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Introduction to Joint Projects


Faculty of Telecommunications 1


Computer Communication Laboratory The University of Aizu, Japan

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology

Faculty of Telecommunications (PTIT, Vietnam)
Dr. Dang The Ngoc (Department of Optical Communications) ME. Pham Thuy Hien (Department of Wireless Communications) ME. Nguyen Thu Hang (Department of Telecomm. Networks)
Computer Communications Lab. (UoA, Japan)
Prof. Anh T. Pham
Prof. Cong-Thang Truong

Research Topics (1)

Prof. Anh Pham, Dr. Ngoc, ME. Hien Communication engineering System modeling and performance analysis Modulation techniques and channel coding Code acquisition and synchronization techniques in spread spectrum systems Cognitive radio, cooperative communications Optical communications Optical fiber, optical wireless communication systems design and performance analysis Enabling technologies and techniques for broadband Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Fiber in the Home (FITH) networks Optical networking: network architecture, network protection, survivable and green optical networks

Research Topics (2)

Prof. Cong-Thang Truong, Dr. Ngoc, ME. Hang Communication networks: Inter-networking, the Internet

of Things
Multimedia communication & networking: visual media,

video streaming, Image/video processing, video streaming, content adaptation, MPEG/JVT/ITU-T Standardization

1. TCP and HTTP throughput estimation for video

2. Timing synchronization of a streaming client (the

clocks of clients could be different after a long time, e.g. 1 hour, then how we can improve and/or regain the timing?)
3. Performance evaluation for video streaming: please

review the following paper. Also check other related papers (shown by Google).

Plan (1)
1. Survey (1 month) A. Looking for related works (papers): B. Reading each paper to survey: 1. What did they do? 2. How did they do? 3. What are their results or contributions? 4. What they have not done OR whose limitations. 5. Propose research topics (if possible) 2. 1st Report

A. Presentation
B. Writing and publish paper in Vietnamese (1 month)

Plan (2)
1. Choosing the research topic 2. Working for the results (1 month +) A. Performance analysis or/and B. Simulation or/and C. Measurement 3. 2nd Report (1 month) A. Writing and publishing paper in international

conferences B. Writing and publishing paper in (referred) journals


Weekly meeting to report What have you done? What are your difficulties? Deadline for submitting paper: March 2013 ATC/REV 2013 (Hochiminh, Vietnam) APCC 2013 (Bali, Indonesia) TENCON 2013 ICTC 2013