M-U-F (Meaning-Use-Form

Azmi Bro Jihan

 This framework integrates grammar and its context. .What is M-U-F ?  M-U-F is a grammar teaching framework (teaching approach) where it stands for MU-F (Meaning-Use-Form).


a well-known “RED” . “RED” from the sun. phrase.Meaning 1. functional expression or grammar structure  2.  Exp: “RED” skirt. meaning of the word in a specific context. literal or „essential‟ meaning of the word.

Meaning can be created through situations that are related to children’s life.  . teachers introduce a new language to children in MEANINGFUL CONTEXT to help the children understand the meaning of the language that they are learning.MEANING  For the first step.

 Playing dramas.WAYS TO CREATE MEANING Set situations or dialogues that are fun for children using dolls or other media. (puppet show).  Using stories.  Using children‟s experiences as learning materials.  .  Using Total Physical Response (TPR)  Using pictures.

functional expression or grammar structure is used. communicative use. imperative purposes etc. greetings. Exp: formal use.Use  Refers to when or why the vocabulary. .

They may use the language to play or to act in plays. . they also need opportunities to use English to communicate with others.USE  After children are exposed to English language through the situations manipulated by teachers.

 Creating funny rhythms or songs.  .Sample of Activities Games  Information gap  Quiz  Plays  Giving and following instructions to do or making something.

prefixes or suffixes. syntax (word order). syllable stress.Form  refers to the visible and audible parts of vocabulary. words in a phrase. not “on my opinion” . Exp: have done = present perfect “to do”. phonemes. etc for a particular place in a sentence. and/or punctuation. not “to did” “in my opinion”. functional expressions and grammar units: the spelling. choice of noun or verb.

teachers have the responsibility to attract children’s attention to language forms during English lesson.FORM  Children are subconsciously notice form of language (grammar) and tend to use language naturally in accordance with their need. which means that the teachers are making the children aware of accurate language use both orally and written. Thus.  .

This means that the teachers have to introduce the language form with meaningful context. which to make the children feel motivated to use English as well.  . Children need certain conditions to make them understand meanings of English vocabularies and to use the language in natural context.


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