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Livestock Development Scenario in Nepal

Dr Dinesh P. Parajuli, Dr S.N.Mahato, Dr Madan S. Karki, Dala Ram Pradhan, Kishor Bista

Introduction: - Integral part of farming system. - AGDP 31% - GDP 16% - APP # 6.1% growth rate from 2.1%. # High value commodity. # Urban income to rural areas.

Introduction cont...
DLS : Extension services. NARC : Technology generation

Department of Livestock Services

Short term objectives:

Develop livestock business as:

diversified, commercialized, profitable, presigeous profession, and support national production.

DLS cont...
Long term objectives: Reduction in level of mal-nutrition.
Support rural economy and maintain regional balance. support to poor, backward class and woman to improve social and economic status.

DLS long term objectives cont...

Support in the conservation of environment. Support industry. Increase self employment opportunities. Involve private sector in livestock enterprise. Strengthen quality control service.

DLS long term objectives cont...

Control of specific livestock diseases . Identification, conservation and development of useful livestock species.

Status of Livestock Development in Nepal

Livestock Population: Cattle: 6.97 million Buffalo: 3.70 million Sheep: 0.84 million Goat: 6.60 million Pig: 0.93 million Poultry: 21.37 million

Status of Livestock Develop cont....

Improved cross-bred livestock: Cattle: 9% Buffalo: 24% Pig: 42% Up grading of livestock: Artificial Insemination (AI) Improved breeding bull

Production of livestock Products Table 1

Livestock Needs Total Growth Production Quantity Products /person Produc rate % needed +//year tion Meat 14 kg 203 3.59 331 -128 (000 mt) Milk (000 57 ltr 1154 2.72 1345 -191 mt) Egg (10 48 nos. 54.80 5.01 113 - 58.20 million)

Impact of livestock program during

Ninth Plan Period

Dairy sector: Collection and processing capacity increased many folds. Poultry sector: growth rate 6.8%. Egg production: 548 million. LFFDP: Increase income level of 10725 poor farmers. Directed toward self sufficiency in some fodder seeds.

Impact of livestock program during Ninth cont...

Foot rot and Rinderpest disease eradicated. Three Acts implemented: Livestock Health and Livestock Services Act 2055. Meat Inspection and Slaughter House Act 2055. Veterinary Council Act 2055.

Impact of livestock program during Ninth cont...

Acts implemented for: # control of infectious diseases, # manage the quality, # provide quality veterinary service, and # supply hygienic meat.

Impact of livestock program during Ninth cont...

Vaccine production: PPR vaccine production first time in SAARC region. Self sufficiency in Swine fever vaccine production.

Impact of livestock program during Ninth cont...

Disease diagnostic service available: Primary lab in 43 districts. Basic lab (bacteriological culture)in 15 districts. Regional lab in five regions. Tissue culture Anti rabies vaccine production.

Impact of livestock program during Ninth cont...

Livestock disease information system established : 75 districts, OIE 46 small milk processing industries established.

Impact of livestock program during Ninth cont...

Hygienic meat production and processing: 164 entrepreneurs trained, Hygienic meat production and marketing

Transfer of technology
Through extension Farmers Group Approach Farmers Committee Approach

Transfer of technology cont...

New Technology: Package of Activities:
# Fodder seed # Demonstrations (low cost feed etc) # Parasite control activities #Animal health and sterility camp # Farmers visit # Farmers day

Transfer of technology cont...

Husbandry practices, Processing practices, Marketing practices, # On the spot (SC level) # District level # Regional level # Central level

Extension services under DLS

Pocket Package Approach: Identification of potential pocket area Group formation Committee. Extension service in package # coordination with line agencies.

Farmers committee
Farmers Committee

Farmers Group

Farmers Group

Farmers Group

Farmers Farmers Group Group

Farmers committee cont...

Group saving: program funds Monthly saving
# 6939 groups have Rs 67.54 million. # mobilize the saving within members.

Farmers committee cont...

Program funds raised by the committee:
Drugs Supply Buffalo Development Committee Breeding Bull Maintenanc e

Fodder Seed Supply

Market Promotion
Livestock Insurance

Livestock extension services at various level

Central level: Coordinate and backstops tech. support

services # health # breeding # nutrition # marketing # training

Livestock extension services at various level cont...

Regional Level:
Supervise Monitor Backstop

District level: Plan program Implement

Livestock extension services at various level cont...

Service center level: Implement program for pocket areas Artificial Insemination service (AI)

Table 2: L S C/LSSC according to geographical region

Geographical District Service region number center
Terai Hill High Mountain Total 20 39 16 75 90 200 69 359

218 306 116 640

308 506 185 999

Table 3: L S C/LSSC according to development region

Dev. Region Eastern Central Western MidWestern FarWestern Total District number 16 19 16 15

Service center 77 105 79 55


Subcenters 138 167 140 19


215 272 219 184 109





Table 4: A.I centers according to geographical region

Dev. Region
Eastern Central Western Mid-Western Far-Western Total

District number
9 16 10 5 4 44

AI Service Center 32 53 32 11
4 132

Livestock Program
Central Level Programs Livestock Production Animal Health Marketing Training

Livestock Program cont...

District level program: Basic livestock production service

Commercial livestock program

Income generation program District level livestock project

Constraints in Livestock Development

Inadequate quality management system. Inadequate and weak market information. Inadequate resource - to impln.APP plan. Lack of appropriate policy to attract private sector. Weak commercialization and competitiveness capacity in local production.

Constraints in Livestock Dev cont....

Weak policy to carry out research projects in DLS farms. Weak mechanism of transfer of technology generated by research. Slaughtering of dry buffalo hindering retention of improved buffalo breed.

Impln. And strict monitoring of quality management system. Strengthening of marketing information system. Adequate resources needs for APP program. Need clear policy to attract private sector. Needs suitable technology package to reduce the cost of production.

Recommendation cont...
Policy needs to carry out research projects in DLS farms by the DLS staff. Needs guidelines on transfer of tech. generated by research, strict monitoring in its impln . Needs a program on rearing of dry buffalo. Male buffalo calves needs to be grown and fattened for meat.

Recommendation cont....
Increasing awareness on AI and technical efficiency of inseminators. Needs suitable tech. package to meet the shortage of fodder during winter and before monsoon.

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