PETROLEUM INDUSTRY Introduction of the Industry

The petroleum industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing petroleum products. The largest volume products of the industry are fuel oil and gasoline (petrol). Petroleum (oil) is also the raw material for many chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics. The industry is usually divided into three major components: upstream, midstream and downstream. Following categories of company comes under the petroleum industries. BPCL, IOCL, HPCL, RPL, MRPL (Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemical Limited), HSD (High speed diesel), OMC (Oil marketing companies), LPG, OPC (Oil pricing committee), IBP (Indo Burma Petroleum), APM (Administrative price mechanism), PSU (Public sector undertakings). The major marketing network in the country is controlled by the PSUs like IOC, HPCL & BPCL.

Janta Sales Services is the petrol pump of B.P.C.L. (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) situated in Bairagarh. It is a Business Organization

which deals in sales and services of petroleum products. It deals with
Petrol & Diesel & Lubricant chain of Janta Sales & Services. 1. Pump in Nehru Nagar. 2. Pump in Bakania disesl a pump. 3. Pump only petrol and lubricants in Bairagarh.

Singh.K. BPCL owner of the company – Government of India it was founded in 1967.BPCL COMPANY Introduction : Bharat Petroleum Corporation limited is an Indian state controlled oil and gas company head quartered in Mumbai Maharashtra. BPCL has been ranked 225th in the fortune global 500 ranking of the world’s biggest corporation for the year 2012. . The chairman & MD of the BPCL company is R.

BPCL Vision We are a leading energy company with global presence through sustained aggressive growth and high profitability We are the first choice of customers. always We exploit profitability growth opportunity outside energy We are the most environment friendly company We are a great organisation to work for We are a learning organisation We are a model corporate entity with social responsibility .

As part of growth plan. This strength will manifest in our continuous growth from the present level of 39 MW to 100 MW by the year 2007. thus contributing to the development of society. We shall create an organizational environment in which people will want to contribute their best.Mission : We believe in our ability to be one among the best in terms of Quality. We believe that we have a social obligation towards the society in which we operate. We believe that the Company's growth is possible only by growing people. We will allocate 5% of our profits towards enhancement of the social environment. . we shall offer our services for development/operation of at least 30 MW of capacity by the year 2007. We believe in our expertise to offer Consultancy services related to small hydro sector. Cost and Delivery in the business of producing and selling electricity.

to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate Health and Safety .to ensure the health and safety of our workforce and communities Environment .Objective Building Sustainable Communities .to minimize adverse impacts while taking steps to protect and enhance the natural environment Employees – train tomorrows leaders in teamwork skills and running socially responsible business .

Mahesh Labours 3. Bharat 4. Ajay 3. Vikas 5.ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Owner (Kulwant singh) One Manager (Anil kumar) Workers DSM (10 Daily sales man) 1. Manish 9. Arvind 2. Raju 8. Naveen 7. Deepesh 6.Peons . Sunny 10.

FUNCTIONS OF JANTA SALES AND SERVICES PETROL PUMP Every day Manager  Collect cash from daily sales man  Deposit cash in SBI Bank Bairagarh Branch  After 3 to 4 days Money is transferred to BPCL depot through RTGS  Invoice of tank lorry is prepared  Capacity of tank. lorry is 12 KL  Tank is brought to the pump  Petrol is stored through the process of Decantation  Selling of petrol by DSM .


We have follow other rules like as timing. there are many factors that have to be assessed before starting one. . Their handling is strictly governed by explosive rules. not dispatch or deliver any petroleum to anyone in India like as. Muncipal corporation is lay tax or petrol pump every year as property tax. responsible for management of a network of over 60000 km of N. Before open the petrol pump company will have to take permission from NHA also. Explosive : Petroleum products are highly flammable and are therefore dangerous products.H. Please do not smoke within the petrol pump premises. Obtain a crime prevention kit from your local police station. Some precautions must be observed Switches off the engine before taking delivery of fuel. of India. Never light a match stick with in petrol pump premises. in India. A petrol pump is a licenced premises and all activities carried out in it are subject to explosive rates. Nagar Nigam : It is most to take land diversion from agriculture to petrol pump.FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF ORGANIZATION National Highway Authority : is an autonomous open of the Govt. Police : Starting your own business is always a challenging task.

It also safe guards consumer interest by ensuring mandatory declaration on packaged commodity every year measure of it calibrated and machines are also food depart. It was established in 1962 and discharges the important responsibilities of managing the public distribution o trade and commerce in essential commodities with a view to maintain or increase supplies thereof and secure their equitable distribution and availability at air prices by enforcing the essential commodity act 1955 and various control order made food licence is must for petroleum protect petrol super. measure and number of any commodity is provided to any consumer as contracted for a paid for him.LABOUR : The department of labour is responsible for formulation. lubricant also . diesel super. WEIGHTS & MEASURES : Is also a part of department of consumer affairs is engaged in regulating use of correct weighing and measuring instruments in production crade and commerce to ensure that exact wight. health and promotes welfare of workers in the undertakings taking with in the sphere of the state. diesel normal. It also water takes presentation and settlement of industrial dispute safety. Manpower is also large. implementation and enforcement of the labour laws in the India. .


