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Siebel eMail Response Chicago User Week
Mark Woollen
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Customer-centric eBusiness


Web & Email


Call Center

Customer Information



Field Sales

Best Practices


Key Siebel 7 Themes

     

Smart Web Architecture Application Network Support Simultaneous Support of Platforms and Languages New Functionality and Verticals Siebel Employee Relationship Management Product (ERM) Automated Upgrade

Siebel 7 — Industry’s Best CRM at Lowest TCO
 Faster Deployments and Return on Investment Lower Customization Costs  Unrivaled Breadth and Depth of eBusiness Application Functionality 18 Pre-Built Industry Applications

Higher User Acceptance

Lower Deployment Costs

Smart Web Architecture provides unequaled interactivity and usability Smart Web Architecture provides zero footprint, zero install browser based applications Application Network Support better integrates to customer’s existing applications, information bus, and standards Automated Version Upgrades Customer Proven – 3,000 industry leaders trust Siebel to power their business

 Lower Integration Costs

 

Lower Upgrade Costs Lowest Deployment Risk

 

Application Network











Key Siebel 7 Themes

     

Smart Web Architecture Automatic Upgrade Market-Leading Breadth & Depth of Functionality Only Industry-Specific eBusiness Applications Unrivaled Global Deployment Support Most Complete Multichannel eBusiness Applications for customers, partners and employees

Siebel 7 – Smart Web Architecture

     

Highly Interactive Zero Footprint Intuitive Network Savvy Personalized Built in Portal Framework  Mobile, Connected and Wireless Web

Siebel eMail Response 7

Siebel eMail Response 7 Objectives

 Incorporate Natural Language Processing to improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction  Deliver zero-footprint Web applications that provide end users with an easy-to-use and highly interactive Web client  Provide out-of-box, workflow driven routing and queuing of emails to enable rapid deployment and reduce cost of ownership

 Deliver Spell Checking capabilities to enhance the professionalism of emails sent to customers
 Deliver integrated Universal Queuing to route the right email to the right agent at the right time and increase productivity while improving response times and accuracy

Siebel eMail Response 7 Overview
 Most comprehensive solution for managing high volumes of customer email
 Complete eMail Response Management System  Advanced Linguistic Analysis

 Spell Checking
 Automated Workflow  Universal Queuing  Seamlessly Integrated

 Unmatched multi-channel support
 All Communication Channels  Handles eMarketing Campaigns  Critical Customer Information

 Immediate and measurable business impact
 Dramatically lower cost per contact with Smart Answer  Improve customer satisfaction with multichannel capabilities

Siebel Solution Map for Multichannel Call Center/Support
Call Center Web/ Email/ Wireless Field Service
Service Analytics
Customer Identification Account Management Customer Intent Intelligent Routing/Assignment Identify and Deliver Solution Problem Resolution Problem Resolution/ Escalation Feedback / Upsell/Cross-Sell Feedback / Upsell/Cross-Sell

Extended Service Providers

Consultants /Partners

Channel of Contact

Knowledge Base Access

Problem Reporting

Contact Live Support

Incoming email

Workflow Driven Routing
Service/Sales History

Linguistic Analysis

Queuing and Assignment
Identify and Deliver Solution

Auto Response/ Assisted Response
Problem Resolution/ Escalation

Feedback / Upsell/Cross-Sell
Feedback / Upsell/Cross-Sell

Problem Identification

Access Knowledge Repository

Application Network Architecture
Workflow Designer Declarative Data Transformation

Universal Queuing

Content Analysis

Application Integration Oracle Connector

Middleware Support PeopleSoft Connector

Legacy Integration

Platform Support International Support

Industry Standards Support (XML, BizTalk, COM, CORBA, MQ)

SAP Connector

Enterprise Management

Financial Planning

Supply Chain Management

HR Mgmt.

Production Planning

Logistics Management

eMail Response Customer Service and Support
Workflow Driven Routing • 20 out-of-box routing rules and best practices • Graphical Workflow Designer • Automatic Escalation • Multichannel routing • Routing based on customer type • Email history • Routing based on Language • Routing based on Category Linguistic Analysis • Natural Language Processing • Categorizes Intent of Email • Semantic Analysis • Contextual Analysis • Morphological Analysis • Conceptual Modeling • Intelligent Routing • Support for Multiple Languages • Automatic Language Recognition Queuing & Assignment • Assignment Manager • Universal Queuing • Multichannel Routing and Queuing Auto Response / Assisted Response • Auto Response • Auto Suggest • Self-Learning • Response Templates • Hierarchical Categories • Optimized UI • Default Solutions Templates • Support for Multiple Languages • Spell Checking • Service Request Management • Entitlement Verification Feedback / Upsell/Cross-Sell • Self-Learning Knowledgebase • Customer History • Account Management

Incoming Email

• Support for popular mail servers • SMTP/ POP3 support • Supports multiple Response Groups • Robust Communicati ons Server • Proven High Performance • Highly Scalable • Reliable • Auto Acknowledge

