Whole Truth

An Humble Appeal
The visions, thoughts and knowledge spoken here is life time work. Much of this was conceived nearly two decades back. It has potentials to explain nature and life in simplicity. But being in village, in a third world country, I have failed to catch the attention of the world. Because it is a inner spiritual call, I have strived at it relentlessly against odds. It has potentials to awaken humanity so that he can take guard of earth that is now endangered

I respect every individual and their mind and thinking Our mind is programmed by religion and education often becomes a Prisoner and it resist its evolution towards Light
This reality is best explained by Allegory of Plato’s Chair. I would not request you to break lose form the Chair you have clung

But I request very humbly please pull your plug out once and insert back wiping out your Random Memory Slate Clean as your read this PPT

Read it till end in an unattached manner in freedom. You can bring back your world and judge what I wrote

A brief appeal and introduction to subject: 1-10  The conceptual evolution of Modern science in brief – The Half Truths: 11- 48  Why humanity is failing to perceive whole Truth – going back to nature for clues : 49-66  Exploring the Principle and Design on which Nature functions and reinterpreting turning points in science :67-104  Understanding the Design and Functioning of Earth :105 -126  The core Truth of spiritual scriptures:127- 196

Knowledge=Truth=Light Human quest is for knowledge or Truth that liberates “Seek Truth and Truth will set you Free” is the call of all spiritual scriptures

 Knowledge

brings order, peace, happiness, and so on.

 One

look at the world we live in shows the opposite. This clearly speaks that the knowledge on which we rest and function is Half Knowledge

When ancient Spiritual Knowledge deteriorated it gave way to Modern Knowledge
Modern knowledge is Half knowledge It has Created Dark World Full of uncertainties, ignorance's, disorder and destruction

It has taken the world from simplicity to complexity and has made simple Truth complex and beyond the comprehension of common man It is time we evolve this Half Knowledge into Whole Knowledge or Truth to survive the disorder and destruction

I am a biologist, I don‟t know the language the physicist use.
The knowledge that I speak, did not come by studying science or spiritual scriptures in world renowned temples of science or religions.  It came by Grace, as I walked through nature and existed in it in freedom.


Conceptual developments in Science in brief
The Half Truths

Modern Knowledge or science is built on certain basic assumptions, imaginations and careful selection of mathematical tool and developing experimental and verifiable proofs
It is basically directed to predict and thus conquer nature than understand it. It has gaping holes that proves its own incompleteness and its vision of nature has changed over time – it has led the world from simplicity into complexity

Galileo the father of science rolled balls of different weight on a slanted table and showed that free fall acceleration is independent of weight. But he failed to answer why?

Galileo gave [exchanged] energy to the ball in proportion to the weight of the ball. The ball simply exchanged the energy with the environment in order to take its original state. If we take the time taken for the exchange is proportional to weight of the ball it makes sense and the experiment now involves Galileo at the center point.

Galileo succeeded in hiding himself and his mind out of the experiment and thus introduced half method of enquiry into nature

It also speaks of a quality of nature – an instinct to reverse back to initial state

We the human beings and our mind thus is the center point
 

Behind what our mind strives is a purpose or intent We can never evolve from half knowledge to whole knowledge or Truth unless we introspect our intent
Galileo was trying to liberate our mind from the oppression of religious people and lead us to Truth by creating a path opposite to religious people who became slave to material world and was ruling the west with iron hands

In the absence of whole Truth we are still enslaved by religious beliefs. Religious institutions are passively influencing Human mind and is leading the world to self destruction in the name of GOD

This is the biggest threat humanity is facing

    

Newton advanced Galileo’s mind to build mechanical world view Newton assumed a uniform accelerated motion of all matter in a straight line He imagined attractive property between matter He assumed a fundamental non equilibrium He made Careful choice of mathematical language [Euclidean geometry] The motion of planets in curved path now is assumed because of attraction of smaller body by the bigger body
Note - Action of force here is instantaneous and Space, Time were independent

However, Newton never answered what property gives gravity to matter  He did not tells us what drives uniform accelerated motion  His assumption of non equilibrium means there should be a huge body some where in the world around which everything rotates - he did not speak about it.  He showed that for all action there is equal and opposite reaction. However, he did not tell why and how it acts and reacts. Common sense tells that equal and opposite force cancels

Newtonian World is Half Knowledge

When Electromagnetism was discovered and Newtonian world view was threatened Einstein brought a twist to adapt and incorporate electromagnetism.  In contrast to Newton, Einstein assumed a maximum speed [speed of light] as base but did not tell us why light has maximum speed  He did not differentiate the atomic and light matter  He did not answer why gravity is weak force when compared to electromagnetic force  Why speed of light coming towards us and going away is same

Einstein visualized space-time in the form of a flat space-time net and assumed that objects made a depression in the net causing the gravity. He adopted a new language [ Riemann‟s geometry] that deals with curvature and assumed that space-time are inseparable entity

His world thus introduced time bound communication and relative existence

Now, if a small body „A‟ is in the space-time net, it creates dip in the net attracting still smaller objects around it. But if „A‟ is taken with another big objects „B‟ in the net then „A‟ should revolve around „B‟ and so on This again means there should be a huge body around which everything rotates.

But what if there is a ball on the opposite side of the net?

Einstein‟s net speaks of Half Truth
Note - This points us to possibility of parallel world influencing the world we deal with Science has to come to this conclusion now

Note As I am finishing this slide presentation, I have come across recently published work in the world of physics by a brilliant pursuer of Truth Nassim Haramein.
He demonstrated that it is the space that defines matter and not matter that defines space. Yet another twist that is beyond common man!!!!

The work of Newton and Einstein and their assumptions survived because of their applied potential to predict motion and harness material energy or spirit  But the discovery of uncertainty principle shattered the predictable mechanical world view.  Scientist then joined together to develop new science called quantum science adopting new mathematical language called statistics

A new world view called chaotic world view thus was formed

With the development of non linear science that explains the systems where small actions has potentials to create great reactions and where order can arise spontaneously from disorder, the chaotic world view gave way to world view of

chaos and order

Science has further evolved bringing concept of Holographic Universe, Electric Universe, Parallel and Multiple World and so on.

