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The idea which I liked the most after thinking about all the possibilities that I could think of is as follows: During the inauguration will be a presentation and not a conference and also not the ARM/RaspPi event There will be presentation from each of the participating colleges (1 or at max 2 from each depending on participation) given by the students and professors of concerned college on the recent developments related to the field in their University/ or the future prospects.


This will be targeting colleges by sharing the common platform where the research work carried out and the future, will be shared and discussed Also, it will target companies to sponsor such a event wherein they will acquaint themselves with the projects going on/planned in these premier institutes

The above idea may/may not attract the students on a large scale But, if we get a company like ARM/Xilinx/etc to sponsor then we can have the ARM competition for the PARTICIPATING colleges during Probe and that will give them sufficient time to prepare and us also If possible, we can also provide internship oppurtunity in respective company to the winning team

All the IITs, NITs BITS and other top colleges should be approached. We will start with the Electronics/Electrical department The future of this event depends on various factors which I will explain in the next slide but NIT Trichy ECE Association will not necessarily organize it every year


If this event is a success, then the event maybe passed on to other institute or can be organized combinedly by all the institutes which will be discussed later on with the representatives of other colleges And in case this event is flop, then the juniors dont have to implement it next year and they can come up with better events

Regarding the website, what I think of and as per what we had discussed earlier, should be like a forum with the students(not necessarily from NITs) will have their account There can be discussions/ doubt solving/ updates about latest trends in the field/ updates regaring internship oppurtunities Also, the professors should be given accounts but how to involve them is a matter of discussion that needs to be done but is secondary as of now

Brochure to invite colleges Marketing Brochure for sponsorship Website Contacts from the institutes

Firstly, the contacts from the colleges should be collected and as mentioned in 3 databases 1) HOD 2) Student representative 3) Willing Professor

This shouldnt take much time and should get over in 3 4 days

The brochure for DIRECT has to be made and the concerned HOD and another prof has to be mailed with the whole event detail which will also require to decide the event format for the presentation and also the main Board competition that has to be done during Probe Importantly, a memento of acceptance from interested colleges/like a MOU or something has to be obtained which will be useful while approaching for sponsorship


After getting the list of interested colleges, the company has to be approached for sponsorship and which will require Marketing and the event detail brochure

The work that needs to be done in this idea is not much but which I think is a good idea which inculcates the basic aim Akshat wanted ie Common platform for ECE Also, the institute relations DIRECT will have its real meaning and will be a good deal for everyone

The reason I made a ppt is if I explain this in a discussion on FB then it wont end and will take longer time and we will come up with nothing And if I post it in the group, then it will get boring ( Atleast I hate reading long stories on FB :P)

Gathering contacts : Tirthesh and Marmik (This weekend) DIRECT Brochure: Contents:- Nishant and Anjaly (2-3 days) Design:- JK, Jhulphiya and Gayathri Padma (2-3 days) Final Touch:- Akshat and Jose (1-2 days) Marketing Brochure: Contents:- Nishant and Sarfraz and someone else(No name coming in mind) (2-3 days) Design:- JK, Jhulphiya and Gayathri Padma (2-3days) Events Format: Rakesh and Akshat (2-3days) Events Brochure: Design: Akshat (2-3 days) TimeKeeper: Marmik and Jose

I know that all of us will be busy with studying for placements and projects But, what I ask is just a week from now on and if all of us work in the time scheduled all of us will be free ATLEAST a week before 10th of july, which is the reporting date Till now, we havent done anything solid. If we wish to make Our PROBE bigger, this is probably the last chance to make it bigger from the start Please comment..

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