Brief Overview of Workshop Themes

Hon. Justice Robyn Layton AO QC ADB consultant : Adjunct Professor Law School University of South Australia

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The process and challenges of the Project
Findings and recommendations in the RSGL report and their link to the workshop sessions. The overall objectives of the workshop


Total time from Inception Mission to Final RSGL Report June 2013 (20 months) Desk top review Broad scope of the RSGL Constant reports from major bodies

Data updating
Government policies and strategies changing on the ground but not necessarily revealed online.

Common constraints for women in the labor market are:  the domestic work and care burden;  their more limited access to resources, including education, training, government services, credit and financial services.  Women face pervading discrimination against them in most aspects of their employment and work, including lack of social protection Different pathways for each country but common themes for recommendations in policy, legislation and suggested industrial sectors for expansion and improvement of decent work for women


There has been limited use of macroeconomic policies to directly expand employment and the gendered impacts remain underexplored. increased employment needs to be recognised as a macroeconomic goal and the gender equitable targets need to be set and monitored.

Session 6

Finding and recommendation


Training and Skills development.
A greater coherence in the delivery of TVET services to improve the linkage to future employment opportunities.  Links with public and private employment agencies  Encouraging nontraditional curriculum and skills  School to work transition programs

Session 7 and also 5

Finding and recommendation


Social Protection

Session 10

very different social insurance schemes as well as different levels of economic development the common gap is the lack of coverage of social security for the informal sector, which predominantly affects women. Cambodia has recently developed, with the assistance of the ILO, a National Social Protection Strategy for the Poor and Vulnerable (NSPS-PV).

Finding and recommendation


properly enact the concept “equal remuneration for work of equal value” relevant to reducing the gender wage gap clarify definition of discrimination and sexual harassment in two DMC Need for independent minimum wage setting processes which involves tripartite bodies.

Sessions 5 and 9

Improve complaint processes and labor inspectorates

Finding and recommendation


recommended that each country develop an overarching agricultural strategy for women

Session 8

Philippines a gendered ‘road map’ is recommended  Cambodia move up the value chain industry restructuring, skills development and social protection. Expand the Better Factories Program

Session 3

Finding and recommendation


Services sectors Public service sectors

Sessions 2, 3 and 4

address constraints through setting of minimum targets and timelines, implementing specific strategies to encourage women to apply for work and developing special programs to enable women to access higher paid work and more senior management positions.

Finding and recommendation


BPO sector Philippines

Sessions 2 and 4

Increase entry of women into male dominated better paid areas and examine pay differentials

Tourism sector

women be involved at all stages of the development of policies and legislation in each country policies should incorporate focused action plans which contain targets for participation of women across all subsectors Also use of gender action plans eg Cambodia

Finding and recommendation



improve access to information, training and outreach services to build their capacity to start up their businesses and upgrade them over time. support and facilitate women upgrading their businesses and employment to encourage a progressive integration of rural women’s businesses into the formal economy.

Session 8 as well as 2, 3 and 4


Finding and recommendation


Provide an opportunity to share information and discuss how best to address challenges regarding decent employment for women and to share good practices
Assist policy makers and those implementing policy and legislation to better support and encourage expanded opportunities for women’s employment Discussing improved strategies for implementation of policies on the ground using case examples of good practice


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