In the Midst of all this a Brilliant Chemist, Noble laureate James Lovelock has even suggested that Universe is Living But his view is least attended

Before I proceed further, let me now share what my mind perceived after it went through much of the conceptual developments in science, its paradoxes.
I strongly believed that nature is simple and to understand her simplicity the best thing is to communicate with her. What she revealed to me became the center point of my struggle to solve the paradoxes and answer various questions that science left behind and bring all the diverse concepts together on to a simple platform that includes ancient spirituality

Nature was revealing Spirals every where Here is a small figure that expresses DNA

There is a inner core or space that has the capacity to open and close The two forces very clearly acts through this core winding and unwinding the DNA The system is communicated instantaneously through this space. The trigger to expand, contract, replicate divide seems to come from this space.

The trigger to wind and replicate DNA happens when the spirit or information enters the internal world from external world The division of one cell into two happens when the spirit leaves the internal world to appear in the external world.
The less studied centromere and centriole that appears in the process of cell division thus seems to be vital. They seem to be related to the fourth dimension

Note Dr. Stuart Hemeroff and his team are trying to prove that centriole and tubules emerging from it are some how the seat of consciousness in Human beings

Now let us slice this DNA down What we get is a gene pair, one dominant and other recessive, connected by spiritual world or the core in which spirit of life moves
We can take ratio 4:3 between right and left. Since right and left strives for certain equilibrium a from of symmetry is evident in all life 3:1:3. This manifest as Triplet Code The spirit that flows at any moment has only one direction.

At this point it is important we must visualize the space in which we live The space has eight equal components [three dimensions] see fig

Einstein introduced a fourth dimension or the dimension of time. The dimension of time gives the spiral nature

 

These dimensions in life is as fallows The first dimension is the link between pairs of gene The second dimension is the link between two gene pairs on either side of centromere in the same chromosome or DNA helix The third dimension comes from relationship with genes that exist in parallel chromosomes that comes in contact at the centromere during the cell division The fourth dimension in life exist in the inner core or space of DNA and its relation to a parallel world- male and female

Note This attempt to understand gene functioning in space leads us to visualizing a gene units that are 4 paired. 3 pairs forming core units and fourth pair the linking units with other units This knowledge can explain many mysteries of life science.

This shows inevitable existence of two parallel worlds and its spirit heads This parallel world for a short time exist as one in zygotic state Once the creation and DNA duplication is complete, it expresses itself on one side of the cell as a radiating object [centriole], which then splits differentiating one world into two and the process continues

All the Secrets of Nature and God is enfolded in DNA and its inner spiritual core.
The complexity the modern science as well as multitude of religions have created can dissolve into simplicity, if we understand DNA and explore the spiritual space inside it. Unfortunately modern science only explores the external world and is ignorant of inner space that determines
Let us explore and lead modern science to this reality conclusively

The failure of Science stand out when we try to apply the two unflinching laws of energy or spirit  The first law implies that energy and matter cannot be destroyed or created but can only be transformed  The second law implies that a loss of energy is inevitable for matter in motion and it means universe has time direction

This makes birth and death inevitable

When second law of thermodynamics or energy is applied to Newton‟s and Einstein‟s world every thing tends to collapse to a center and disappear.  From energy point it was also known as heat death

Thus World of Newton and Einstein showed a world leading to Death and dead End

This inevitable fearsome end was set aside by assuming that in chaotic system where trillions of particles and systems exist, the possibility of 0 and 1 are a very rare

But this does not exclude this possibility

The Big Bang Theory and Black Holes can be visualized from this thinking
We can picture net of Einstein‟s world actually as a swirl. As revolving matter looses energy, the net gets charged, it creates more and more sucking force directed to a singularity
All Matter now collapses to this singularity. What happens beyond singularity is not explained. The understanding of black hole and singularity is much wanted

Note – The work of Nassim Haremein now suggest the space time sucks the energy than matter loosing it.

He is introducing a principle or cause outside matter that drives the system

The classical science thus has given us Half Knowledge

Half Knowledge that leads us to Black Hole or Death

But it does not gives the Knowledge that transforms death into Life

Note Einstein probably knew the dead end to which his theory leads when it is extended in time. Thus he strived to invent a new force and new spacetime field that opposes the space time field of matter and gives it stability

He did try to introduce anti-gravity, cosmological constant to counter this but retracted it
Note – today science speak of parallel worlds

Three scientist Neil Turok, Burt Ovrut and Paul Steinhardt, have extended Parallel World Theory to visualize a possibility where at singularity one world pierces the other and emerges on the opposite

But they have not comprehended it sensibly to explain Nature in simplicity

According to Non linear science Universe originates from a primordial sea of energy at rest. It says a little pulse or perturbation in this primordial sea of energy gives rise to the chaotic world in time. It says that as chaos and disorder peaks a “Strange Attractor” emerges in the system and the system collapses into new order around it

But non linear science fails to give us the cause for the first pulse and explain how the great disorder turns into order.
Nevertheless, this science is more appealing than linear science because the foundation of nature speaks of non equilibrium design. The fundamental characteristics of nature such as flow and motion cannot be accounted unless there is non-equilibrium

Honestly speaking, I don‟t know one bit of these scientists mathematical language and what line of thinking brought them to the concept of parallel and multiple worlds and how Nassim Harmein perceived that it is the space-time that alter the material world not the other way, as Einstein visualized But they all fit into the vision and Picture of Nature that revealed to me


Why is humanity failing to perceive the Whole Truth
The answer is simple He has failed to observe life and perceive his role in Nature

The world failed to take note of the role of Galileo in his experiment. Evolution of science into quantum mechanics has showed that human mind plays an important role in nature We now need to know our role in nature in order to understand her

The Whole Truth becomes simple and understandable, If you free your self from Plato's Chair at the mouth of the cave to observe Nature and Life with Freedom and try to understand Nature than conquer it

The first thing that stands out as you escape Plato's chair of science and observe nature from freedom is the understanding of life‟s role in nature

All life by instinct are Anti-Gravitational
There is a inner space-time to life where gravity force is transformed into antigravity

Important Note This is the pivot on which our world view can change

This means that in addition to material space-time net that contain material objects there is a living parallel space-time net with living objects that opposes the material world

We now see Parallel Worlds that oppose

Second law of thermodynamics applied to material world and living world showed this opposition, but modern physicists have overlooked this reality

It becomes now clear that all material knowledge and power is half knowledge and half power.

