GREAT Women Project Experience

Rural Women and Community Initiatives to Increase Decent Work
Luzviminda A. Villanueva The Philippine Commission on Women and the Canadian International Development Agency

Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation (GREAT) of Women

Philippine Commission on Women

National Gov’t. Agencie s

Other Partners

Local Gov’t Units


formulating gender & WEE responsive 1. 2. 3. 4. • Plans Policies Programs Projects 7 GAD – WEE materials developed and utilized by agencies • 11 policies passed by the national government agencies supporting WEE • 36 GAD ordinances with WEE provisions • 42 local government units implementing WEE programs with budget provision

1. Gender Sensitivity Trainings++ (WEE & LED) 2. Gender Analysis 3. Genderresponsive planning

GROWTH of Women Micro entrepreneurs • (WMEs) Increased satisfaction of
• • WMEs to services of local & national gov’t Increased access to gov’t. More than services Increased household income • 8,000 28 enterprise office WMEs  Helped in sending children established in local reached to governments school Positive changes in personal • Mobile business and registrations household level  self-confidence •Increased 15 common service & assertion of rights facilities established  Reduced economic thru partnerships on husband •dependence Women-friendly  Can buy own personal techologies •effects Increased focus on  Husband loves and environmental respects spouse more management  partnership of •Increased Public-private husband in domestic partnership for concerns product upgrade

• 185 technical officers trained in 42 local government units • 129 officers in 19 national government offices

Major National Policies influenced: - National MSME Development Plan - DOLE’s refocus on services to Informal Sector workers - PhilHealth’s Partial Subsidy Scheme for Social Protection of WMEs and Informal Sector Workers Local Policies for WEE
Gender and Development Codes
Increased WEE budgets, BDS, facilities & equipment for WMEs Provided incentives for startup WMEs (i.e. tax exemptions, discounted fees) Mentors’ Pools for GAD and WEE, GAD Offices, enterprise desks and CSFs

Revenue/ Investment Codes Creation of Service Mechanisms

Up-valuing Community Products
Intensive Design Clinic Series
10 designer products 24 products 1,000 products of 90 WMEs

Registered sales of Php399,658 in March

Lessons and Recommendations
1. Economic empowerment of women - a very positive gender equality message. 2. LGUs and NGOs should build on existing national programs and facilitate convergence among these; then facilitate access for women’s groups. 3. Local resources (gender budgets) should be devoted to develop grassroots women leaders for local enterprise development. 4. LGUs, other agencies can harness and partner with successful entrepreneurs to mentor women for product development, “up-valuing” to big markets, business skilling. 5. Women’s products sell -- along with their stories – of hope and empowerment.

Office of the President Philippine Commission on Women Philippine machinery for the advancement of women

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