2. Size Color Pocket Strap Option  Delivery in two working days  High quality  Variety of designs . 3.Key dimension that are driving sales of messenger bag  Customization 1. 4.

Competitive priorities– Messenger Bag Vs Laptop Bag .

Competitive priorities– Messenger Bag Vs Laptop Bag Messenger Bag 1. 4. Long standing customer for this range 4. Full control over the process 3. Customized Product 2. Readymade product Produced in China New for customer New product line . Symbolize the brand Timbuk2 Laptop Bag 1. 2. 3.

Comparison of assembly line San Francisco Volume or Rate of production China Low High Required Skill of the worker High Low Level of Automation High Low Amount of raw material and good inventory Low High .

Supply Chain of San Francisco Company .

Supply Chain of China Company .

Cost to be considered while making the outsourcing decision • • • • Logistic Cost Visit Charges(to maintain quality) Government taxes Quality Prices(Rejection) .

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