• Integrated Workflowbased Routing Rules • Real-time Routing of Emails • Unified Admin. • Skills-based Routing • Workloadbased Routing

• Opportunity Management • Audit Trail • Campaign Management • Search Center • eMarketing Integration • Analysis and Reporting

Siebel Application Network Support


ERM / Portal




Partner Portal

Trading Partners

XML Information Bus

• MQ
• Tibco • Vitria • Webmethods

Desktop / eMail Custom / Legacy


Real Time Content

Company Website

Public Internet

Other Systems


Strategic Partnerships with Industry Leaders



Siebel eMail Response – Customers

Natural Language Processing – Siebel Smart Answer
 Businesses Challenge
     Inability to respond quickly and effectively High email volumes No assistance for novice agents Manual routing of email messages Difficult to maintain keywordbased routing and response rules

    Auto respond to customer inquiries Auto suggest answers to agents, speeding processing Intelligent routing technology automatically routes messages to the appropriate agent Self-learning technology learns by watching best agents respond to messages

Zero Footprint Web Client

 Businesses Challenge
 Large number of software applications to support on agent desktops  Growing number of remote, or mobile users throughout the organization, strains IT resources

 Solution
 HTML client with zero software installation required  Remains highly interactive, with built-in communications toolbar, for real-time “screen pops”

Graphical Workflow Driven Routing

Businesses Challenge

Inability to manage service levels across channels Continuously evolving business processes, tax IT department ability to configure products to accomplish business objectives

 Messages routed and managed using workflow system, including automatic escalation and multichannel queuing by customer type (platinum, gold, silver) Intuitive, graphical drag-and-drop workflow designer enables business process architects to model best practices, across organization

Spell Checking

Businesses Challenge
   Agents with limited writing ability required to provide professional, written responses directly to customers Responses must be crafted in multiple languages for publishing internationally Content management system used to generate and store content for publication and retrieval to the extremely large and diverse audience of Internet users, with limited capability to review this content

  Out-of-the-box spell checking server, enabled in all eBusiness applications Support for spell checking in 11 international languages Spell checking engine available in Web client so content contributors can quickly review new content items, ensuring professional appearance

Universal Queuing
 Businesses Challenge
 Multiple agent desktop applications confuse agents  Forced to maintain routing rules separately for each channel  Challenging to blend interactions across agents, due to different systems for each channel

Siebel eBusiness Application Clients

Universal Queue API

Communication Server

Siebel Universal Queue

 Solution
 Reduced response and customer wait times by balancing priorities amongst multiple communication channels  Maximized productivity across all channels through central routing and agents skills configuration  Comprehensive customer interactions ensured by truly blended agents  Optimized service levels across all channels through real time reporting
CTI Middleware

Adaptive Communication API

Web Collaboration

Email Server

Fax Server


Siebel eMail Response 7 Highlights

Multichannel Integration

Siebel Systems
 Yes – consolidated view of customer across all channels … email, voice, Web, etc.     

Other Solutions
Provide solutions for other channels via acquired apps No out-of-box integration

Multichannel Routing and Queuing Marketing integration Keyboard enabled UI

 Yes – robust, easy-to-use, out-of-box routing and escalation rules

No enterprise workflow No out-of-box routing and escalation Difficult to configure rules No – requires costly integration

 Yes – out-of-box with Siebel eMarketing  Yes – Siebel is only vendor to provide full keyboard enablement

 

Limited keyboard capabilities hamstrings call center agent productivity Cannot scale Primitive linguistic analysis Inaccurate and out-of-date

Smart Response

 Yes – Siebel Smart Response delivers advanced Natural Language Processing to deliver Auto Response & Auto Suggest

  

Siebel Smart Answer 7 Highlights

Natural Language Processing

Siebel Systems
 Yes – robust linguistic analysis leverages Adaptive Knowledge Base  Uses Semantic, Contextual, Morphological, and Quantitative Analyses 

Other Solutions
Some systems use Baesyian analysis that is static, nonadaptive, costly to administer, and requires 2-3 months to implement Others use keyword based systems No – other systems based on static knowledge bases that require extensive administration and become quickly out-of-date Requires custom rules to implement

 Self-learning  Yes – enables Knowledge Base to be up-to-date. Reduces administration costs  Yes – out-of-box support.  Embedded within workflow for routing, queuing, and escalation.  Yes – support for automatic recognition as well as Auto Response and Auto Suggest 

Auto Response & Auto Suggest

Support for multiple languages

No – other systems support only a single language or support only recognition, NOT response.

The World’s Leading Provider of eBusiness Applications Software

Upgrading to Siebel eMail Response 7

Siebel Application Upgrader

 Introduced in 1996  Migrates all customizations  Supports multiple releases  Proven through thousands of upgrades

Web Client Migration Wizard

1. Select the types of customizations to be migrated 2. Choose (customizable) model applets and views for each category. These determine the Web layout of the migrated applets and views.

