Christian Zimmerman Daniel Brand Mohamad Jamal Monzer Moutasallem


24 Storey Building

50m by 50m

6m by 6m Centrally Located Shear Wall

 Monzer and I (Mohamad) – Theory
 Daniel – Method Christian – Discussion of Results


+ Positive Pressure + .Negative Pressure - .



Shear Wall .

Distortion and Grading in strand7 .


Step 1: Create initial nodes and elements for column .

5m 6.25m 12.5m 12.5m 12.5m .25m 12.Step 2: Copy columns by increment 6.

Step 3: Connect columns with plate elements .

25m .5m 12.25m 12.5m 12.Step 4: Copy rows by increment 6.5m 6.

Step 5: Copy rows to create grid .

Step 6: Remove corner column and delete exterior plate element .

Step 7: Create floor slab mesh with Quad4 .

Step 8: Subdivide floor slab and beam mesh .

Step 9: Delete slab mesh in location of shear core .

Step 10: Create beam element on the interior perimeter of shear core .

Step 11: Extrude beam by increment .

Step 12: Subdivide shear core .

Step 13: Extrude column nodes by increment .

Step 14: Add restraints at the base of column dx. dz and rz (torsion) to simulate a pin joint . dy.

Step 15: Define material properties & geometry .

Step 16: Create load cases and add gravity .

Step 17: Add live load .

Step 18: Run linear static solver to determine if model is working and if reasonable results .

copy levels and add restrains on bottom and test .Step 19: Remove restraints.

2/24) .Step 20: Add wind load and test Wind = -(z+4)*(12.5)*(1.

Step 21: Create raft mesh by Quad4. extrude by increment and define material property .

add raft restraints and test .Step 22: Remove column restraints.

extrude by increment and define material property .Step 23: Create soil mesh by Quad4.

Step 24: Remove raft restraints. add soil restraints and test .

update wind load as well as raft depth and refined soil and raft mesh further into 3x3x3 .Step 25: Create 24 floors.


Gravity Load • Soil settlement due to self weight • Differential displacement relative to initial position • Small displacement in shear core due to interior beams carrying load .

Live Load • Similar loading pattern within structure to gravity case • No soil settlement beyond raft slab as live load .

Wind Load • No soil settlement as with live load • Key consideration is now x displacement .

Wind Load • Both uplift and settlement occurring in both raft and floor slabs • No soil cohesion results in raft slab lifting independently • Shear Core acting like Cantilever .

Combination Load • Gravity and live loads overcome uplift due to wind loading (no +ve plate displacement) • Soil settlement dependent on gravity loading hence similar results (brick displacement) • Horizontal displacement only dependent on wind loading hence similar results .


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