Yarn Inspection

Requirement of Visual inspection :
Well lighted place, inspection table, arrangement for opening, repacking of the material , calibrated weighting balance and facilities for rewinding test, etc

Lot Size:
maximum of 22 tones ( Net Weight ) shall be offered for inspection. In the customizes inspection scheme ,the lot size shall be as per the customer protocol and / or as specified in their scheme.

. In absence of such requirement sampling shall be done as followsSampling plan for packages: -select at random 10% of the packages subject to minimum of 2 packages and maximum of 10 packages using random table. Sampling plan for sub packages: -Select five sub-packages (cone. Sampling Plan :  For visual inspection Sampling Shall be done in concurrence with clients specified requirement. hank. reels. cheese. of packages can be opened so as to cover all the colors in case of dyed yarn. -In case of dyed yarn sample selected shall cover all colors representing the Lot.) form each selected package.If necessary more no. . etc.

A . Visual inspection includes: – – – – – – General appearance Make-up Defectives Final packing and marking Rewinding Test (optional ) Drawing of sample for testing .

Make-up: The sub-packages selected shall be inspected for make-up such as type of yarn package. slub. . packing. presence of neps and other surface impurities such as knots. label.Criteria for visual inspection: 1. Weight : The selected sub-packages shall be verified for the weight 4. etc. etc 2. General Appearance: The sub-packages selected shall be inspected for general appearance including unevenness. sticker. 3.Yarn Defects: The selected sub-packages shall be inspected for the reckoning of defects as specified. poly bag. presence of snarls.

Presence of many knots with long tail end. 4. Excessive stitches on any side. Improper leasing. 10. 5. 9. 8. Entanglement. 2. 6. Cut threads. Collapsed package. 14.Major Package / Yarn Defects : 1. Excessive presence of twist-less-ness or cork screw effects in case of plied yarn. Soft package. 11. Absence of tail end. 13. Nose and tail end not tied with the tie yarn. 12. Color/Shade variation. 7. 3. Plying of wrong counts. . Any other defect based on the professional judgment. Prominent stain.

Soft Package.Nose .

Base .Soft package.

Excessive stitches on any side of Package .

Prominent stain .

Collapsed Package : .

Cut Threads .

Absence of Tail End .

Entanglement .

Color/Shade Variation .

Ribbon Formation. .Other Defect .

Other Defect.Wild Yarn : .

Make-up – Yarn Package .

Rewinding test : The rewinding test shall be carried out as per the specified requirements. Winding Machine . 10 sub-packages not defective shall be selected for rewinding test.

. Yarn Testing : count. For Laboratory Testing : Lab testing : if lot is acceptable in all the aspects of visual inspection. composition. thick place & neps . twist .B . lea strength. thin place . yarn appearance . RKM . hairiness index and classimat fault etc. CSP. unevenness %. 30 sub-packages shall be drawn for lab testing.

Rewinding test 6. Make-up 3. Lab testing . General appearance 2.Criteria for lot Rejection Lot stands rejected if one or more of the given below requirement fails. Reckoning of defects 4. Final packing and marking 5. 1.

94. 10 packages to be selected using random table . but max. using random table (Annexure I). 10 %packages = 15.For Example : • • • • • • Party Name : ABC Material Description : 40s carded yarn Lot Size( Kg/Tones) : 7500 kgs Total No. 62. 142. 97. of Cones / Package: 40 cones Package Numbering : 001 to 149 • Sampling for Packages : 10% of the packages subject to a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10. 1/ B ) Package No. 57. e. 138. 74. 77. 132.g. If necessary more number of packages can be opened so as to cover all the colors in case of dyed yarn. 73. . of Packages: 150 Packages No.

label. Criteria for Rejection : 1. packing. Sample size 50 sub-packages should be select from the all selected packages at random. if the general appearance including unevenness.Sampling Plan for sub packages: select five sub-packages (cone. If more than two sub-packages are defectives due to make-up such as type of yarn package. etc. reels. 2. General appearance : Based on the professional judgment. poly bag. slubs. presence of neps and other surface impurities such as knots. If weight of two or more sub-packages found to be beyond the permissible tolerance limit.) form each selected package (Cartons). hank. 2. Make-up : 1. presence of snarls. cheese. . etc. etc. sticker. appears to be poor.

Reckoning of defects: If more than 5% of the sub-packages inspected found defective. i. Testing .2. 5.5 sub-packages i. Final packing and marking: Marking.0 subpackages 4. 50 sub packages : 5% = 2.000 mtr exceed 1 on rewinding test 6.e. Lab. Rewinding test: Number of breaks per 10.e. Packing-material and Final packing are not up to the mark or as per the specified requirements.Cont…… 3.

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