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Dr Leow Chee Seng


A n endeared director of multiple

CAHRP, CPT-MIM, companies, Dr. Leow is

involved in research, consulting,
MBA (UPM), PhD (USM), DBA (UBI) lecturing for several organisations
Certified E-Commerce Professional around the globe. Dr Leow holds a
(Mal), Certificate in Quantitative
Certified Professional Trainer Research Method (University of
(MIM,PSMB), Georgia, USA), MBA from UPM,
Certified Stress Doctorate of Business
Administration (DBA) from United
Management (IACT, USA),Certificate Business Institute (UBI), Belgium
Qualitative Research (Georgia, USA), and PhD in Preventive Medicine.
Certificate in Homeopathy Medicine Dr Leow is awarded with Young
(Mal) Investigator Award in the 32th
Pediatric Conference. Besides, Dr

Leow is involved in several
research under Intensive Priority
Research Area (IPRA). He is also
involved in training and writing for

Secrets of several years. Dr Leow has

interest in the area of stress
management, nutrition and
psychological disorders such as
Anti-aging depression, obsessive-compulsive

 Anti-aging Concept
 Anti-aging : Secret From Myths
 Describe degeneration process.
 Understanding Aging Agent
 Food with High Antioxidant
 Nutritional Therapy and Anti-aging
 Control of psychological Stress –
Adverse of Anti-aging
 Application of Exercise in Anti-aging
Is Anti-aging
Something New?
Anti- Aging Secret
From Myths
Degeneration process

 Traditional Designation

 Biological Age

 Psychological Age
Changes During Aging

 Hormonal changes

 Physical flexibility

 Aging Related Diseases

What Actually Happened
During Aging?
 Born Infant Adult Degeneration
 Aging Agent:
c) Chemicals
d) Radiation
e) Environment
f) Drugs
g) Toxins
h) Emotional stages
i) Stress
Main Aging Agent –
 Oxygen : Photosynthesis
 Oxidation : UV light
 Antioxidant

 Pharmacy – Supplement of
 Beware over-supplement
 Natural Therapy
Recommended Daily
Allowance (RDA) of
Antioxidant (1)
 Red beans
 Wild blueberries
 Red kidney beans
 Pinto beans
 Cultivated
 Cranberries
 Artichokes
 Blackberries
 Prunes
Recommended Daily
Allowance (RDA) of
Antioxidant (2)
 Raspberries
 Strawberries
 Red Delicious
 Granny Smith
 Pecans
 Sweet cherries
 Black plums
 Russet potatoes
 Plums
Nutritional Therapy

 Diet rich in fruits, veggies, and whole

 Eg: sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach,
cantaloupe and mangoes
 At least two types of food with high
antioxidant to maintain our health
and reduce aging process
Achieve Happiness –
Say NO to Stress
 PsychologicalStress accelerates
aging process.
 Adrenocorticotrophic hormone
 Hormone shortens the telomere
 Stress management techniques:
 Breathing,
 Progressive relaxation,
 Meditation,
 Visualisation and Others….
Application of Exercise in
 Flexibility Exercise
 Strength Building Exercise
 Cardiovascular Exercise
Q & A Session

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