The Full Knowledge and Full power needs to incorporate life and its inner Space and its energy or spirit

Now this simple observation can lead us to strike out time direction to gravitational collapse

or Rediscover Gravitational collapse and Big Bang origin from a single cell or soul and its inner space
Exploring this line of thinking can turn our understanding of nature upside down and lead us to beauty of ancient knowledge written in spiritual scriptures Note this slide and its statement

Before we explore it Let us observe life and list its basic characteristics

Life is a constantly unfolding and enfolding process [changing]  Life originates from one single cell born from two worlds male and female which then divides to form whole being  It strives to maintain certain balance on the left and right.[ Breathing]  It strives to grow against gravity by information [mitotic division and growth]  It has parallel world design [male and female] and is capable of conquering time. [meiotic division and reproduction]

It is important that we note that, only the essence of male [spirit that carries information] enter the feminine world in the process of creation.

Life now becomes information/energy/consciousness unfolding and enfolding

Life has two basic phases  The creative phase -where the enfolded spirit of the Father [ power, information and knowledge] exist in the parallel world or darkness of womb of the mother unfolding from within

The created phase – Where the spirit emerges out of the womb, enfolds to breath new life and works to sustain it self

Biologist under the overwhelming influence of physicist, think that life is mechanical and it is determined by genes The genes are only like weights that vendor uses to balance the balance. There is a perceiver who perceives the imbalance and balances the balance.

This perceiver is the Spirit that exist in the inner space of life. It is the movement of spirit that creates the life‟s basic characteristics like breathing, division and reproduction. The real blue print of information of life exist in the inner space of life in spiritual form.

Note – Dr. Bruce Lipton‟s and Nassim Haramein‟s work makes sense in this context

The Perceiver or Spirit pays a constant price to sustain the balance and Life. Thus we witness ageing of all living system.
But the beauty of life is that it is designed to conquer time and perpetuate in time cycle Here the spirit of the male leaves its body and enters the feminine to recreate a new body and ensure that life persists.

We must now recall that the ancient spiritual scriptures visualizes universe as living one. The quantum science and its implications, Gaia Hypothesis presented by Noble Laureate James Lovelock and increasing facts from non linear science, suggest that universe is a living one

We noted that modern science already has discovered parallel and multiple world concept
Three scientist Neil Turok, Burt Ovrut and Paul Steinhardt even has gone ahead to suggest that at singularity one world can pierce the other to emerge on the opposite

This reality that physicist have discovered can be easily be comprehended from the biological creation in which life conquers time.

Life also is bestowed with instantaneous communication of Newtonian world as well as time bound communication of Einsteinian world
All this suggest that universe is a living one as the ancient spiritualist understood it. But it is important that we have to evolve science definitively to understand this

Living Universe Theory

Let us now explore nature reducing it down to simple Principle and Design and explore

Living Universe Theory
and evolve our Half Knowledge in to Full Knowledge


Simple Foundations to Complex World Exploring the Principle and Design and reinterpreting turning points in science

Let us build our vision of the universe from simple observations from nature and life that are understandable from common sense point of view and that incorporates scientific developments

Let us keep mathematics and predictive mentality out of it and understand the Principle and Design behind force, motion and understand the interrelated functioning of earth and the universe

Nature and Life from smallest building blocks to the whole are characterized by flow and motion. Newton assumed a minimum speed and Einstein assumed a maximum speed
Flow necessitates minimum of two parts a right and left or two worlds between which the energy or spirit flows – make note of this point
No wonder science has come to realize the parallel worlds. In living universe the two worlds are male and female

A basic criteria for the flow to occur should be non equilibrium between the right and left or parallel worlds

This means the smallest particle to the whole world should be working on ratio and it has a fractal design
Important Note 1] Einstein did suggest this in his auto biography. 2] It also means universe is non linear. The approach of linear scientist can never lead us to Truth

We can imagine a ratio of 4:3 between right and left. Now a quantum flow can generate from right to left.
When the flow completes, the ratio changes and reverse flow starts giving a perpetual flow

We see a perpetual Quantum Dance that is cyclic

This dance is the result of the instinct of the particle or the whole system to seek equilibrium

This instinct is the cause of the flow, but by design and by virtue of Max Planck‟s quantum nature of Energy transfer, perpetual flow and quantum dance becomes inevitable

We can imagine a quantum particle and its dance from number 8 with one of the arm being smaller than the other in the ratio 4:3 - see fig

Note - We have to imagine force as spiral one, going through four critical steps – this is discussed in article “Reinventing Gravity” and in my site

The initial state of the particle is slightly compressed with right or left bent twist. As it reaches the middle state it reaches near equilibrium state. But as it touches third critical point it gets compressed the opposite way, it breaks down turning inside out and changing its twist. The flow of force here is a spirally twisted one. There are two forces one dominant the other recessive acting in opposite direction that gives way to one another thus changing the direction of the flow

Because of the Non equilibrium design, the Quantum Dance results in a spin; left or right and displacement in space in a curved manner  We are now accounting for fundamental aspects of natural motion – spin and curved displacement in space.

We need to understand this quantum dance and visualize this fundamental process of motion in nature to bring change in our vision of nature.

