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Please write down your off-class activities. Do you think they support your future carrier? Why?

Medical Help and Medication

1. 2. 3. 4. Objectives Students obtain and identify: The medication as ordered by the doctor Label instruction and medicine dosage Encourage patients medication. Asking and Reporting Health Problems and Diagnosing

Explaining A Diet Program

Pungent Spicy-- Hot Mild (over) Salty---to much salt Sour Sugar-free--- sweet Bitter tasteless insipid Flat drink -- water

Cauliflower Cassava Date Jack fruit Guava Eugenia Mangosteen garlic

Sweetpotato Pepper Soursop

Biscuit Beer Cold water Lemonade Wheat Wine Vinegar ketchup

Soya souce lamb

What would you like to eat/have for breakfast? Do you like ______? Are you allergic to _________? I will inform you about your diet program. We recommend you to eat______ You should/must avoid_______ You are prohibited to eat/comsum ______

Ways of Medication
Inhale? Inunct/rub? Rectal? Drop? Inject? Sub lingual med? Oral med?

Ways of Medication
Med by inhalation Med by inunction (rubbing of ointment or oil into the skin) Rectal Med (a tablet or capsule) Med by dropper Med by Injection (IV, IM, SHI, etc) Sub lingual med (a tablets is place under patients tongue until the tablet dissolve) Oral med (a tablet placed on patients tongue then swallowed. syrup?powder?)

Medicine or drugs?
- Medicine : a substance which can cure or prevent disease, replace vital substances that the body lacks and suppress or relieve symptoms. Its especially in the form of liquid. - Drug : a substance used for minor complains which generally have obvious benefits and negligible risk; otherwise, most of us would prefer to put up with complain. For more serious diseases, more powerful drugs are required and the risk of adverse reaction is usually higher.

- capsule ? Pill/tablets? Ampoule?

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Abbreviations in a prescription
bid hs od os po pc prn q3h qd qid tid

ante cibum
bis in die hora somni oculus dexter oculus sinister per os post cibum
Latin Abbre viatio n Latin Term

Take medication before meals.

Take medication twice a day. Take medication at bedtime. Use medication in right eye. Use medication in left eye. Take medication by mouth. Take medication after meals.

pro re nata quaque 3 hora quaque die quarter in die ter in die

Take medication as needed. Take medication every three hours. Take medication every day. Take medication four times a day. Take medication three times a day.

Abbreviations in a prescription
Tab. Caps. MAR? Medication Administration Record

Lets have tour..

Where do you find the Medicine?

Pharmacy can be a shop that sells med or. a place in a hospital where med are prepared Drugstore sell also other type of goods. i.e toiletries. Dispensary a place in a hospital, shop, etc where med are prepared for patients.

Prescription : resep dokter Receipt: nota To relieve : menghilangkan rasa sakit To shake :mengocok One spoonfull : satu sendok penuh Pill : pill Adverse reaction : kontra indikasi drought : obat berbentuk cairan

Please, take this ______________ syrup one spoonful three times per day. one pill per day. to reduce your temperature. to relieve your pain. Here are some pill which __________ Have you taken the med? Others:

Patients Expressions
How should I take this ______? How is the use of this _______? What are the use of these ______? (menanyakan kegunaan obat) How to use these _____(tablets)? (menanyakan dosis) Others: