GCSE English


Timing:  2 ½ hours allowed in total  Section A: Of Mice and Men Allow 1 hour  Section B: Blood Brothers Allow 1 hour  Section C: Unseen Poetry Allow 30 minutes .

PEE: Point Evidence (a quotation) and Explanation .

then. in addition.... also.. and.. therefore....... as well as. in contrast. at first........... similarly... later..... but. next.... whereas.PEE: Connectives Supporting an idea:  However. .. because. furthermore.

possibly. . this conveys to the reader that...PEE: Connectives Explaining an idea:  This implies... obviously. this shows... which gives the impression that.... this indicates that....... this clearly shows... this suggests.... perhaps.

Section A: Of Mice and Men  You must answer Question 1a. it is based on an extract included  You can answer either Question 1b or Question 1c these relate to the novel as a whole .

Section A: Of Mice and Men Characters  What role do they play in the novel?  How do they interact with the other characters?  How does Steinbeck present them? (consider the language he uses to describe them)  How are they linked to the themes of the novel? .

disability  Loneliness – they are all lonely in some way  American Dream – own land. security. racial.Section A: Of Mice and Men Themes  Inequality – gender. positive future  Friendships – lack of positive relationships .

Section A: Of Mice and Men Context  Set against the aftermath of the 1930s Depression  Many millions lost their livelihoods  Many had to travel for work  Steinbeck experienced the lifestyle himself  Title refers to Robert Burns’ poem and suggests that all we plan for doesn’t always come true .

Section A: Of Mice and Men Language and Structure  Steinbeck uses lots of adjectives to describe his characters and the setting  The novel is divided into 6 chapters each like a small act in a play  Steinbeck opens each chapter by describing a setting and introduces each character with a description .

Section B: Blood Brothers Characters  What role do they have in the play?  How do they interact with the other characters?  How does Russell present them? (consider their language and actions)  How are they linked to the themes of the play? .

Section B: Blood Brothers Themes  Class – working V. middle  Nature V.g. education  Responsibility for actions . Nurture  Ties – family and friends  Loyalty and trust  Opportunities e.

Section B: Blood Brothers Context  Liverpool late 20th Century  Industrialised North  Differences between the impoverished and ill educated lower classes and the wealthier opportunistic middle classes .

description and themes  Follows the structure of a play but uses the narrator as a link pin .Section B: Blood Brothers Language and Structure  Colloquial Liverpudlian V. Standard English  Use of songs to project character.

g. language poetic devices etc…  your response – do not say that it’s boring or crap  .Section C: Poetry  You will be given one unseen poem  You may be given a series of bullet points to help you to discuss the: poem’s content  ideas the poet puts across  mood of the poem  way it’s written e.

historical and cultural Language – devices such as: enjambment. tone of voice Context – social. onomatopoeia Subject – the content of the poem . personification. assonance. metaphor and simile Attitudes – of poet and narrator (they may be separate) Sound – use of alliteration.Section C: Poetry (FITCLASS) Form – the layout and structure Ideas – the themes that are presented Tone – think.

And Finally: Don’t panic! Do your best! and Good luck! .

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