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Topic: The Tourism Industry
• Group: 4 • Lecturer: Chap Cheatra • Group members:

• Heng • Sok • Chheang • Sam • Hun • Hing

Lyhour Lyhim Bunchhy Sreyleak Bunphearath Thalin

I. Introduction II. The changing of nature of tourism III. Tourist Attraction IV. What has caused the change in tourism? V. The Growth of Tourism VI. Reasons for the Growth of Tourism VII. Conclusion

Accommodations *Tourist generating area Tourist destination area .  What is Tourism? Introduction Activity of Tourist + Industries = Tourism -Tourist: any one stays out side his usual environment more than 1 year.I. regardless of travel purpose. -Industry: such as Transportations.

Global Tourism Domestic Tourism International Tourism .

II. The changing of nature of tourism In the past time • Wealthy People • See great arts. structures • Experience unique culture Present Time • Affordable people • Leisure • Business purpose • Meeting • Niche tourism .

Tourist Attractions Tourist Attraction can be classified into 4 types: + Natural Attractions + Cultural-historical Attractions + Human made Attractions + Event Attractions .III.

.Rivers. Forests. and Visiting parks .Natural Attractions It is tourism based on the natural attractions of an area include: Photography. Beaches. Mountains.


festivals and so on. dance. . place of warship. particularly in the arts.Cultural-historical Attractions Cultural-historical Attractions are referred to the kind of tourism. which is consist with the culture of a specific region or country.


which human made in order to attracting the people such as City landscape. museum and so on. theme park.Human made Attractions Human made attractions refer to a kind of tourist. .


.Event Attractions • Event Attractions are kind of events and activities that organized by people such as sports events. carnivals. meeting and conventions.

The rise in multicultural societies 4. The improvement in transport and information technology 2. People’s quest for experience .What has caused the change in tourism 1. The increasing concern people have for ecology and environment 3.

The purpose of tourism .

. Trends of domestic tourism For example. 2. There are also India. the figures are predicted to rise to 1.V.6 billion. …. Indonesia. China ‟s surface area and population are two advantages that other countries can hardly match. The Growth of tourism 1. Trends of International tourism By 2020.

Demand Factors II. Supply Factors III. Other reasons . Reasons for the Growth of Tourism I.VI.

Demand Factors -Disposable income -leisure time -Changing lifestyle .

Disposable Income Increasing of disposable income .

Leisure Time Family trip .

Changing Lifestyle Volunteer tourism .

Supply Factors Amenities Accessibility Affordability Quality Service .

Amenities Attraction .

Facilities Accommodation Restaurant .

Accessibility Air Land .

Accessibility Cambodia’s National Roads .


Other Reasons for the growth of Tourism Attractive Advertising  Wide spreading Media Availability of information  The ease of making travel arrangement  Globalization  Reduction of political barriers .

Wide spreading media Media : communication used to reach or influence people widely. TV & Radio Networks Internet Newspapers & Magazines Vehicles Advertising .

Attractive advertising Hokkidong.I. Japan .

com .amusingplanet. Providing clear information http://www.II.

The ease of making travel arrangement .

Globalization “Globalization is worldwide integration and development” - .

Reduction of political barriers and issues .


Conclusion The Tourism Industry Domestic Tourism International Tourism Growth of tourism Reasons for the growth of tourism Demand factor *Disposal income *Leisure time *Changing lifestyle Supply factors *Amenities *Accessibility *Affordability *Subsidiary services *Quality service Other *Media *Booking *Meeting *Political barriers .