It is important note that
The basic process of motion is a dimensionless process of winding and unwinding, involving exchange of spirit changing the right and left and the direction of the flow.  This process of initialization manifests as reaction.  For an external observer, the non equilibrium design results into spin and curved displacement

In reality it is a pulse

 This

displacement should occur in relation to a pair – A right twisted particle move in relation to left twisted one  The force her acts as a spiral, where it bends from one plane to another with unit movement towards the center or away from the center.

Important Note We are seeing fundamental motion driven by intrinsic force Purpose of motion is to attain equilibrium in three dimensional space

Now in equation F= ma, the term mass becomes the measure of non equilibrium in space.

Fore every particle that is twisted right to left there should exist another particle that is twisted the opposite way The paired existence is the most evident fact of nature This invariably means that there exist parallel worlds.

Science has awakened to this reality

Force is like a drill it works by displacing the matter from the opposite world.
Note - This vision can bring revolutionary changes in the way we use force and energy. This makes the recent finding of Nassim Haremein a meaningful one

I feel science erred when it visualized force and denoted it by straight line arrow

Any one who observes nature sees spirals every where.
We need to visualize force as spiral one acting between two worlds driven by a instinct or purpose

The purpose is to seek equilibrium or near equilibrium state

In the quantum dance, we note that half way through the flow there is a state of near equilibrium.
Since the instinct is to seek equilibrium the spirit that flows would resist the flow beyond the middle point

Thus we see the co-existence of two actions of one Spirit

The figure below explain the quantum action of Spirit

The Spirit wishes to balance the system around center point and thus it acts when the system goes to the critical limits to the left or the right. The structure is 3:1:3 When pushed to the limit [red line] the spirit is forced to break down to reorganize it self

Now we have explanation why gravitational and inertial mass co exist. Why system reacts The particle we saw could be visualized as electromagnetic particle or energy particle that has maximum non-equilibrium in 3 dimensional space. This particle quantum dances with maximum speed and travels with maximum speed in relation to a pair. Because of the non equilibrium design the quantum dance leads to spinning and curved displacement

This motion is a spiral one

Now we can imagine situation where two light particles in ratio 4:3 collide to form a system in space

This can be visualized as atoms
Einstein‟s equation E=m[c×c], suggests it.

The whole of periodic table can be accounted from this thinking; one pair giving to H atom and 2 pairs giving to helium – -Because of the non-equilibrium we can also visualize a central path ways or space forming in the system. To increase the stability in 3 dimensional space these atoms can interact with similar atoms with opposite twist to from molecules [H2]

In an inert atom this inner space is closed but is amenable to opening and interaction

Note A 4:3 ratio in all pairings is essential. Without which the system becomes incapable of quantum dancing and communicating with other system to form the one whole universal system.
In its near equilibrium level the system appears symmetrical but in reality it is asymmetric Its near symmetry is maintained with constant exchange of energy with nature

Note important
It also means matter is born in one or more pairs It also means there exists parallel and multiple worlds, from which light emerges and moves to its pair

The 4:3 ratio design also means the whole universal system is designed for a centralized flow with two possibilities; towards light or towards darkness

This thinking invariably means we can imagine two periodic table one that is the mirror image of the other Between them we can visualize the spiritual space that in turn has duality This imagination no way contradicts the scientific finding of origin matter in stellar core.

Note Important
The spiral motion of light or energy particle can virtually change the way we visualize nature. It can lead to a different interpretation of experiment that led to assuming electromagnetic as a new force and formed a major Turning Point in Science.

The fig in next slide explains this

The first figure shows a school level experiment that led to discovery of electromagnetic force. The second shows how one can interpret this turning point in a new manner

Science made a terrible mistake to denote force by a straight line arrow This perception in mind and our failure to observe nature, obsession to predict and conquer nature led to visualize electromagnetism as a new force

In reality, electromagnetism is the only force of nature. We can visualize and understand all other forces as instinct of the system to attain or sustain certain equilibrium in space

Note What we call charge is a field that is twisted out of matter and the flow in it. It is twisted in opposite direction to the twist of the matter. The electromagnetic phenomenon is an exchange of field such that system can reach back to its normal state.

Note This fundamental vision of particle and spiral motion, becomes applicable to atom, planets and the whole system since 4:3 ratio is fundamental

It can explain wave particle duality, fractal design and so on
This idea of motion as spiral one is already afloat on the internet. I have come across it in some videos from Nassim Haramein

We imagined matter as the union of two light particles one dominant and other recessive in 4:3 ratio in space
When two opposing particles join to form matter the force is largely neutralized in space and concentrates to the center. Thus the force we experience as gravity is weak force The force with which particles bind to create equilibrium gives the strong nuclear force

Note An atom has relative existence. It is bound to wind and unwind relation energy change in environment Any attempt to figuring the inside of an atom leads us to  A neutral matter  A strong winding attraction between the two opposing particles  There is repulsion in there when the relative equilibrium state is disturbed inwardly – this manifest as weak nuclear force

Very Important Note In short what modern science has discovered as four different forces of nature is simple manifestations of a single force that binds the system into one and strives to maintain certain equilibrium in relation to the environment and changes of energy in it.

Note We are differentiating light and atomic matter Atomic matter is not absolute equilibrium system in space. They are only relative system, thus they also need to quantum dance adjusting to the energy changes in the environment. The quantum dance facilitates exchange energy with environment to gain new order constantly. If non equilibrium is higher the gravity becomes higher Gravity now becomes the measure of Non equilibrium in the system in space

The matter formed can be differentiated into two essential types
Relatively non equilibrium system in space, with a space-time that seek equilibrium creating a centripetal force [non inert atoms]  Relatively equilibrium system in space, that constantly works to sustain the equilibrium by opposing the force of gravity. [inert atoms] The latter on earth possibly forms the root of all living system Note - This is explored in detail in the article “Reinventing Gravity and New Space-time Reality” and in my site

The simple picture we tend to develop here is Material world that is juxtaposed between two light or spiritual worlds or space-time realities one dominant and other recessive

The figure below gives the basic structure of the systems in nature

inner spiritual space [ + ]

Middle material world

Outer Spiritual Space [ - ]

They form three realms known to ancient world - Heaven, Earth and Hell
This no way alters the scientific discoveries. The heaven and hell are spiritual realms and they are not stable.  The stability exist in earth realms. A life can only manifest and take body in this middle realm.

