-kwok and Yeung Chiu-fat. October 12. One remained critical last night while the the others were described as serious and stable. which will meet by the end of the month at the earliest." The steering committee. Consumer Council chief executive Connie Lau Yin." It will aim to put "any premises which conduct high-risk medical treatments or procedures under regulatory control. But the two laws were enacted in 1936 and 1963 respectively. Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes Registration Ordinance and the Medical Clinics Ordinance. died on Wednesday after suffering septic shock hours after receiving a processed blood injection ." Laboratories will also be covered. Ko said the review will try to meet community calls for tighter regulations on the beauty industry and provide "clear definitions to differentiate beauty therapies from medical treatment. nursing and dental professors. Chan also said her department. Restaurant boss Chan Yuen-lam.costing some HK$50.hing. has been implicated." Currently private health-care facilities are required to register with the Department of Health under the Hospital. . Health-care professionals include Anthony Lee Kai-yiu.Friday.Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing.sui. including high-risk medical treatments.000 . the health minister announced. garment and manufacturing and trading company partner Andy Lau Yin-hing and former president of the Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyer Sandy Wong Hang-yee. Sigmund Leung Sai-man. We will also enhance consumer education on how to select safe services and our screening of advertisements for any improper claims. Mycobacterium abscessus. including 12 doctors. 46. Ko said yesterday he will chair a 20-member steering committee to review two decades-old laws "to strengthen the regulatory controls of private health-care a DR beauty center last week. Tse Hunghing.

background • E. • superbug • high-risk medical treatments • misleading medical claims • unlicensed doctors .g Restaurant boss Chan Yuen-lam. a DR beauty center last week.costing some HK$50. died on Wednesday after suffering septic shock hours after receiving a processed blood injection .000 .

“ • enhance consumer education .summary • 20-member steering committee • clear definitions to differentiate beauty therapies from medical treatment.

Cause • The definition of Medical Cosmetology is confusing • Lack of monitoring • Process Bacterial contamination -Antibiotic .

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