of Harassment -Domestic Violence -Steps to prevent abuses and violence

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• It is intentional behavior which is found threatening or disturbing.


SEXUAL HARASSMENT  Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual behavior or sexbased conduct . deeds. gestures. or behaviors that make an individual feel uncomfortable. . symbols.  It can happen anywhere but is most common in the workplace and schools. actions.such as unwanted touching  It involves indecent and unwelcomed words.

 It includes written or verbal threats or insults based on race. ethnicity or skin colour. . ridicule based on cultural grounds. ethnic or national origin.RACIAL HARASSMENT  Unwanted behavior based on race. racist jokes. abusive comments about racial origins. derogatory name calling.

either in person or in writing or electronic formats or on the telephone. .  Stalking can also involve following an individual or spying on them. STALKING  It involves pestering an individual. alarming the recipient or causing them distress and may involve violence or fear of violence. playing jokes is one of the very easy methods to degrade someone.BULLYING  Insulting an individual by calling names.


family. is broadly defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors by one or both partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage.DEFINITION OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Domestic violence. battering. . also known as domestic abuse. and intimate partner violence (IPV). or cohabitation. dating. family violence. spousal abuse.

. They make you feel guilty about spending time with your family or friends and they want you home. where they can watch you.• ISOLATION Isolation abuse is when your domestic partner or spouse uses manipulation to keep you away from your family and your friends.

Verbal abuse aims at damaging a person's self-esteem.• VERBAL ABUSE In verbal abuse. self worth and emotional well-being to the extent that it eventually takes a toll on the victim's physical and mental well being. it is used to hurt the partner through spoken words or in written form including abusive text messages. language is the weapon of aggression. .

.  The abusive incidents may be occasional or regular and may start with verbal altercation that leads to a tension-building phase which results in beating. kicking. shoving. boxing. biting. beating with belt. choking.• PHYSICAL ABUSE  This is the most violent form of abuse in which the abuser inflicts pain or injury on the victim through such despicable acts like slapping. hitting and twisting of arms. pulling hair.

The goal is to systematically diminish the partner to the extent that the partner loses his/her self confidence and now yields his/her self to the control of the partner.• EMOTIONAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE Like the other abuses. it is motivated by urges for power and control. .

SEX ABUSE .• The forcing of unwanted sexual activity by one person on another. • Sexual activity that is deemed improper or harmful. as between an adult and a minor or with a person of diminished mental capacity.


• Education Education is key if we are to try and stop or prevent the cycle of violence that is often seen in abusive relationships or situations. STEP 1 .

domestic abuse or violence. .STEP 2 • Never be silent about harassment.

STEP 3 • Contact the police or other law enforcement agency if you see or hear evidence of domestic violence. .

STEP 4 .• Sensetise people by organising seminars and conferences or campaign regarding the negative effects of domestic violence.



.Smile of hope .. a prosthetic nose hides Bibi's disfigured face .

Zimbabwe women accused of raping men 'for rituals' • Zimbabwean police believe there is a nationwide syndicate of women raping men. . possibly to use their semen for use in rituals that claim to make people wealthy.

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