Organizational Behavior-I

Course Detailing

Learning climate and Norms
• • • • • • Active participation Learning Orientation: IQ and EQ Raising meaningful questions Personal responsibility Collaborative Work Integrity and excellence

Course Brief
• Methodology is Experiential Learning • Application at class room and at project group level • Focus on OB for Life: Must help you shape your behavior and your life in XL and beyond • Skill building course – Skill to Apply and get results • Text book for background reading – Conceptual clarity is a must for the course and life • PPTs will not be made available

Difficulty level of the Course
• Enjoyable experience for those put in efforts • Non-participant group members tend to derive poor learnings from the course • Relative grading • Evaluation typically results in nominal/bell curve • 3 to 4 A+ grades and 3to 4 D or F grades

Performance Components
• • • • Individual written Assignment -20% Group Work – 20% Quizzes – 30% End term exam-30%

Individual Written Assignment (20%)
• Personal Learning Paper (PLP) will have two parts:
 Session-wise PLP (one page)  Final PLP- Case study (minimum of 2500 words)

• Deadlines
 Midterm submission: July 30, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. to Ms. Adline in soft copy  Final PLP: September 05, 2013 at 4: 00 p.m. to Ms. Adline in soft copy

• PLP writing guidelines and formats is available in the AIS

Group Project (20%)
• Systematic study the individual behavior in an organization and its impact on organizational performance • 12 groups are formed before the second class and the same will be announced in the AIS • Can select from any one of the typical organizations from the list made available • Project submission date is on august 30, 2013 by 04:00 to Ms. Adline in soft copy. • Project guidelines and format for the report is made available in the AIS

Quizzes (30%)
• Tests the understanding of the topics covered • Minimum four quizzes • There will not be a separate midterm test • Surprise quizzes may be conducted during any class • High performance components will be made available

End-term (30%)
• Comprehensive exam • Tests the ability of the students to apply the topics • Covered in 90 minutes duration

Forum participation
• • • • Respond to questions by faculty Initiate discussions Focus on the topics of the day and week Contents in the forum form part of the syllabus for the course

• Complete courseware will be available on the AIS • Keep checking for announcements, resources etc.

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