.By saying Aapka Din Shubh Ho.MAN POWER Manager – 01 DSM – 10 Labours – 3 OTHER SERVICES & FACILITIES PROVIDED BY THE PUMP Free Air Telephone services First aid with medicine Adequate illiminations PUC facilities when ever it is mandatory Guide vehicle to right pedetral Show zero reading Enquiry about product and quantity Clean wind screen for four wheelers Snow end and final quality Welcome and great customer with Namaskar Accept payment by cash. credit card. metro card and smart card Thanks to the customer .

A. 20 to 25 cars daily purchase. Types of customers on the basis of age on Janta sales and services are. C. . High Income group: People of high income take petrol of more than 500 Rs Four wheelers people purchase more than 500. Young (male and females) B.Age:Age is perhaps the most important criteria for segmenting the market. B. 50-70 daily purchase petrol. Example : 10-20 number of vehicles take petrol. Old (male and female) 2.DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION 1 . Customers on the Petrol pump can be divided on the three groups: A. preferences and behavior of customers. Income: Income is another very important factor affecting the nature. attitudes. Middle income group:Middle family peoples purchase petrol of more than 150 Rs. Adults (male and female) C. Low income group:People of low income take petrol of Rs 100 and less.

Example : Customers of Lalghati. Janta Sales & Service is situated in Rural Area. Segmentation of a Petrol pump on the basis of Geographical factors is useful where the customers are scattered over a vast area and the sale of petroleum products is at large scale. On the basis of these criteria. Sehore by pass road purchase . Bairagarh.GEOGRAPHICAL SEGMENTATION The most important and popular criteria for segmenting the marketing of a product may be the geographical factors of the market. it is situated in Main Road. A petrol pump can be segmented as:Urban Rural Town National International Hilly and Plain areas.



Petrol normal. . IOC) very clean toilet. That's why are impressing and willing to go there. diesel super. Of HPCL : Near to main bus stand and its area is wide near about double size to Janta Sales & Services stations. diesel normal. Manpower is also large. DSM's are also dressed up. Tyre modelling Shop are there quantity of machines are also big in number. lubricant also .STRENGTHS : Reliance It is the private player in market. gardens are also mandatory in retail outlets of Reliance Pump. HPC. wind screen facilities. I therefore 35 nozzles are there 15 machines are their and products are also large in quantity. It takes care of customer too much in comparison to other public undertaking company (BPC. petrol super.

petrol. they are unable to increase the sale on petrol pump. Of HPCL : Volume of sales can be easily increased but due to the other business on the pump.WEAKNESS : OF RELIANCE : It is a private company can't bear the loses due to high prices of crude oil. . Near about 5 Rs. Diesel & 4 petrol prices. Diesel are costly thereon.

Distributing and Wholesaling of Petrol Pump Protection Systems. Our range is provided in different dimensions that meet the individual requirement of our clients in the best possible manner. We also check our range on the various quality parameters and it is well known for quality and high performance. . We offer these in various specifications to fulfill diverse requirements of our clients. automobiles and general mechanical engineering purposes.PETROL PUMP PROTECTION SYSTEMS We are expert in the supplying. These are widely used for industrial engineering.

In this case employee was trying to use his cellphone’s illuminated screen as a source of Light. friends and loved ones. it is the vapours emmited that caused what you are going to see in this video. that gasoline itself is not the problem. PLEASE. Please inform all your families . Here is the Video which will show you this- . standing “a bit away” from the pump might still not be enough (based on the amount of fumes emitted).as it was dark by the dome area on the top of the truck. Cell-phones can be a source of ignition. so. That said. no cell-phones around the pump areas in gas stations.WHY IS MOBILE PHONE USE BANNED IN PETROL STATION? This is a video which will show you that how Mobile Phone are dangerous near Petrol pumps.


. and at the same time delivering courteous. fast and efficient service. Bharat Petroleum is passionately committed to making this need a reality at its Retail Outlets.A nation-wide effort a dispensing pure quality and correct quantity of fuel. As one of the major initiatives in this direction. Bharat Petroleum has launched an 'Enhanced Fuel Proposition' (EFP) programme .PURE FOR SURE .The Sign of a New Revolution Bharat Petroleum recognises that one of the basic needs of the customers is pure quality and correct quantity of fuels.

.According to the BCG matrix HPCL will come in position of cow Reliance will be in place of ? Janta sales and services will form the star position.

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