The inner and outer spiritual world is instantaneously communicated. The action originates in this realm. The system is controlled by this realm. Information generates from it spontaneously and is aimed to sustain a nearequilibrium state
The communication of information through the middle world takes place in time The flow of spirit is driven by a constant struggle to sustain certain equilibrium in the middle world.

Imagine here life that breaths to sustain the body

Spirit‟s motion is accompanied by a loss. In other words it pays a price to sustain the system.

This manifest into time direction in Nature and Life
To understand the Reality of Living Universe let us look at Nature from different perspective

Part -4 Understanding the Design and Functioning of Earth
Exploring the Energy cycle of Earth in which we live

Let us observe the energy cycle in which we all live and function
The earth is divided in to right and left or west and east [parallel worlds]. When west awakes to sunlight, energizes, goes into apparent disorder, east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into new order  When light peaks in the west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously opposite happens in the east The system is instantaneously communicated and quantum dancing with parallel design

This we know manifest into 12 hour day and night cycle and 12 month climatic cycle, 12 year cycle and so on to form the universal cycle.
The fact that instantaneously communicated action expresses it self slowly in 12 hour, 12 month and such cycles invariably means earth has multiple world design The multiple world manifests into many grid point in many layers through which change occurs smoothly

The most important fact to be noted here is that the design and functioning of earth helps it to maintain certain energy to matter ratio and thus heat of earth within certain limit Earth is designed to sustain herself

Let us Now look at Earth‟s energy cycle including Living System
 The

plants we note absorb light and heat and thus work against disorder.

 As

night fall they assimilate energy and matter to create biological mass that grows against gravity – They work against the disorder and time direction in material world

Thus when material world under second law of thermodynamics tend to disorder. The plants work against it thus giving stability to the system.  If plants are not controlled the system can get pushed to anti-gravitational collapse. Thus we have herbivore controlling plants, carnivore controlling herbivore.

The system is self sustaining Gaia as Noble Laureate James Lovelock showed the world

But the scenario changes when we introduce Adult Human beings into the picture
Adult Human beings are self centered  He lives a mind centered life disconnected from his consciousness and his inner intelligence  He exist as salve to material force and thus work with force of the material world directed to collapse

Thus he creates time direction and digs his own grave

In short a self-centered human mind that becomes slave to material world and its force is the cause for the time direction and death to the universe.  Such a mind disturbs the functioning of earth calling on itself death and destruction.

If you stand back to observe what we humans are doing to the energy cycle of earth we will note the gravity of the situation and what half knowledge is doing to earth and its functioning

Human quest for material power, through reckless exploitation of fossil fuel and industrialization is increasing the heat of the environment exponentially
The Globalization of Half Knowledge, pursued with a negative intent to conquer the world by the west, has led to the intrusion into the night cycle of earth in which earth works to order the system. This has aggravated the situation

our half knowledge and intrusion into the working of nature has severely disturbed earth and its functioning to sustain the order.  The situation is further aggravated by loss of greenery.

 Thus

Now earth is evolving in predictable way towards destruction of humanity who is challenging her very existence

 Sun Light and Heat we know unwinds and

beyond certain point destroys the system.  Earth functions opposite to sun. It winds trying to give stability
 The

day and night cycle and climatic cycle manifest when one force gives way to other smoothly over a period of time through multiple grid points

As we unilaterally and exponentially increase the heat of the environment and intrude into the night cycle of the earth, we are actually dissolving the grid points through which smooth change of climate occurs

The consequence is predictable. There will be sudden peak in heat and its fall. Thus there will be huge increase in number as well as magnitude of fire and wind bound disasters

reaction to wind and cool the system manifests into sudden flash flood and snows. It will also increases the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions  All this we are witnessing on earth. The end result of this unilateral progression would be turning of earth inside out with huge volcanic eruptions. This would destroy all of humanity that is self centered and strives to exploit nature than understand her

 Earths

Note It is common sense that as heat increase the evaporation loss increases. When we are exponentially increasing the heat the loss is of water is accelerated. The reverse a happens when climate changes. Thus we witness huge fire and flash floods/snows and cloud burst around the world. You don‟t need huge scientific data, years of heated debate to realize this reality – what you need is common sense and the power to observe facts around you in freedom

Note We have proofs of many civilization buried under water Science tells us that in the past earth has cooled it self through volcanic ash. A sudden cooling and ice-age that destroys much of life on earth can manifest with huge volcanic burst. We mist note Yellow stone volcano is long due. This link below is interesting H0 - Global Warming or a New Ice Age: Documentary Film

This progression of the world will further be plagued by multiple factors.  The increasing heat of the environment will begin to shear the environment causing ecological instability stressing living systems. Many a species will die out. Many will mutate to survive and flourish. New diseases and pest will manifest threatening human existence  It will lead to unrest of human mind. Religions will emerge in the Name of God to fish in troubled waters. They strive to advance their religions by number and material gains. World would tend to war and self destruction in the name of God

Is there any hope for humanity to survive and transcend the situation ? Yes provided we to bring fundamental changes in our thinking and awaken to Truth of Nature and her functioning and take guard of earth. We need to get Liberated from the bondage to Plato’s Chair of Science and Religion to see Light and Life

If scientist can apply their mind much of the unanswered questions and paradoxes of science can be explained sensibly from above vision and thinking.  It can explain all the Why‟s, How‟s and What‟s that science left behind as it evolved to exploit material force and created a world that is slave to material force

I have tried to explain some of them in my site

It is more than two and half decades since some of these simple fundamentals of nature revealed to me by Grace as I escaped Plato‟s chair of science at the mouth of the cave.
Since then, in view of its vital importance, I have been knocking the door of temples of science and political offices that determine our fate with out much success.

