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Ambient Intelligence

Graduate Presentation (CSCI 6800) Satya Sanket Sahoo

Overview of Presentation
Introduction Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence Key Technologies Key Characteristics Architecture Challenges Future


Ambient Intelligence: Environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people.
From: On the role of graspable objects in the Ambient Intelligence Paradigm, Evert J.van Loenen (Philips Research Labs)

Scenario I: Home Environment

Large scale network of computing devices Personalize the living space of humans Ease access to Information and Resources On-demand
From: ambintel.html

Scenario II: Automotive Intelligence

Telematics (Mercedes-Benz) Online concierge services Tele Diagnosis Safety auto braking for active collision avoidance Route Planning

Key Technologies

Ambient Intelligence

Key Characteristics
Ubiquity Awareness Intelligence Natural Interaction

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Interoperability: Networks architecture and integration Saturation: increased volume of information and users Security: solutions with quantum cryptography?

The Future
Attractive future blends:
Computing Communications Consumer lectronics

Technological and Ethical challenges need to be overcome Social acceptance is critical

From: ambintel.html

Interesting URLs
The European Union report, Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010 ( e2Home, a joint venture between Electrolux and Ericsson to build smart condominiums ( Georgia Techs Aware Home ( MITs House_n ( MITs Oxygen project for pervasive human-centered computing ( Philips vision of ambient intelligence (