By: Arch’t. Ricardo D.

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Different Types of Swimming Pools
 Over-flow System type Pools
 Roll-Out Gutter type Pools  Scum Gutter type Pools  Skimmer type Pools  Vanishing-Edge type Pools




Over-Flow System Pools  ABSTRACT: A swimming pool includes an elongated plastic extrusion of channel-shaped configuration forming a gutter for receiving liquid which overflows from the pool. . This gutter has an outer upper region connected with a concrete-retaining structure.



Figure 1 Figure 1 is a fragmentary perspective illustration of a pool having one of many possible configuration .

Figure 2 .

1 the manner in which various components of the invention are assembled and supported on the ground as well as connected with a surrounding concrete deck. 1.Figure 2 Figure 2 is a fragmentary vertical section view taken along line 2-2 of Fig. In the direction of the arrows and showing at a scale which is considerably large as compared to Fig. .

.Figure 3 Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional plan view taken along line 3-3 of Fig. 2 in the direction of the arrows and showing how a pair of successive units of a backing means are joined to each other as well as illustrating in part how bracing and anchoring is achieved.

Figure 4 Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective illustration of a cover means for a gutter as well as part of connecting means for the top of a plastic liner sheet. .

Figure 5 .

. 4.Figure 5  Figure 5 is a fragmentary perspective illustration of an extrusion forming part of the gutter and the remainder of the sheet-connecting means which cooperates with part of the structure of Fig.

.Figure 6 Figure 6 is fragmentary perspective illustration of a concreteretaining means capable of being assembled with the outer portion of the gutter extrusion of Fig. 5.

with part of the next-lower extrusion shown in the phantom lines. .Figure 7 Figure 7 is a fragmentary perspective illustration of one of the extrusions of a unit of a backing means.

.Figure 8 Figure 8 is a fragmentary top plan view of a corner of a finished pool illustrating a miter connection which may be utilized.

.Roll Out Gutter Pool  Abstract: A gutter system for a swimming pool of the type having side walls and a gutter extending along the top of the side walls around the periphery of the swimming pool. Each integral gutter section has a front wall facing the swimming pool. a bottom wall resting on top of the side walls of the swimming pool and a back wall which preferably has a vertical extension thereon rising above the gutter and forming a break-water between the gutter and an elevated concrete deck. water-tight gaskets. characterized in that gutter is formed from integral sections molded from nonmetallic material and joined end-to-end by flexible.

. removable cover sections are fitted over the gutter and extend between the upper edge of the front wall of the gutter. a water supply conduit is disposed in the gutter between the cover sections and is connected to the water nozzle assemblies extending through the front wall of the gutter which feed water into the pool.Roll Out Gutter Pool Slotted. Advantageously.




Figures 1 and 2 .

Figures 1 and 2  Figure 1 is a broken-away perspective view of one embodiment of the gutter system of the invention while Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along line II-II of Fig. 1 showing the manner in which gaskets are utilized to join the gutter sections of the invention end-to-end. .

Figure 3 Figure 3 is a rear view of the gutter system of the invention. .


Figures 4 and 5 .

Figures 4 and 5  Figure 4 and 5 are cross-sectional views showing alternative arrangements for providing a water supply conduit within the gutter system of the invention. .

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