Issues Regarding Delivery of Health Care

Political Agenda .

difference in health care delivery between urban places and rural places is evident. In rural places there is low number of doctors.Factors that affect the Health Care Delivery 1. 2. Corruption Corruption in the national or local government. poor facilities. which in turn affected health care delivery. reduces its capacity to fund on different health care programs around the country. poor access and transportation means. While health care advancements and mostly good doctors choose to work in urban areas . Location Almost in every nation.

. Political Will The determination of the local government leader to pursue health care to its people is also one factor affecting its delivery. NGO’s and private sector who wishes to deliver health care. its implementation will not pushed through because of poor political will to change health status of its people.Factors that affect the Health Care Delivery 3. because even though there are a numbers of hospitals.

* On necessary needs and assistance a certain health institution must have in delivering health care to rural areas .Government on Health Care Delivery “FUNDING” * On health programs of different institutions to the society. that a certain individual or group of people cannot respond to immediately. *Assistance on health cost from a certain health institution.

1% budget on health care.  So various help from NGO’s. other productive countries and voluntary health mission from other nation is given.FUNDING in Global Setting South Africa  South Africa 9. but it is still too small because it still has to be divided into 9 provinces. .  So the time it is distributed to 9 provinces the cost of health care is too small for the large demand.

 America is considered now is the only wealthy country that don’t have universal health care. but these insurance has a strict standard measures. the America still has 45.7 million people who don’t have health insurance (2006).  However public insurance are offered to the other Americans. . • Old and disabled people. • Poor Children • Military Personnel  Because of this policy.FUNDING in Global Setting United States of America  Health care is funded through public and private insurance  Private health insurance is most often offered or given to employed Americans and to those who have the capacity to avail it.

3% is from taxation and 8.  This country gives care on the basis of needs not on the capacity to pay.4% from national insurance.FUNDING in Global Setting United Kingdom  United Kingdom is the first health system which offers free medical care to ENTIRE population. .3% of total health cost. patient just give 1. 90.

some slight improvements have been achieved in this area. as Phil Health continued implementing varied programs (like Sponsored Program.8% in 2001. . The share of social insurance in health spending has increased form 7. Outpatient Diagnostic Package.1% in 2000 to 7. mainly out-of-pocket expenditures.FUNDING in Local Setting Philippines  55% of total health expenditures in the Philippines are from private sources.  Although much remains to be done in shifting the burden of health financing to social insurance. Reliance on private funding of health perpetuates the inequity of health care access and health care goals. This is so far the largest contribution of the social insurance sector since 1992. Plan 500 and Individually–paying Program).

rather than ration supply of care. * Manage health priorities of the community to implement priority programs by health institution. . This is to properly manage scarce resources. health programs funded by the local government should be screened properly for the specific needs of the community. * Manage the communities health demand.Government on Health Care Delivery “POLICIES” * Manage health programs initiated by health institutions.

No to Poor Policy Implementation  Waste of local government scarce resources because specific needs were not met because of mismanagement of health programs  There is opportunity cost to health needs that should have met. which will a cost a failure for some people to received health care program or services.  Insurance policies of developed countries will not be implemented properly. rather than giving health services not particularly needed at the moment. .

*Regulate and monitor the continuity of the health programs that were given to the community. this to assure the successful attainment of the therapeutic goal of the program .Government on Health Care Delivery “REGULATION” * Regulate and manage the health institutions continuity of health protection and illness prevention programs for the community.

continuity of this project should be properly regulated and manage by the local government. scarce resources will only be wasted and the therapeutic goal will not be met. .  Goal attainment of health services. as a local leader in the vicinity. monitoring and continuous regulation on the program is needed.No to Poor Regulation  Some health programs needs continuous monitoring. This is to assure proper implementation to achieve the common goal. If this will not happen. sometimes takes months to several years.

. * Initiate programs for maintenance and enhancement of health.Government on Health Care Delivery “LEADERSHIP” * The government should have a leadership position in driving health care institution to improve safety and quality of health care services. by collaborating with health institutions within their community. of health services mostly needed and health issues that should be treated as early as possible. * Act as leaders who will listen to the citizen within the community.

on the absence of action the health institution.No to Poor Leadership  Quality and safety of each health services should be monitored will. the local government can properly monitor its health workers with collaboration with its ministry of health. with collaboration to the nearest health institution or the ministry of health. This is to properly see the systematic process of administering health services. .  Health issues are sometimes forwarded to the local government. the leader which is the local government should initiate implementation of the needed health care program.

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it will be right with the whole. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe .If each one does their duty as an individual and if each one works in their own proper vocation.


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