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McDonald Triad

Family factors leading to SM

Emotional neglect

Triad presents warning signs

Cruelty to animals
good animals

Arson Eneuresis
Can be reaction to stress/trauma

Not a perfect prognostic indicator

Trauma Control Model

Complex model ~~ focuses on initiating environmental stressor
Leads to low self-esteem Fantasies about regaining power Become violent fantasies

Suggests most SMs are social failures Hazelwood and Warren (1989) study of serial rapists and sexual abuse
But rely on self-report data

Trauma Control Model 2

Budding psychopaths seek out stimuli related to fantasies
Pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc.
May prefer violent porn

Straus and Baron (1983), states with Playboy & Hustler readership
But also Field and Stream

Hickey notes that porn does not explain SM occurring prior to 20th century
Or that many SMs dont use porn

Catharsis hypothesis
No evidence, but not well investigated

Trauma Control Model 3

Most SMs engage in violent fantasy Crimes are designed to match the fantasy
Victims that dont may be spared
Douglas Clark & Carol Bundy

Murder itself anticlimatic for many SMs

Commission of crime itself may be disappointing

Further fuels fantasy

Modus Operandi: Practical elements of how a crime is committed Signature: non-practical fantasy related elements
Help actualize the fantasy Specific violent acts Collecting souveniers verbalizations

Cyclical SM
Fantasy ~ Crime ~ Release ~ Fantasy For some SMs, pattern gradually escalates
Crimes not satisfying fantasy Thwarted crimes result in frustration Duration between murders drops
Methods get careless

For others it does not, and may even drop off


Comments on Trauma-Control
Overall decent theory Matches well with incarcerated SMs Hickey appears to favor this theory My concerns
Some elements (trauma) based partially on self-report Generalizability of incarcerated SMs What constitutes trauma fairly flexible (i.e. Bundy) Not helpful in prediction, good at explaining present cognitions May present SMs as overly deviant/disturbed

Ed Kemper
Difficult relations with mother Odd behavior as child Killed grandparents Released at 21 Killed 6 young women, mother and mothers friend
Psychologist garden