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Lord Krishna LEADERSHIP strategies


Responsibility Understanding nature


Responsibility: a leader is expected to assume full responsibility in all situations. he must steer the group clear of all difficulties. he has to assume responsibility for all actions of the group.

Understanding nature

Understanding nature: important characteristic feature of leadership is its nature to understand the feelings and problems of the group as a whole as well as the individuals. guide a leader is looked upon as a friend and a philosopher. a leader should strive to satisfy the personal and social needs of his followers, which is very much expected by them

Precedence: Since the leader influences the behavior and the activities of the followers he should be endowed with the technical competence and personality traits. He should also be well aware of his own preferences and limitations to impress upon his followers

Situation: Leadership patterns changes according to the type of group and the situation in which the group is operating. A leader should know on the role to be adopted on different situations

1. Initiates action 2. Motivation 3. Providing guidance

4. Creating confidence
5. Building morale 6. Builds work environment 7. Co-ordination

Initiates action
Leader communicates the policies and plans to the subordinates from where the work actually starts.

A leader motivates the employees with economic and non- economic rewards and thereby gets the work from the subordinates.

Providing guidance
A leader guides by instructing the subordinates the way they have to perform their work effectively and efficiently.

Creating confidence
Confidence is an important factor which can be achieved through expressing the work efforts to the subordinates, explaining them clearly their role and giving them guidelines to achieve the goals effectively. It is also important to hear the employees with regards to their complaints and problems.

Building morale
A leader can be a morale booster by achieving full cooperation so that they perform with best of their abilities as they work to achieve goals.

Builds work environment Management is getting things done from people. An efficient work environment helps in sound and stable growth.He should listen to his subordinates problems and solve them.
He should treat employees on humanitarian terms.


Leadership and human behavior

Leadership and Communication

Leadership and motivation

Leadership and human behavior

Human nature is the comman qualities of all people have similar needs . A leader must understand these needs because they are powerful motivators.

Leadership and Communication

Communication is very important because a leader coach, coordinate, counsel, evaluate, and supervise through this process.

Leadership and motivation

A person's motivation is a combination of desire and energy directed at achieving a goal.