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Table of Contents  Executive Summary  General Company Description  Products and Services  Purpose  The Market at a Glance  Cultural Shifts/Pet Product Trends  Health Benefits of Pets  Barriers to Entry  Appendices .

b) freeing up the Veterinarian to perform high value added work. business aptitude (President of www. twitter).com was implemented by Mr. this document serves only as an examination of opportunities for improvement and the implementation of new innovative business strategies.. United Healthcare video patient visits). . high cost and uncoordinated care. b) poor communications. and d) rushed. both video and script). There is meant to be no blame placed on the Industry or any specific veterinarians.g..  Piggy backing off of many advances in the medical field (e. PeopleSoft. Shell Oil.  Provide new avenues to share information and obtain perspectives from individuals/institutions around the world. This would involve providing a secondary resource for research pre and post appointment. All of these issues occurred during the final stages of his companions’ life.. c) difficulty obtaining information. DC conceived of VetMedToday.g. the benefits of blood work charting. who died from Renal Failure in November of 2008. As a result of his personal experience.g. preparation of questions prior to the visit.mmcgroup-us.g.Executive Summary   Randall Mass. Mass after a number of frustrating experiences with the Veterinary Industry including: a) management bureaucracy. American Express.  Improving access to veterinary information through current and new social media outlets (e.   In order to achieve these objectives. a number of key strategies were developed as follows:  Providing an on-line state of the art communications forum which would allow for posting.g. c) ensuring owners understand their responsibility and take an active role in their own Pet’s health and d) streamlining many of the customer facing processes that exist today in the Veterinary marketplace and e) Improving management and communications training at the Veterinary level. www.. Mass believed that changes needed to take place immediately within the veterinary field including: a) redesigning the customer/client experience. Inc.com) working with over 25 Fortune 100 companies (e. responding and communicating with the world on any veterinary topic ( e.VetMedToday. at the beginning of 2009. of Atlanta GA and Washington. Mr. Bert ( a party colored cocker spaniel). McDonald’s.  Provide tools and techniques for consumers to best manage their short time with the Veterinarian (e. AIG) and Federal Agencies including the Executive Office of the President. facebook.

the Veterinary Industry has been slow to respond and adapt to the efficiencies enabled by technology..g. social media and technology have transformed how we learn. b) centralized and c) easy to use.)  Drive down the cost of a veterinary appointment – with insurance carriers playing a         greater role. . Highlight Center’s of Excellence (e. buy. other than Petsmart/Vet Pharmacies) Assist in sifting through the Insurance maze – the new jungle! Provide government resources and information concerning Pets and Pet Care. Providing coordinated resources to for grief counseling and how to handle the final stages of your pets life with dignity and care While the internet. Provide alternative sources of product at competitive prices (e. interact. Mayo clinic for Cancer) and connect the patient to these centers when necessary. and quite simply lead our lives..Executive Summary ( cont. VetMedToday will serve as the company to be responsive to the Consumers and develop ways to transform the Veterinary Industry with the Internet and Social Media The following paper will provide an overview of VetMedToday as the foremost internet company in bringing the Pet Care Industry a) on-line. providing comparatives through Veterinary Surveying.g.

/Executive Office of the President Consultant Consumer information to be used by the veterinary Industry Communities for the discussion of health/wellness Live Web Events Chat rooms Linkage with Social Media (e. Facebook. alike Web MD) Vet questions/answers Linkage with the National Association of Pet Lovers for business and networking Partnerships ..g. service animals) Sign up Vets to write articles (e. Twitter) User Experience E-commerce Clinical information Management Training/Communication      Sponsorship Advertising revenue Membership revenue E-commerce revenue Pet Insurance Sales Vetgrades revenue – veterinarians assessing veterinarians ( if this makes sense) Research reports (e.  Sources of revenue                Pet Advocate/Activist/Fortune 100 exec.g..General Company Description  Vetmedtoday services  Host Format – Randy Mass.g.