I helplessly see more and more destruction striking humanity

As a last resort, I am writing and leaving it on the net, hoping someone or some organization picks up and bring it to the world‟s attention or at least takes step to discuss them with a open heart As a researcher, I did not see much hope for human survival on earth. Like Noble Laureate James Lovelock, I visualized large scale destruction of human population.

Today I am convinced that the world will awaken to Truth and enter the Golden Age. The only question left is How much destruction and suffering we have to endure before this happens  The world might be resisting to awaken to simple realities that exist next to the skin internally and externally. But time will come when it becomes inevitable for the world to awaken to Truth

I believe Creator and His Grace is Working and I am doing my bit

It is in this Grace of the Divine, the Half knowledge can transform into Full Knowledge and the dark world can give way to Light World To comprehend this fully we have to take few leafs from the ancient spiritual scriptures

Part -5 The core Truth of Spiritual Scriptures Knowing Christ as Liberator


All spiritual scriptures, irrespective of whether it is of the east or west enfolds in it the light or knowledge essential for life But the moment a religion is formed from it, this Light gets hidden and people emerge who live and rule our minds by it


No body should take me my writings as a support to any religions

What I speak is the Truth and Knowledge revealed to me by Grace and I am doing the duty I am called to do

The biggest bondage and the impeding force that is resisting human mind from seeking Truth and Light is Religion
Before science came they were dominant and virtually ruling humanity Today they are passively influencing the system The present state of the world is direct reflection of the failure of Spiritual institution’s to uphold Truth

Let us briefly enquire in to what spiritual scriptures says and explore it scientifically to unearth its living content logically in a simple manner, Le us make Truth understandable to all, not few spiritualist.  Let us know the Truth of spiritual scripture in simplicity and get liberated from the bondage of religion

Spiritual scriptures says that universe is Living Conscious and Intelligent being
And that we humans are simply images or individuated beings born from it in time to its left and right. It says that we were given dominion over the kingdom with a restriction not to eat from the tree at the center
Note -Scriptures of east [Vedas] I feel is the most logically and sensibly written one

This invariably means humanity on earth knew the whole knowledge and were equipped to rule the world and live in harmony with her.  The tree at the center denoted the point of gravitational collapse to which all the material forces point.

The resistance the creating Spirit of God put on humans after creation was not to become self centered and be slave to material force.

But in time we the created souls become self centered and slave to material force. Sustenance of Life of the whole system now calls for paying a price Beyond certain critical point when the life of the whole is endangered, the knowledge and power given to created souls is taken back
From Biblical point it is the period when Adam and Eve was chased from garden of Eden

Now comes the question How to comprehend the spiritual secrets in a sensible way as a science beyond religion
We understood universe as two parallel worlds one dominant and other recessive with a outer spiritual space and inner spiritual space with middle where they unite to form a neutral entity
See Fig. in the next slide

Inner spiritual space [ + ] Middle material world Outer Spiritual Space [ - ]

This could be visualized as “Double Torus” interacting and exchanging energy much the same way life exchanges energy in the lungs

These are the three realms in which every thing in the universe is distributed The positive world is one end of the time scale. We can visualize as birth pole and negative side as the death pole The fundamentals of spiritual scriptures says that souls are indestructible basal entities. We need to visualize them being distributed in these three realms

Spiritual knowledge speaks of these two opposing poles It struggles essentially to evolve souls to the positive pole and resist the fall of souls to negative pole.
But when we study spiritual scriptures we also note a time direction where souls fall from positive to negative. This time scale is understood as universal time cycle. Vedas of the east divides this cycle into four parts where Truth and justice deteriorates in certain quantum proportion.

Bible says that kingdom of God is Truth and Justice This means the God force is nothing but Truth and it struggles to maintain justice. In short God force works to sustain certain equilibrium. Biblical creation need to be understood from this context. God gave dominion to Adam invariably means he gave Humans the knowledge and Light and resisted Humans from becoming slave to material force.

Bible says Adam fell from grace of God A hidden reality in spiritual scriptures is that this fall begins with souls that fall from heaven. Thus indicating deterioration of spiritual institutions as the principle cause A time direction becomes inevitable by virtue of created souls or lesser souls that try to build their Kingdom than work to sustain the Kingdom of God.

The figure below represent the living universe
Spirit of Life - Truth

Heaven +ve
Earth - Positive Earth - Negative Hell -ve Spirit of death

The Spirit of Life not only strives to balance the Left and Right, but strives against a polar opposite force or Spirit of Death Death is the point to which material force or the body points When God resisted humanity from seeking self and becoming slave to material force he was resisting the fall from light to dark world, from knowledge to ignorance

In the initial state probably all souls are distributed in the upper 3 realms and none in the lower dark realm [hell] But scriptures say souls fall from upper to Lower realms by their Ego and Self Souls in Spiritual realm fall fist. Scripture speak of angel falling from heaven and manifesting as serpent and coaxing Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit

It makes sense because, the deterioration of the system begins with deterioration of spiritual knowledge and spiritual institutions  When Christ manifested on Earth He severely condemned the religious institutions and its occupants – Mathew 23:13-36  Modern science came into existence when Christian institutions were amassing wealth in the name of God and virtually ruling the west with iron hand. Science liberated human mind to think and explore Truth  The last prophet Mohammed came virtually warning of the judgment

The structure of Living Universe should have Father and Mother Soul and its Spirit and billions of souls forming one Family
The resistance of God the Spirit was not to look the opposite way to dark world to which all the material forces point. It was a resistance from seeking self and breaking Truth and Justice

When created souls to the left and right become self centered and attracted to material force, they fail to up hold Truth and Justice
The Vedic scriptures of east very clearly divides universal time cycle in terms of deterioration of Truth and Justice in certain quantum proportions

When more than half of the souls fall from light world to dark world. Darkness begins to engulf the world. The system goes into disorder. This could be the point when humanity is sent out of Eden. The disorder is way of resistance to time and its flow towards death. It should be visualized as light or knowledge being lost.  Non linear science has proven that disorder cannot stop time direction it can only resist it. So in time when ¾ of the population of souls fall to the dark world and 100% of souls enter negative world, the system reaches a critical state of collapse.

