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By MaiTreya PaTni Scholars 2 D Subodh Public School

Introduction to Animation
What is Animation :

Animation is the illusion of motion that is created by displaying a series of images or frames, each one slightly different from the last, over a brief period of time.

Difference between Animation and video

Video takes continuous motion

and breaks it up into discrete frames. Animation starts with independent pictures and puts them together to form the illusion of continuous motion.

History of Animation
Pioneers of Animation:

Winsor McCay of the United States Emile Cohl and Georges Melies of

France. First Animated Feature Film Sinking of the Lusitania in 1918.

Evolution In Animation:
Development of celluloid around 1913 quickly made animation easier to manage. Animator could make a complex background and foreground and sandwich moving characters in between several other pieces of celluloid.

Role of Walt Disney

He was the first animator to add sound to his movie cartoons with the premiere of Steamboat

Willie in 1928.

In 1937, he produced the first full length animated feature film,

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Contribution of Computers in Animation

A film like Star Wars by

George Lucas would rely heavily on computer animation for many of its special effects. Toy Story, produced by Walt Disney Productions became the first full length feature film animated entirely on computers.

Types of Animation
Main Types of Animation:

Stop motion animation Clay animation Computer animation

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion is an animation technique which makes static objects appear to move. It is central to the clay animation technique used on popular children's shows

Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation, or motion captures simply a way to animate puppets. Stop-motion animation is a very interesting way of producing animation .

Clay Animation
Clay animation is also

considered as a type of stopmotion animation. A form of stop-motion animation that uses actual clay figures which are molded into different positions for each frame. Clay animation is sometimes called 3-D animation because the figures are 3-D on a 3-D set.

Clay animation
Roll balls or coils and then flatten

them into the forms.

Combine the forms and smooth

the seams with a craft stick or modeling tool. To keep the background simple.

Clay Animation
Features In clay animation The best,

most widely used tool should be your hands

Your hands shape, squish, smooth, flatten, pinch, and

poke the clay the best .

Computer Animation
Computer animation is the art of creating moving images via the use of computers.

Computer Animation
Start at the early 1800s . "TOY STORY", first computer

animated feature released in 1995. John Whitney dies (1917-1995) experimental animator and pioneer of computer animator .

Computer Animation
3D animation (create objects and then render)

Computer painting tools and to


paint single frames . Use transitions and other effects like morphing .
A render image

Computer Animation
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