But to examine the industry. What else is important to us at VetMedToday…that our Pet Lover community has the tools and information they need to make critical decisions in concert with the Veterinary Community. . Communications Applications and Training. we hope to serve as avenues to advocate for Animal Health and Care in the future. Lastly. training and experiences. focus only on the sharing of veterinary information and experiences through the use of Social Media. Apply best practices from other industries.Purpose of VetMedToday – What is important to our organization!!!  The purpose of VetMedToday is not meant to criticize the already      stressed and underfunded veterinary industry – and our fine veterinarians who work diligently for minimal wages. ideas and solutions to owners of Pets leveraging the new technologies. provide tools.

g..Social Media.. the internet and Pets – the new revolution!  The Pet IT Industry is broken down into approximately 7 components from a social media and technology perspective ( as we view them today)  Medical/health  Ask the Vet Sites about 6 sites ( varied plans )  Multiple component sites (e.e. Dog Fancy. PetMed. Bark.g. Web MD for Pets )  Famous Personality Driven (i. Cesar Milan )  Animals comprehensive site – (health/social/community)  Animal Social Forums (only)  Animal product sales sites  Rescue sites  Blogging sites  On line magazines ( e. Cesar Milan.. Modern Dog) .

surgical procedures and advanced technologies. Of the $45.2B)  VetCare ($12. the breakdown is as follows:  Food ($17.2B)  Live Animal Purchases ($2. Food costs will probably increase in the search for human grade/best practice brands .The Pet Industry – the Market at a glance  Pet industry projected sales of $45.4B (US only) in 2009 have     not been slashed by the bear market according to the American Pet Products Association.4B. High end specialty stores see profits decline. there is hardly a scratch to be seen.2B)  Pet Services: grooming and boarding ($3.4B)  Supplies ($10.4B) We will see ever increasing costs in veterinary care due to the influx of human medicines.

The Pet Industry – the market at a glance (cont.)  According to the 2007-2008 APPA National Pet Owners Survey. basic annual expenses for dogs and cats are as follows: (e.2/ Dogs 45.5 .g. Dogs/Cats) in dollars/year:        Surgical visits ( 453/363) Food (217/188) Routine Vet (219/175) Groomer (127/18) Vitamins (77/31) Treats (66/40) Toys (41/26)  Number of US Households that own a dog or cat (millions)  Cats 38.6/Dogs 77.6  Total number of dogs and cats owned in the US ( millions)  Cats 93.

Could this be an additional revenue stream for Veterinary Hospitals?  Online pet medical companies are also gaining ground.  Organic and green products – new areas of growth – as the influx of celebrity and cause marketing.Pet Industry – Cultural Shifts ( i. currently only 1% of the market. As Vet costs burgeon. The human/animal bond in the US has been changing and now even home builders. as over the counter meds are more expensive.  Insurance is a fast growing. high margin product with plenty of room to run. .e. . for example are making special efforts to include designs for animals. so too will pet insurance policy sales. some examples)  As empty nesters and childless couples adopt and take their roles as pet parents seriously.

A variety of retail outlets selling product (e. Ultra Clean – pet washes and odor cleaners.  Large corporations including Paul Mitchell. Omaha Steaks          and Harley Davidson are going to the dogs. High quality pet foods with greater variety. Traveling pets – Seat belts. Doggie massages – only the finest. Wal-Mart). Personalization – monogrammed accessories making pets an even greater part of the family.. Help yourself – programmable feeding and drinking systems. The Devil does Prada – only the finest of accessories from the runway.Pet Product Trends  Organic Food Products.g. . harnesses and other accessories for traveling. Pet friendly hotels and accommodations.

promoting an interest in life. A recent study at the State University of New York at Buffalo found that people with hypertension who adopted a cat or dog had lower blood pressure readings in stressful situations.. especially males.Health Benefits of Pets (a few examples)  Pets help lower blood pressure. When seniors face adversity or trauma. Studies conducted worldwide have shown that the impact of a stressful situation is lesser on pet owners. Their bonding behavior can foster a sense of security. ….  Pets help to prevent heart disease and psychological stability (National Institute of Health Technology Assessment Workshop). than on those who do not own a pet ( Josephine Wills. (Between Pets and People: The Importance of Animal Companionship). affection from pets takes on great meaning. Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition).   Pets Help to Fight Depression and loneliness.And the list goes on .  Pets help to reduce stress walking with a pet helps to sooth nerves and offer instant relaxation.

Few change agents Pet’s don’t pay taxes – therefore. Consumers taking on more responsibility for their pets. Consumers understanding the role of the Vet and the sacrifices made. Bureaucratic processes and practices that add no value. no lobbyist .Barriers to entry  Ability for the veterinary industry to change in      alignment with current cost containment.

) Ad sense Banner Ads Membership Affinity Programs Selling health related product Sponsors National Association of Pet Lovers Advertisements update Handling SEO Building groups and bringing people to site Technology Software development Media development . top doctors..Revenues and Costs  Revenue  Selling Pet Insurance  Selling Research  Costs  PR Expense  Writing and Content              reports (e.g.

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