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This is a clever story in which a writers conscience appears as a monster in his own home.

After trying unsuccessfully to reason with it, the writer decides to trick the monster and eventually he kills his own conscience. As a result he becomes a monster himself, living cruelly and selfishly for the rest of his life.

The Man

The Conscience
Aunt Mary

This story starts when one man was feeling comfortable whit his life. This morning he receive a letter from his favorite aunt Mary. He always listened her excellent suggestions, but she never talked him about cigarettes and he closed his ears about the danger of smoking. This day his aunt was coming his home.

Suddenly a monster opened his door office . This was dirty, little green man and he was less than a meter tall with strange shape. The monster sat down in the favorite chair of the man. Then this picked up a cigarette .
The monster talked him about a visitor earlier this day. Who asked for food. He also spoke about the girl who asked for an opinion on a book, as well as the punishment of their children. Also spoke about those who had not helped. then the man was worried about his actions. That's when the monster tells the man that was his conscience.

He was in his room talking to his conscience when his son walked in , then he shouted him get out shut the door. After that he asked his conscience why anybody could see him and the monster said only you can see me . After that he asked the monster about appearance, and the monster said it was you my looks are the result of your actions. My skin became thicker and turned green every time you think in bad actions. The monster even remind him about the time he could give fifty dollars at church, but he give only a dime . Then he said "if I make bad things, I can kill you? " The monster said yes.

The conscience know a lot of them. The man began to ask about the consciences of some people as his neighbor Mr. Thompson, Tom Smith and Aunt Mary. Mr. Thompsons conscience had a great body and beautiful hair when he was three meters tall, but Mr. Thompsons things were not going so well. Now his conscience sleeps in a shoe box and has no hair on his head. That was in line with what was Mr. Thompson, because he was a selfish and bad. Tom Smiths conscience is ten meters tall. He has big strong legs and eyes. However, he never sleeps. Working day and night and enjoy their work. Indeed, Tom Smith was the noblest man of the people. Aunt Marys conscience is very big. He sleeps on the field, because there isnt a door big enough for her. Aunt Mary was not ashamed of her thoughts and actions.

Suddenly, he heard the voice of Aunt Mary. She had arrived. Immediately, she began to ask several questions to the man about his wife and children. Questions like if the man helped the poor family living turning the corner and if he visited his greatest teacher who lived alone. The man lied telling her all this time he was busy writing and couldnt do those actions. Obviously, the man's heavy heart was affecting his conscience. He needed to stay light. His body fell to the floor. Each of the lies the man told that were affecting his conscience. He was trying to move toward the door, but couldnt, because each of Aunt Marys words were very hard.

Then the conscience closed his eyes and the man jumped on top of grabbing his neck. Conscience was dead forever. The man was free. He asked his aunt Mary that no longer give more speeches about smoking. No more little talks about right and wrong. At the end of the day was a man without a conscience. Aunt Mary ran out of the mans house. Since that day, the man began to commit crimes of various kinds. No voices around him. He is alone at home and do not have visitors. He will always be your own boss. He is free.

Ashamed: feeling bad, not proud, about sometimes you have done. Dime : value of a currency is equivalent to 10 cents. Homeless :a person without home. Mess : thing are not in place.

Monster : an ugly, scarry person or animal in stories.

Selfish : relating to or characterized by self-interest. Suffering : the state of a person or thing that suffers. Weaker : without force.

Who are the monster ?

How does the writer feel before the monster walks in? Why the monster did put green?

What lies does the writer tell the homeless man?

Why did the writers conscience become weak and ugly? How does the writer feel after he has killed the monster?

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