Export Merchandising

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Post – Shipment procedure .   To understand the working of various departments of Warsaw Industries contributing towards processing of an export order. To understand the role of Merchandisers in Warsaw Industries. Pre – Shipment procedure ii. i. To study the Export Documentation inWarsawindustries ltd.

 Exporting is complex and challenging activity in today’s dynamic world environment as it involves the performance of operations that determine existing and potential demand in a market. packing and shipment of goods etc. quality control. Learning the stepby-step processes & procedures to be followed in an export contract is a crucial activity in export procedure. the process of outsourcing raw material. payment process. In order to complete an order for Knitted garment.  . many activities like communication between different departments. Different departments work in synchronicity & various documents are prepared in the process. are undertaken.

5. 3. 4. 2.Warsaws Industries Limited. Tiruppur. Imparting appropriate training. Their Mission Vision: 1. They believe in continuous improvement through implementation of latest production techniques. Creating infrastructure. Upgrading technologies in various segments. Satisfying work environment.India. .

Vijay Jindal A leading manufacturer & exporter of Knitted garments They designs.537. etc. manufactures and sells a wide range of outer wear – T shirts. H.1907 from the sale of 20. for top end customers in the international market They have five factories inTiruppurcovering 500.717.263.        Established in 1989 A leading Apparel Export House of India Company promoted by Mr.000 square feet spread over 14 acres of prime land It employs about 6000 people including contract labour The Company’s total turnover for the year ended March 31. . Gupta and Mr.285 pieces. sweat shirts. 2009 was US $ 66. polo shirts.R.

C. Roebuck and Co. Haggar Clothing Co. Penney Company Kohl’s Corporation Federated Department Store Country USA Canada Mexico UK Phillips-Van Heusen Germany Corporation Hartmarx Corporation Spain Sears. J. Supreme International Netherlands Middle East Japan .Customer Gap Inc.

The role and responsibilities of a merchandiser working for an exporter:  Marketing  Production and Control  Sourcing  Packaging and Dispatch .

    Contact Buyer Proto sample development Cost Negotiation Order Confirmation & Terms and Condition ◦ Terms Of Payment ◦ Mode Of Transport ◦ Tech Pack etc  Co-ordinate with Design Team .

P Meeting Quality Control Getting Various Samples Approved ◦ Fit sample ◦ Size set sample ◦ Pre-production sample .    Production Planning P.

    Calculating Raw Material requirement Sourcing Raw Material Quality Check of Raw Materials Insure timely procurement of raw materials .

    Final Approval to be taken by Buyers representative Getting Shipment documents prepared Insure proper and required packaging On-time delivery of shipment .

     Sound Communication Skill Maintain relationship with Buyer Better Planner Maintain Good Vendor Relation Lastly. . should insure on-time delivery of product.in right quantity and of right quality.

Each Merchandiser handles a unique Buyer .In Warsaws industries there are 12 Merchandiser and each is inthrusted with the task of procuring the order and proper and on-time execution of the same.

There is a good synergy and competitive environment between the different merchandisers. .  With each Merchandiser’s Buyer being unique it avoids confusion.

timely sourcing of raw material and timely dispatch of goods. . And this is achieved by Proper Production Planning and controlling the same. The Company is reaping profits because of the hardwork of its merchandiser. who srive tirelessly to deliver the right product.at right time to its Buyer .

He needs to know the clients’ accurate requirements & stay in contact with them always He needs prior exposure to the norms of the organisation & familiarize himself with the laws. rules and regulations of the two countries involved. The merchandiser himself or herself needs to build an understanding of the organization. documentation used & procedures. .    Export merchandising can be extremely time consuming so everything needs to be planned in advance & scheduled in a calendar format.

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