VALUES, Mission, and


Denis Longo Scoutmaster, NE-II-159

Learning Objectives
As a result of this session, you will:  Understand what is meant by values, mission, and vision  Review the values, mission, and vision of Scouting  Consider values, mission, and vision, in the context of leadership  Learn about the Wood Badge Ticket  Begin writing your own Wood Badge Ticket based upon your personal values, mission, and vision

A Story of Values, Mission, and Vision



Values What is your definition of Values? NE-II-159 4 .

Values  Values … are core beliefs or desires that guide or motivate our attitudes and actions NE-II-159 5 .

Values Where do we get our Values? NE-II-159 6 .

..  Personal Qualities • Honesty • Communication • Being Organized NE-II-159 7 .Values Values can take a variety of forms. For example:  Principles or standards • “Service Above Self” (Rotary Club International) • “Be Prepared” • “Do A Good Turn Daily” .

enthusiasm. openness to others  Codes of Ethics • Hippocratic Oath • Ten Commandments • BSA‟s Outdoor Code ..Values  Character Traits • Loyalty..  Goals • Living a healthy life • Caring for others NE-II-159 8 .

Values The Scout Oath and The Scout Law are statements of Scouting‟s Values NE-II-159 9 .

It‟s true for individuals in all aspects of life … and equally true for organizations of every kind and size.” Eric Harvey and Alexander Lucia NE-II-159 10 .Values “Acting in accord with our beliefs and values is one of the greatest challenges each of us faces every day.

Mission What is a Mission? NE-II-159 11 .

NE-II-159 12 .Mission A mission is a brief statement that reflects the core values of an organization. A mission communicates an organization’s long-term objectives – why the organization exists.

it fosters commitment and unity  Defines directions for change and growth  Acts as an evaluation tool to help measure activities and programs NE-II-159 13 .Mission Statement A Mission Statement …  Serves as a communication tool for an organization  Aligns people with a purpose.

Sample Mission Statements  “To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow” – Starbucks Coffee  “To solve unsolved problems innovatively” – 3M  “To offer all the fine customers in our territories all of their household needs in a manner in which they continue to think of us fondly” – Wal-Mart NE-II-159 14 .

but profit from work that benefits humanity” – Merck NE-II-159 15 .Mission Statement Supported by lists of Corporate Values “To preserve and improve human life:  “Corporate social responsibility  “Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company  “Science-based innovation  “Honesty and integrity  “Profit.

Mission Statement Supported by lists of Corporate Values “To make people happy:  “No cynicism  “Nurturing and promulgation of „wholesome American values‟  “Creativity. and imagination  “Fanatical attention to consistency and detail  “Preservation and control of the Disney „magic‟” – Walt Disney NE-II-159 16 . dreams.

Mission Statement “The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.” – Mission Statement of the Boy Scouts of America NE-II-159 17 .

Vision What is a Vision? NE-II-159 18 .

NE-II-159 19 .Vision A vision is a picture of future success. A vision forms when we think far enough ahead to realize there will be important challenges that we can prepare for now.

Vision “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” – Carl Sandburg NE-II-159 20 .

Vision Consider these Visions: NE-II-159 21 .

Vision John F. 1962 “We choose to go to the moon. Kennedy: September 12.” NE-II-159 22 .

” NE-II-159 23 . Jr.Vision Dr. 1963 “I have a dream. August 28. Martin Luther King.

” NE-II-159 24 .Vision Margaret Thatcher Former Prime Minister of England “It is my unique responsibility as the leader to shine a spotlight on the future….

Vision Lord Baden-Powell … a world brotherhood of Scouts living in peace. NE-II-159 25 .

is attainable.. is simple.. gives meaning to an effort. can change over time.. 26 . ..... . . .Vision Criteria for a Meaningful Vision       NE-II-159 A vision engages the heart and the spirit. .... leads toward a worthwhile goal.

In the future. NE-II-159 27 . values-based program. and leadership.Vision Statement – Boy Scouts of America The Boy Scouts of America is the nation‟s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training.  Serve America‟s communities and families with its quality. Scouting will continue to:  Offer young people responsible fun and adventure.  Train young people in citizenship.  Instill in young people lifetime values and develop in them ethical character as expressed in the Scout Oath and Law. service.

long-term objective.  Vision – A picture of success and the related plan of action. and Vision  Values – Core beliefs or desires that guide or motivate our attitudes and our actions.  Mission – Encapsulates the values and articulates the overall. Mission. NE-II-159 28 .Reviewing: Values.

Punch Line: Values.” – Joel Barker NE-II-159 29 . Vision and Mission  “A vision without a mission is just a dream …  “A mission without a vision just passes the time …  “A vision with action can change the world.

Summary Effective leaders create a compelling vision and translate it into reality.  Values motivate us – what are your values?  Your job in Scouting – what is your mission?  The plan to bring it to life – what is your vision? Your Wood Badge Ticket is your key to turning your Vision into Reality NE-II-159 40 .

mission. in the context of leadership  Learn about the Wood Badge Ticket  Begin writing your own Wood Badge Ticket based upon your personal values. and vision  Review the values. and vision NE-II-159 41 . mission. mission. and vision of Scouting  Consider values. and vision.Learning Objectives As a result of this session. you will:  Understand what is meant by values. mission.

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