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Road Projects

Site Visit Report for Contract ER402
“New Link Road Between Upper Changi Road and Upper Changi Road East”
Date Visited : 13 June 2013 Time Observation : 9:50 am till 11:10 am Reported By : Tay Ah Lek


(Project team will produce the Ad-hoc PGI report and go ahead with remedy works to complete by 16 June 2013) 2 .Report Summary The inspection areas covered are as follows: Road Projects – The site access point security – The pedestrian footpath safety (outside the access at Upper Changi Road East) – The site office areas layout safety. housekeeping and management • on access • car park • storage area and the safety notice board. – The construction site • Drain construction safety near access • The earth storage areas • The permanent and temporary slope • The temporary drainage system and silt control • Water pounding • Other house keeping Total spotted 20 areas for improvement.

Road Projects Site Access Security Observation : Missing hoarding Risk: Construction site is exposed and open to Public encroachment easily Propose : To immediately install the hoarding 3 .

4 .Road Projects Site Access Security Observation : Access is open to Public. Only plastic waterfilled are used to block the access after works Risk: Construction site is exposed and open to Public encroachment easily Propose : To install proper gate or swing barriers with security check point. no security gate and security check point at site access.

Worker may face problem in reading it. Propose : To label and reorganise notice board with difference topic and provide additional notice board to promote hot topic like dengue cases and alert. Safety Issues: Difficult to retrieve safety information from notice board.Road Projects Site Compound Layout (Safety Notice Board) Safety Notice Board Observation : Safety Notice Board is not labelled and organise for easy reading. 5 .

Set up rack fro small item above ground 6 . Propose : To install temporary railing and provide control man access. no barricade and material are not properly stocked up Risk: obstruction and tripping hazard.Road Projects Site Office Compond Layout Safety Observation : Construction material storage areas are not centralised.

7 .Road Projects Pedestrian Footpath Safety at Site Access Observation : Site access intersect with pedestrian footpath provide no warning sign or wording to alert public about construction vehicle access Risk: Pedestrian may knock down by moving construction vehicles Propose : To paint zebra crossing and install warning signs at both side of the access.

also without labelling signboard Safety issues: Site access obstruction. unsightly and pose danger and fire hazard if flammable material is not properly organise and stored Propose : To install temporary railing to barricade the storage areas and with proper partition and labelling signs 8 .Road Projects Site Office Compound Layout Safety Observation : storage areas are not properly organised. No proper access with proper barricade (railing or hoarding).

Road Projects Site Office Compound Housekeeping Observation : Earth spilling. Damage watefilled are used. washing bay is not properly maintain. 9 . Muddy water was found. Safety issues: Environmental safety Propose : To sweep and maintain access clean at all time.

Road Projects Construction Safety (No shoring) Observation : Loose excavated material is piling up high next to trench without shoring and store too near to trench edge. Excavated loose material should not store next to the trench or should keep > 2m away from trench. 10 . Surcharge can pose danger Safety Issues: Earth can collapse and pose danger to the workers in the trench. Propose : To install PE’s design shoring or cutting gentle slope to prevent earth collapse.

Safety Issues: Earth can collapse and pose danger to the workers working between drain channels and the trench wall. No shoring . Propose : To install PE’s design shoring to prevent earth collapse. Slope toe is not properly trimmed 11 .Road Projects Construction Safety (No shoring) Observation : Loose excavated trench wall without shoring and high slope is next to the trench edge.

no perimeter drain. Propose : To provide temporary perimeter drain .Road Projects Construction Safety (Earth Control Measures) Earth is not covered. Safety Issues: Pose earth control and environmental problems. silt sum and silt trap and cover the earth with coconut blanket . 12 . silt trap Observation : Excavated earth is stockpile without proper earth control measures. silt sump.

Propose : To install silt sump form connection point and level the ground next to footpath edge. Earth drain and pipes connection point water pounding 13 . Safety Issues: Can pose mosquitoes breeding.Road Projects Construction Safety (Water Pounding) Footpath edge water pounding Observation : Many water pounding within the site premises.

Silt in the drain blocking water flow. need regular desilting 14 . Safety Issues: Can pose mosquitoes breeding. also desilting to ensure live water flowing. Drain stagenanted with water .Road Projects Construction Safety (Stagnant Water) Overgrown vegetation along earth drain Observation : Over grown grass over earth drain. Propose : To regularly cut vegetation to expose the earth drain.

Road Projects Construction Safety (Stagnant Water) Deep excavated trench is not properly barricaded . Safety Issues: Can pose falling hazard. no proper access and warning sign Observation : Deep excavation without proper barricade and warning sign keep workers away. No proper access steps to the excavtion holes. Propose : To install railing barricade and proper step access. 15 .