Lesson Objective

• To examine shale gas as a resource. • To identify locations in the UK where this resource can be found. • To explore the issues with this type of resource extraction (social, economic, environmental).

Running out of fuel...
• 398 million barrels of oil in 1999. Net. Exporter of Oil. • 207 million barrels of oil in 2007. Net. Importer of Oil. • ~130 million barrels of oil in 2020. Net. Importer of Oil. Importing 80% of energy needs from Russia and the Middle East. • What consequences does this drop in oil production have for the UK? • What solutions are there to this issue?

• What is fracking? • As you are watching the video – keep notes on what you learn about what happened in Blackpool.

• Using the diagram provided and the notes from the video clip– write a text message to a friend about how shale gas extraction works.

Where did the earthquake happen? What do you think was the cause?

http://edition.cnn.com/ 2012/12/13/business/u k-fracking

Benefits & Impacts
Read through the statements in Task 2 and decide which are the benefits and impacts of fracking.

Categorise the benefits and impacts into Social, Economic & Environmental issues.

With which do you agree? explain why.
• Hydro-fracking is the saviour of our hydrocarbon based economy. • Hydro-fracking comes at too high a cost, to be used a solution to the energy needs of the UK.

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