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Achieving Maximum Quality Assurance for Video Distribution
6/24/2013 1

Mark Stephenson

About Psytechnics

About Psytechnics
■ Psytechnics is a BT spin-out (2000) ■ Strong credentials – 12+ years research in BT – 5 ITU-T world standards
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– 35+ patents – 200,000+ subjective test scores – 30+ licensees ■ Now supporting the industry‟s transition to Customer experience management


Presentation Outline – – – – – Industry Landscape Network management today What do we mean by quality? Conventional metrics don‟t get you there Usefulness of network and end-point instrumentation – Early handset deployments – Multi-media agents for 3G video services 3 .

new services and applications -Video and Data Services ■ Fixed mobile convergence / mobile substitution threatened ■ Changing / Uncertain regulatory environment 4 .The Telecoms Environment ■ Migration of existing networks to IMS for NGN and 3G ■ Wireless being challenged from fixed and new entrant WLAN operators ■ Innovation required in tariffs.

with better quality NOW ■ Managing Customer Satisfaction is the key challenge – associating the brand with Quality and then delivering this for all service categories 5 .Drive down OPEX cost migration to IP core in UMTS release 4 ■ Reduce Subscriber Churn – Limiting the cost of customer Acquisition (typical churn rates >30%) ■ Customers EXPECT good speech. want more services. audio and video quality ■ Customers are more demanding.Wireless Operator Challenges ■ Top Line .Drive up ARPU per subscriber with innovative and high quality content and services ■ Bottom Line .

Observation Managing voice audio and video quality are critical success factors for wireless carriers 6 .

What is Quality? Excellent 5 Good 4 Fair 3 Poor 2 1 Bad Mean Opinion Score (MOS) 7 5 Excellent 4 Good 3 Fair Poor 2 Bad 1 Customer Customer Experience and Opinion .

Customer Experience: Mean Opinion Score Excellent 5 * Good 4 Fair 3 Poor 2 1 Bad 8 .

Network KPI‟s -IP Telephony: packet loss.Failure of conventional performance metrics .g. -Mobile: Radio Signal (RxQual. BER).how is service Quality Measured today? Service management decisions are typically based on technical measurements in the network… e. jitter & delay used to estimate VoIP network quality 9 . Customer Surveys and/or complaints. RxLev.

frame rate. codec and level packet loss but different MOS values 10 .Beyond Simple Networks statistics ■ Simple network statistics such as packet loss level will not mirror user‟s perception 1% packet loss (evenly distributed) 1% packet loss (bursty) 1% packet loss (jitter) ■ 3 examples with same content. bit rate.

Service Quality Management Today Subscriber Service Layer Video SMS Voice MMS Performance Management Inventory Management Estimate Service Impact calculate Network Assurance Management Event Streams Network Layer BGW Node B BTS 11 ATM RNC BSC IP MSC/VLR SGSN SDH GGSN HLR .

.The consequences of this to the Network Operator ■ Delivery of less than optimum service levels on increasingly complex/mixed mode networks ■ New services commissioning timeline increased dramatically ■ Unnecessary Resource required to firefight „000‟s of non “customer-impacting” alarms ■ Miss-targeting of spend on: – Infrastructure.Maintenance.Customer Dissatisfaction 12 .Customer Support ■ Quality SLA‟s are impossible to implement for mixed media services across multi mode networks/devices Which all contribute and lead to...

Service Quality Management Tomorrow Subscriber Psytechnics embedded agent Service Layer Video SMS Voice MMS Performance Management Inventory Management Estimate Service Impact calculate Network Assurance Management True Customer Experience Customer Experience Database Server Event Streams Network Layer BGW Node B BTS 13 ATM RNC BSC IP MSC/VLR SGSN SDH GGSN HLR .

Evolution of Video Services Multicasting Video telephony: real-time person-to-person video call Video streaming Video download & play. capture & sharing (video MMS) Still image capture & sharing (MMS) 14 .

Video Quality Measurement? ■ Delivery of high-quality. monitor and hence guarantee quality perceived by end-user ■ Challenges: multiple handsets .codecs. mass-market video poses many technical challenges – High bit-rate – expensive to deliver – Poor robustness to packet loss – Rapidly-changing technology – Quality “only just good enough” – no safety margin ■ Imperative to test. players and content types 15 .

Video Quality Issues: Streaming ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Codecs and players Encoding bit rates and frame rates Server Transmission bit rates (network bandwidth) Device buffering capacity Streaming Server 16 .

Video Quality Issues .Video Telephony ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Codecs and players Encoding bit rates Error profile Transmission bit rates (network bandwidth) Latency: end-to-end video delay Network 17 .

Samsung i700.3gp International standard . Siemens SX56 All phones must support 3GPP standard RealMedia .rv. 3650.Mobile Video Codecs File format File extension Video codec Standard/ Proprietary RealNetworks‟ proprietary codec Microsoft‟s proprietary codec for Smartphones and PC pocket phones Examples of phones Nokia 6600. Samsung i600 O2 XDAII.rm RealVideo 8 Windows Media .263 MPEG-4 Visual Simple Profile 3GPP . N-gage.wmv Windows Media Video 8 H. Siemens SX1 Motorola MPx200..

Infrastructure for Mobile Video Services Devices Network Applications Content 19 .

Intrusive (Active) Objective Quality Measurement MOS Scores 5 Good 4 Input signal Network Output signal Excellent Fair 3 Poor 2 Σ n-1 1 1 Bad xΦ(η²1) Measurement tools 20 Diagnostic Tools .

IP Parametric Video Quality Measurement Known input/reference video Network/Transmission chain impairments Output/degraded video Coder Decoder Perceptual MOS Excellent 5 Good 4 Live IP traffic Fair 3 Poor 2 1 Bad Other metrics Perceptual video model 21 .

User experience measured by handset agent Handset application Extract Talker Characteristics Vocal Tract Parameter Extraction Error Identification 12 3 4 5 1 2 3 6 4 5 6 22 .

Complement to existing drive tests . multi-media 23 .deployment via employed workforce .IP-bearer analysis for audio and video.Real time view of network performance 2G and 3G .mobile operator enterprise clients .Voice waveform analysis for voice services 3G .Handset agent applications 2G and 3G voice wav eform 3G multi-media Passive monitor using a population of handsets : .

Mobile multi-media Wireless Access e. WiFi or dual mode Multi-media Monitor Platform Database “quality analysis” UMAN Network Management System 2G/3G Handset Agent 2G voice waveform 3G voice waveform 3G IP multimedia External probe or embedded Content Server Broadcast Feed Psytechnics voice monitor Psytechnics video monitor Customer centric performance overview Handset agents reveal customer usage/experience Network probe for uplink performance and signalling 24 Content Assurance Content .g.

Network monitoring and management views Customer centric performance overview MOS thresholds and alarms Detailed diagnostics Rapid detection of service affecting faults 25 .

Quality Assurance for Video services ■ Network Build Phase .Optimise encoding parameters for different content types for video streaming services 26 .Active End to End Testing for Video Streaming and Video Telephony services ■ Network and End User Service Assurance • Monitor service quality by passively monitoring the delivery network • Monitor service delivery by passively monitoring by use of mobile handset agent ■ Content .

multi-operator networks ■ Designed for use across all network technologies and services ■ Quality measurement helps service providers balance quality and cost when launching and managing all video services ■ MOS prediction 27 . multivendor.Psytechnics Video Quality ■ Software measurement agents for network build and optimisation applications ■ Modelled on complex. +447884 310132 6/24/2013 28 Presented by: .stephenson@psytechnics.