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Marketing event Report on the field work


This report is based on data collected through questionnaires

Sample size 44

We questioned people with different ideologies, age group, salaries, and inferences.
Below are the results of the questionnaire:



below 100000 100000-200000 200000-300000


As per the data collected the maximum number of people are between 100000-200000 p.a range. The company should consider this data as to analyze and frame the product design and add features accordingly.

Age group
16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Below 25 years 25-35 years

No of people

No of people

35-50 years

above 50 years

This data certainly gives a clear picture saying that there is no shortage of buyers It is just the company has to implement the marketing plan, to achieve the goal. [Because people below the age of 25 contribute very less in terms of purchases, they can be a user but majorly not a buyer]

Price /Affordability
No of people



8 No of people 6

0 <3000 3000-4000 4000-6000 >6000

Looking at the graph we can come to a conclusion that people are willing to buy a purifier which has price tag between 2000-15000. The company can come out with different variants to meet all the customer needs. This not only gives an fair idea to the company on the features that needs to be added based on its price. Out of the total 44 who were interviewed. Nearly 50 % do not use do not use water purifier Which is an advantage that the company can bank upon & more than 50 % of the surveyed people who are aware of the company Flair but not water purifier This information not only tells that people are ready to buy a purifier but it also tells that they are ready to pay a price which is more than 10000 if the quality, durability and services with low maintenance cost.

*Potential buying area:







0 Retail outlets Franchisee demo at door steps others

The above data suggest that people are willing to buy products from a retailer (29) than a franchisee (2) or door step demo (13).

Competitors in this market are as follow:

0 Aqua gaurd Kent Pure it others

Even though we know that nearly 50% are not using any purifiers, we also keep a check on our competitors. The presence of Aqua guard on par with Kent and Pure it catching up is never a easy task for Flair, but not a IMPOSSIBLE task. Both Kent and Aqua guard have only 2micron purification and the Flair is capable of 1micron purification. By introducing these kind of unique technology it not only increases the sales but it also improves the efficiency. Using Nan-Technology in purifiers is not been explored by any company as such [Oxologin a pain killer potentially uses Nano-particals which is been a paradigm shift in the field of medicine]

According to the analysis the market for flair water purifier is substantially high. Even in the presence of top brands like aqua guard Kent and pure it combines is failed with 50% of the market. Flair can utilize the opportunity available as the remaining lot can be converted into a potential customer base as they are expecting a better after sale services, low maintenance cost and durable. Flair being a famous company among the locals can make this a reality of having a pool of best after sales assistance team. It also can make a purifier which people readily accepts it and also can be a real threat to the top bees in the job. Competitors teach better lessons to the new once that are entering the market on how to capitulate the market. In questionnaires we found that customer is not getting what our company is going to providing Like door to door service for any queries 1 year guarantee and 2 warrantee period People are much bothered about cost of machine (low maintance cost and its service) and not about discounts as a priority

As with the data available through analysis it is clearly evident that if Flair is able to build a team who can really explain and demonstrate the real potential of the Flair water purifier then we can certainly convert people into potential customers (as we can see in the graph *) We all know that word of mouth plays a very vital role in a products sales and services

We can concentrate on demonstrating over product or rather promote it through ladies club or sthree samaja or were ladies normally gather ( as it is ladies who use it more often than a man does)
We also can target elderly people to promote it by contacting them in parks when they are available during the evening times.

The Unique selling strategy:

The best way is through multi-level marketing, were in we can come up with attractive discount plans (no compromise on the quality) to the customers like- if they get one customer from his end he would get a discount of 15% on the letters purchase. If flair takes up direct marketing: We all have seen that people are ready to by purifiers ranging between 3000150000.

Lets consider a person buys a purifier of Rs. 4000 and the company is incurring Rs2000 for the manufacturing of the same, the company can directly make a clear profit of 2000 on a single piece, lets say we give the end user a discount of 5% -10% i.e., around R2600-Rs400 with no compromise in the quality of the product they certainly will be happy to promote as he would get 10% off on the their purchase (only once). Even with 15% - 20% discount availed by customers the company will make a sure profit of Rs1000 - Rs800/purifier.

This not only will serve the purpose of the company but also it saves money for the customer hence it would certainly be a winwin situation for both the company as well as the customer. [We also found that there are certain people who are interested in buying the purifier but because of the rates it is being a distinct dream, by this scheme of multi-level marketing every ones purpose can be met] We are also in a idea of setting up a factory outlet rather than a retail outlet as we have been in favour of direct marketing [considering the case of dell]

Thank you