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Walls that Teach

Myrian Casamassima & Florencia Insua

Abbey Road Wall AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .

Visible Organized Features of Walls Interactive AEXALEVI DAY 2013 Dynamic .

Walls . Make words available in the classroom.. AEXALEVI DAY 2013 . Provide exposure to a print rich environment. Support students´ independent reading and writing. Help to create a sense of community..

AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .Walls . Build vocabulary over time.. Help to internalize key concepts. Support exam preparation.. Improve spelling. Increase memory retention.



Word Walls AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .

Anchor Walls AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .

Mural AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .

Word Walls  Anchor walls  To enlarge students’ vocabulary To help students recognize and spell high frequency words To help students remember procedures. To help students “hold” their thinking    To remember the connection between words To provide reference for students during reading and writing activities AEXALEVI DAY 2013 Murals  To create a spot for creativity and expression. To inspire students to perceive themselves as class contributors   .

• Add words gradually (5 words per week) • Use word walls daily through a variety of activities AEXALEVI DAY 2013 . Word Walls • Include words students usually use in their writing.• Make words accessible by putting them where everybody can see them.

Anchor walls •Make the wall with the students as a part of a process of awareness after language focus activities •Make reference to the wall whenever a strategy or procedure is being worked on in class. AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .

colours.• Make the wall using different textures. Mural • Change the format to keep it original (make students think of a creative format) • Use background music. • Keep the students’production short. AEXALEVI DAY 2013 . pictures. shapes.

Word Walls Word Alphabet Phonetic sounds Categories Content areas Graffiti words Frequently misspelled Anchor walls Grammar rules Conversational phrases Writing structures Speaking strategies Classroom rules Murals Reading activities short stories video activities Songs and poems or any material which students can respond to. AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .

“I spy”  Word wall bingo  Word wall chain  Word search  Erasing relay  Making words  Mind reader  Flash light fun  Rhyme  Jeopardy  Missing word  Word pictures  Word relationship  Drama  Word Ad  Musical Word  Names for musical groups  Word of the Day  Five words in a story  Concept ladder  AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .

• As part of language awareness activities AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .Word Walls Anchor Walls Murals • As part of project work • As part of group work activities • Warm up activities • End of lesson • Early finishers • When you have 5 or 10 min left.

The Story of a Wall (continued) Soon it became catchy The excitement was magic Other walls began to crop up That claimed fo their right Full of passion Full of life No more boredom No more yearning Only room For lots of learning AEXALEVI DAY 2013 .