Unless some action is taken at this point to create new order the system would collapse irreversibly in favor of the dark world and death.
Since the collapse was initiated by the self and ego of created souls, the only way collapse can be arrested is that, the Creator Spirit, leave its world and manifest in the opposite world and work to recreate and restore the system

Earlier we noted that Gravity and collapse if it exist, it should be directed to one single Soul or cell or Life.

Our understanding of the universe becomes complete only when we discover this “Primal Soul” and how it conquers time and initializes time

The only way out for the Primal Spirit/Soul is to surrender to the recessive and get conceived into dark world and go into recreation mode.

He should take a human body on Earth and take responsibility to what His people did and do an action that is anti to what His people did We noted deterioration began with angels who because of their ego and quest to seek self and build their kingdom fell to earth and manipulated the mind of earthly beings to go against the Creator
Note – souls can only take a body in earthly realm

The action that this Primal Soul and its Spirit has to do now becomes well defined
It has to sacrifice His “self” to manifest in lower level, thus give a price and go into creation mode giving free will to all souls  The inner space of this soul must receive all the gravitational force and transform it into anti-gravitational force that lifts the system back to its initial state

It should forgive all souls and give it free will, such that souls can be lifted from darkness and death and restored to new life in various realms with free will - The souls get what it seeks

What we are speaking is Transformation of souls and New Life with Free Will It is Consciousness of the Primal Soul or God consciousness or Spirit God unfolding from the Center to give New Life

It is in this context the beauty and Living Reality of Calvary Sacrifice revealed as Science beyond Religion

The creation of the universe needs to be understood as transformation of human souls and illumination of His intellect by the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence.
It is lifting of the fallen souls from the dark world and giving it New Life with Free Will and illuminating his mind thus giving him true freedom.

It is restoration of the Kingdom

In short it conquers time and initializes time

It is unfortunate that a religion was formed around Christ ruling people and binding them to four walls of Churches
The Spirit of Christ is Truth and God’s Grace. It cannot be approached by studying spiritual scriptures and going to churches and conducting sacrifices in sanctum sanctorum.

All religions are Creations of lesser souls God is Truth or Light. In the creation phase He exudes Love and in sustenance phase He stands for Justice
God has nothing to do with religions

Religions in fact resist humanity from knowing Truth but Truth cannot be Hidden

It is worth noting that Jesus Christ chose ordinary people and spoke to them about God the Father and Holy Spirit The disciples failed to perceive Christ, but when Holy Spirit descended on them on Pentecostal day they truly knew Christ We need to perceive this event as the first pulse of new born

Calvary is the Big Bang point of Origin

At Calvary God conquered time and death Christ consciousness is unfolding since then from within the darkness supporting the universal system At some point it is bound to break the darkness and emerge to initialize time to begin a New Cycle of Time

We will enter the Golden Age

No woman who has conceived a child can eternally bear the child in the womb. It has to emerge at some point in time
Like wise the Spirit of God shed on Earth through Christ cannot be hidden eternally As it finishes its work it would emerge shedding the light on all souls Bible tells us that God will shed His Spirit on all souls in the end days

Once Truth emerges time initializes. What fallows it is division of one world into two or judgment
It can be compared to one fertilized egg that divides into two. Before this happens a radiating object called centriole emerges on one side of cell membrane which later splits into two and twitches the one cell into two

Jesus compares the end days and the coming of Truth or Light to the pains of pregnant woman

The world is being stressed to awaken to Truth or Light and emerge from darkness to Light The more we delay greater is the suffering

The period before birth is most stressing one. It is the darkest period of humanity. Common man are being taken for ride by many religious institutions including Christianity. They are fishing in trouble waters with a intent to advance their institutions materially and by number Christ is beyond religion. It is way of Life.

When the Spirit or Truth emerges every one will bow to Truth beyond religion. All Souls will be liberated from the bondage to religion.

Peace and order will set in and Golden Age will return to earth

As the Truth or Light breaks the womb of darkness, every soul will come alive and will be lifted from darkness to Kingdom of God
But it becomes inevitable that unfolding consciousness of God enfolds to bring new order by separating Right and Left Few souls will be short lived in the Light and they fall in this process One must recall that one among the 12 disciples of Christ fell

God the Spirit is the observer of intent of each souls as it takes His name and as he stand before Him
Thus Bible says that when Truth or Light emerges many who are in the front will find themselves at the back.

No wonder  Christ selected ordinary people as disciples  He gave dominion of His kingdom to Adam not to His angels  The Bible speaks of power over heaven and earth being given to ordinary people

It means at the judgment, God simply sees your intent

Calvary is not only the Big Bang point, It is also small fluctuation or pulse in the sea of energy which eventually leads to great disorder out which order emerges spontaneously around a Great Attractor

Christ is the Great Attractor State or Truth that is beyond religion around which the world can come to order

Calvary is also the Black Hole through which every one has to go to enter the White Hole to emerge to New Life
Jesus' call was to spread Good News and Transform souls and give it New Life. It was a call to liberate souls from the bondage to darkness. In forming religion and seating Christ‟s spirit in the four wall of Churches we made a big error.

The process of forming religion has restricted Good News and Christ‟s spirit breaking the barriers of religion to bring New Life to the world.

Christ is Real He showed the Path to Life and Truth [ Light ] God is not religion it is Life

In modern day spirituality people speak God as Love and Forgiveness We fail to perceive that He is also Truth and Justice. His masculine Nature that Governs is Truth and Justice

Love and forgiveness is essential for Transformation to gain Life. Sustenance however calls for Truth and Justice

Jesus could not have risen up to the Father and returned with full power, had he not forgiven every soul that inflicted pains on Him  The purpose of His return giving Holy Spirit or New breath to His disciples is to create the Kingdom of God on Earth

Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. Judgment and separation thus is inevitable process

The principle problem behind the world disorder is lack of Truth and Justice The kingdom God deteriorates because of Truth and justice deteriorates Most religious institutions and preachers have remained deaf and dumb to this basic reality of God and Nature They fish in troubled waters with selfish intent

God cannot be God if He does not hears the voice of oppressed

At Calvary God opened His Heart and showed His Feminine Face such that He can recreate and restore with free will to all souls

On the Pentecostal day He breathed a New Life to few Souls.

