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Plate Thumb Print Report Example

Name (Block capitals) Joe BLOGGS Code used BW/VI/00 Welding position Flat 1G/PA Signature Joe Bloggs Test piece identification Example 1 Joint type Single V Butt Welding process MMA (SMAW)

Length & thickness L=300mm t = 12.5mm

Date 16/07/0

Note: all dimensions in mm

Plate Sample Cap

Welding Process MMA (SMAW)

Slag Inclusion L= 10,W=4

Cap Undercut 25 Intermittent L= 15 ,D= 1.0 max


Lack of sidewall fusion 160 L= 10

Cap Undercut Intermittent L= 15 ,D= 1.0 max

Cap Undercut Intermittent 15 L= 30,D= 1.6


Cluster Porosity L=5 w = 3

200 Arc Strike 15


Note: All dimension in mm Spatter and surface slag requires removal, arc strikes require grind smooth and check with MT Poor cap profile full weld length Linear misalignment full weld length D = 1.0 max

Final Report
After you have completed your thumb print report sketch of your test plate the next step is to complete your final report again the report must be completed in ink (no pencil).

The report must be completed to your thumb print sketch, do not leave any boxes empty, every box must be completed or dashed out. You must also make any comments you feel are necessary regarding any defects observed.
The report form used in CSWIP will look like the following example.

Print full name : Joe Bloggs Plate identification : Example 1

Defect type Pipe/plate section no Reinforcement (Height) Reinforcement (App) Incomplete filling Inadequate weld width Slag inclusions Undercut Surface porosity Cracks Lack of fusion Accumulative Total Maximum Table Accept/Reject


L= 10 , D = 3.0



Arc strikes
Mechanical damage Laps/Laminations Misalignment