Competency Model Project

Implementation Plan
•H R D Dimensions

 Model Implementation  Building Competency based systems  C – Based Recruitment  C – Based PMP  C – Based Training and Dev  C – Based Career Planning  Coaching and Mentoring

•H R D Dimensions

Model Implementation
 Orientation to SEPL Mission, Vision, Values and

Competencies at all Units  Unit Level implementation Plan  Release of Competency based templates for People processes  Assigning responsibilities and accountabilities for implementation

•H R D Dimensions

Building Competency based systems
 Developing Departmental Competencies  Defining Levels  Mapping Competencies  Defining Technical / Functional Competencies  Defining Position Levels and identifying competencies  Band Profiling

•H R D Dimensions

C – Based Recruitment
 Re-defining job description  Developing Competency questions for BEI  Developing templates for Recruitment Process

 Preparation of Recruitment Process Manual
 Training Managers for interviewing  Follow up and conducting HR Audits

•H R D Dimensions

C – Based PMP

 360 Degree Feedback system  Designing PMP template  Goal Setting and Alignment  Training to provide performance feedback

•H R D Dimensions

C – Based Training and Dev
 Reviewing skills needed to achieve targets and face 

 

market challenges Training need Analysis Deciding Developmental Activities Fixing accountabilities Review and Audit

•H R D Dimensions

C – Based Career Planning
 Individual Gap Analysis through assessment centers  Identifying training needs for current and next level  Development plan, review and follow up by HODs

with HR support

•H R D Dimensions

C – Based Succession Planning
 Identifying Key positions with functional and

leadership competencies  Identifying 3 candidates for each position based on competencies  Gap Assessment and development planning to nurture prospective leaders in pipeline

•H R D Dimensions

Coaching and Mentoring
 Completing gap analysis and developmental need 

 

identification Coaching and Mentoring workshop Identifying key people to be coached Fixing internal Coaches and Mentors Assessment and Review of Progress

•H R D Dimensions

Competency Committee
 4 Zones  Sponsored by Mr Paul  (Pooviah, Dally, Uday Shankar, Mahadeve Gowda, Prakriti, Neeta)  Delegate II Line (Vanitha, Vinutha, Pascal, Rubin, Mamatha)

 Member for Technical Competencies ( Chandramohan (Quality) – Unit

14, Kantharaj (IED) – Unit 4, Srinivas Rao, Gayathri (Sourcing), Viju (Production), Rajesh (ERP), Shyamsundar (Finance), Shwetha (Marketing), Adithya – (Business Audit)

•H R D Dimensions

Key Activities – I year
1. 2. 3.


Technical Competencies Departmental mapping Model Rollout C – Based Recruitment C – Based PMP

•H R D Dimensions

January 2006
 Release Competency Book to HODs, Share Action

Plan, Announce Competency committee  Call for First Committee Meeting  Decide Dates for Department Mapping sessions (Includes Tech. Comp)  Complete IED Technical Competencies

•H R D Dimensions

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