Web User Interface Translations
 Siebel 2000  Siebel 7

Siebel eMail Response 7 Beta Customers

eMail Response Customer Deutsche Bank Exodus CMGI Bouygues Telecom

Beta 1 Y

Beta 2 Y Y

Beta 3 Y Y Y Y


The World’s Leading Provider of eBusiness Applications Software

Siebel eMail Response 7 Benefits

Siebel eMail Response 7 Benefits

Multichannel Integration

 SR and Oppty management across all channels  eMarketing integration  Unified data model  Real-time charts, reports, and Siebel Analytics provide up-to-the-minute analysis of inbound email management by queue  High performance graphical routing and queuing  Single tool for all channels  Single knowledgebase for all customer communication channels  Single customer interaction repository  Intuitive drag-and-drop designer  Automatic escalation and multichannel queuing  Integration with non-Siebel events via Siebel eAI    

360 view of customer Reduced integration and development costs Rapid deployment Provides real-time insight into customer issues across all channels Automates processes Requires no coding Right email to the right agent at the right time Consistent answers across all channels Reduced cost of ownership Workflow spans multiple channels Requires no coding Leverages legacy data

Analysis & Reporting

Routing & Queuing

       

Knowledge Management Enterprise Workflow

Siebel Smart Answer 7 Benefits

Auto Response & Auto Suggest    

Interprets customer questions Identified correct responses Provides automated response Provides suggested responses to contact center agent   

Decreases response time Increases Accuracy Reduces required number of contact center agents Enhances routing Integrated with AM & UQ Right email to the right agent at the right time Reduce maintenance costs Adjusts quickly to change International Support Language based routing Auto Response in multiple languages Simplifies responses Auto Suggest can recommend specific templates Decreases response time Increases accuracy

Intelligent Routing

 Automatic identification of customer questions drives email routing process

           

Self-learning Technology Automatic Language Detection Dynamic Response Templates

 Observes behavior of best agents  Noninstrusive  Automatic detection and categorization of incoming emails for multiple languages  Personalized templates  Data dynamically incorporated into response

Siebel eMail Response @ Work

Coca-Cola Deploys Siebel eMail Response Globally to Improve Customer Satisfaction
 Live on Siebel eMail Response in two divisions: Fountain Group and Corporate Consumer Affairs Division.  Fountain Group uses eMail Response to offer outsource support services to Coke’s customers, turning their customer support center from a cost center to a revenue center.  Corporate Consumer Affairs Division uses eMail Response to manage inbound emails from their various divisions, such as  Manage approximately 1200 emails/week and can now handle 5 times as many emails as previously with more consistent answers

Siebel eMail Response @ Work

Renault Uses eMail Response Globally to Offer Customers a Choice
 Renault, one of the top six world leaders in the automobile industry with 4.3 percent of the global automotive market, designs, manufactures and markets passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and agricultural machines  Live Siebel eMail Response, Siebel Call Center, Siebel eChannel, and Siebel eService in 14 countries and 8 languages  Up to 85 percent of telephone calls are answered in less than 8 seconds, the company responds immediately to 80 percent of customer information requests, and the time it takes to resolve a customer complaint will be reduced from 30 days to seven  eMail Response used to automatically route customer responses to an opportunity thereby offering the customer a choice of channels with which to interact with Renault, and allowing Renault to improve its answer rate to mails.

Quick & Tangible Return On Investment (ROI)

 Reduce Cost
 Auto Response  Auto Suggest

 Maximize Revenue
 Increase through up-sell  Increase through improved customer retention

 Lower Total Cost of Ownership
         Complete email response management functionality Out-of-box integration to all customer information Unified knowledgebase with advanced Natural Language Processing Multichannel routing and queuing Email analysis and reporting Enterprise workflow Out-of-box integration to Web, Voice, and other channels eBusiness Application Integration Automatic one-button upgrade

eMail Response ROI Case
ACME Inc., High Tech, $1B revenue, 1,500 employees, mid-sized Contact Center, (250 call center agents)
  Current operating costs Cost reduction potential $85 M $2.5 M

 

Current telesales revenue Revenue increase potential

$105 M $1.8 M


 
  

Annual TCO of other solution $1.6 M Cost reduction potential $1.1 M


Total Project cost (3 year) Total Project benefit (3 year) Projected payback

$2.7 M $9.8 M $M 5 < 1 year
0 1

Benefit Cost

2 Year


Siebel eMail Response 7

10 Minute Demo

Product Marketing Focus on Customer Satisfaction

 Customer Program Office established within each product organization to improve satisfaction  All survey comments reviewed and customers contacted  Action plans developed by each product line  Product Managers compensated based upon your satisfaction

Your Input is Important

 Feedback via surveys  Enhancement requests
 SupportWeb  Account Team  Product Teams

 Beta programs  Detailed product briefings  User group meetings

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