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Topics Covered National Building Code 2005 • Fire Safety and Emergency Exit Requirements • Lift and Staircase Enclosures • Electrical Safety INDUS Enviro© Confidential 2 .

Relevant Regulations National Building Code 2005 • National Building Code 2005 INDUS Enviro© Confidential 3 .

SHAMIANAHS. chimneys. part of a building or anything affixed thereto or any wall enclosing or intended to enclose any land or space and signs and outdoor display structures. roofs. etc. fixed platforms. balcony. plinth. Tents. cornice or projection. tarpaulin shelters. plumbing and building services. walls. VERANDAH. erected for temporary and ceremonial occasions with the permission of the Authority shall not be considered as building Fire Lift The lift installed to enable fire services personnel to reach different floors with minimum delay.Definitions Building Any structure for whatsoever purpose and of whatsoever materials constructed and every part thereof whether used as human habitation or not and includes foundation. floors. having such features as required in accordance with this Part Refuge Areas are such areas in a building where people can take shelter in case of a fire INDUS Enviro© Confidential 4 .

either for the whole building or for the escape routes Fire Exit Away out leading to an escape route having panic bar hardware provided on the door Lightning Arrestor means a device which has the property of diverting to earth any electrical surge of excessively high amplitude applied to its terminals and is capable of interrupting flow current if present and restoring itself thereafter to its original operating conditions INDUS Enviro© Confidential 5 . at all times when persons are on the premises. for example. or at times the main lighting is not available.Definitions Escape Lighting: That part of emergency lighting which is provided to ensure that the escape route is illuminated at all material times.

automatic sprinkler/high pressure water spray or foam generating system • Wet riser in the building should be arranged by means of vertical rising mains with hydrant & hose reel on each floor landing connected to an overhead water storage tank for fire fighting purpose should be present • Water in the fire tanks shall exclusively be used for fire fighting & is not to be utilized for domestic or any other use. basement.down comer. lift room. INDUS Enviro© Confidential 6 .Fire Safety Fire-Fighting Equipment • Fire fighting equipment shall be distributed all over the building in proportion to the area & occupancy on every floor. in accordance with IS: 2217 & IS: 2190 specifications • Portable extinguishers should be so located. etc. that the base of these should be 75 Cm above the floor level • Premises shall be protected by wet riser/wet riser-cum.

00. All sand buckets shall be filled with clean.00L water in underground storage tank at a pressure of 3. dry and fine sand. For ex.Fire Safety Fire-Fighting Equipment • Water capacity of terrace and underground storage tank should be as per Table 23. A business building above 30m ht. All water and sand buckets shall be painted red • Each first-aid fire-fighting equipment shall be allotted a serial number by which it shall be referred to in the records INDUS Enviro© Confidential 7 . OR water capacity of 20. • IS: 3644 specifications. of internal fire hydrants in multi storied high rise buildings should be adhered to • All first-aid fire fighting equipment shall be placed in a conspicuous position and shall be readily and easily accessible for immediate use • All water buckets and pump type extinguishers shall be filled with clean water.5 Kg/cm2. shall have 2. Code of practice for installations.5 Kg/cm2.000L at the terrace level with pressure of 2.

Fire Safety Fire-Fighting Equipment INDUS Enviro© Confidential 8 .

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