It has been growing since then and is due to emerge to begin a New Time Cycle

What was conceived at Calvary is Knowledge and Wisdom that Gives Life and Creates order. It is unfolding since then. When its fully blown, it will emerge nothing can stop it

Happy are those who breathed it in the darkness of the womb, for they find themselves in the right and near to Light
Happy are those who feared God and kept faith in God and walked the path of Truth and Justice they will find themselves in the left near to Light Condemned will be the souls that worked with selfish material intent and tried to build their house and kingdom at the expense of the others life and the kingdom of God

The Calvary sacrifice now can be visualized as
That little pulse that gives life to the egg cell that other wise would collapse  That initial perturbation in the sea of energy which initiates a great disorder out of which order emerges spontaneously  It can be visualized as the big bang point  It can be visualized as the black hole that transform everything and lets it out of a white hole

What I speak to you came from Grace when I the sinner surrendered my mind and accepted death in Christ All spiritual scriptures can be discussed in the above context and could be reduced from complexity to simplicity

The world is going through one time opportunity in the universal time cycle to souls to evolve to higher level or lower levels with free will. The soul would be judged by its intent. Every wolf that wears the skin of the lamb will be exposed.
The Judgment will be based on the intent one carried than the position, number of sacrifices one conducted in the Alter, the miracles cures one facilitated or extensive preaching's one carried out.

My observation tells, when compared to priests, it is the common people and people from other religions who are experiencing Christ or God Consciousness and are taking New Life. Organized Christian religion works principally with an intent to advance materially and gain numbers to religion than qualitative transformation of souls and their liberation. They work for themselves than the Kingdom of God I must admit there are may souls in there who are exception to this

Modern world that principally exist on acquiring material power and is driven by money power may not be interested in saving the soul and knowing the spiritual reality.
But I am sure they will stand up and enquire Truth, when their life, their children's life and their house is endangered. If we fail to awaken to Truth quickly and take guard, huge destruction of human population is on the card.

Scientist need to awaken to two vital facts
Scientists who seek Truth in material world and its space-time should awaken to the fact there is a Living Space-Time field or conscious field [parallel spacetime] that supports the material world  They should awaken to the fact that heat kills. They should awaken to the parallel world design by which earth conserves energy to matter ratio and thus the heat of earth.

Our reckless exploitation of nature is increasing the heat in exponential way and it is bound to cause huge destruction

The accelerated climate change and the destruction we are witnessing is direct result of increased heat of the environment
The world needs to awaken to the “principle and design” on which nature works We also need to awaken to the Living space-time reality and the spiritual force that governs it.

The Living Universe Theory – can change the way we think about nature and life and how we live with it Once we realize the fundamentals of Life and Nature it can open gate way to many nature compatible Green Technologies and new approaches in every field of human interest

It can change how we harness energy and use it efficiently and thus giving space for human growth
Note - A human heart the size of left fist, pumps blood along 100000 km, carrying many trillions of cells and it does this function 20 times per minute. This is in addition to conducting various other process including the information processing. It does so by taking little water and few pieces of bread and releases very little heat. This speaks of the growth potential before us if we think the biological way

It can change the way We think about health and medicine
It can improve the health of individual and collective health of human population wiping out many a diseases from its root. The knowledge can equip humanity to take care of his or her health in simple manner, liberating humanity from modern corporate health care systems that survives on decreasing the health of individual and the population

It can change the way We think about Food and Agriculture.
The knowledge can liberate us from concept of quantity or calorie food and lead us to concept of quality food in relation individual types and in relation cyclic energy changes of the environment. This can improve our health and its resistance to the diseases The knowledge can shift our agriculture system from inorganic to organic way in a definitive way

It can change our governing structure wiping out corruption, injustice and other social instabilities from its root

It can change our social thinking and way of life

The knowledge imparted can help us conserve water and fight water stress that humanity is bound to encounter with accelerated climate change It can convert our desert into green through simple techniques for water retention

It can change our knowledge of biological information. It can bring out the fallacy in our bio-technological approach

The foundation of biotechnology visualizes gene pair as invariably unit of biological information.  The Truth is that genes are relative units and exist as 4 pair dynamic unit, 3 pair forming the core unit and one forming the link unit with other similar dynamic units

The knowledge that there is a spiritual world behind the material world that perceives and acts to develop genes and control the expression of genes opens a new world of possibilities of manipulation gene and gene expression. One can manipulate the internal and external environment of life to develop or destroy, activate and deactivate genes in life in a nature compatible way

I believe there is immense potential in ancient spiritual knowledge specially of the east
The ancient spiritual knowledge deteriorated or was lost to humanity when it was mishandled or used for self advancement breaking the Ground Rules.

Knowledge and Ground Rules are very important before one can explore the technologies
Einstein put it in beautiful words “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." We need to attend to the pathological criminal state of human mind with Knowledge and frame ground rules before explore the technologies.

God gave the dominion of His kingdom to Humans with a simple Ground rules Rule one was to Love God and work to uphold Kingdom of God The ground rule resisted humanity from Seeking Self and becoming Slave to material power
The world is splintered and edging to self destruction because of human self and his inability to Love God and uphold Truth and Justice

What was lost to Humans is being to be restored to Humans through Christ

There is Golden Age Ahead. It is matter of awakening to Truth beyond religion

Spread Light Awaken Humanity

Help viral the Message It important the world awakens to survive the disaster coming to us I have spent 30 years selflessly without seeking any help – Now I need help from you all The time left to awaken the world is limited The Knowledge and Truth needs all force to break through the darkness