Petrel workflow tools – 5 days introduction course

Data Import Well Correlation Edit Input Data Fault Modeling Pillar Gridding

Zonation and Layering

Intro to Petrel Facies Modeling

Petrophysical Modeling

Volume Calculation


Well Design

“Bad” data can be eliminated Irregular 2D Grid that needs smoothing The 2D grid or seismic interpretation might contain spikes .Editing input data Problem Areas Examples: Imported data will often need some editing to make them suitable for modeling Fault polygons might miss Zvalues Line data that has been imported without a “flag value” indicating line segments => flags must be inserted to split the lines.

Editing input data Make/Edit Polygons process Create new polygons Create new line within existing polygon Close polygons (Must be active before closing polygons) .

Make/Edit Polygons Process Disconnect polygons Edit polygon lines by using Edit line .Editing input data Edit polygon points by using Edit/Add points 1. Create a new point by clicking on the line in a polygon and move the new point that will appear. Select the point to edit and move it 2.

Editing input data Operations and Calculator 1. All operations under the Calculator are also available from the Operations tab. Go to the Operations tab 3. and on all points belonging to the polygon. editing each single point and line by clicking and moving. . points or 2D Grids. • Polygon Operations are used for doing operations on existing polygons. Interactive editing. Right-click on the file‟s name and select Settings 2. • Make/Edit polygons process: Option to create new polygons. Select the appropriate operation The files are typically lines. split them at the desired position.

Editing input data Calculator Insert flag to separate lines Using Polygon Operations and the Give Z-values to fault polygon .

and 2D grids. well adjustment . Default is the same name as the main input. choose the Attribute) 2 – Give a name to the output. well tops. points. Use the settings suggested or define your own under Algorithm Process Optional: Use boundary. to produce new 2D grids 1 – Enter the data to be gridded (If this is well tops. fault cuts. 3 – Define the Geometry 4 – Click on „Suggest settings from input‟ and select type of input data.Make surface Make Surface is the process of gridding lines.

Make surface workflow Gridding of lines – The .

Editing of input data Exercise .

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