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Human Resource Planning

Case on HRP

Many would take it as a minor hiccup today, but Oman Airways Neha Jalan is still trying to bury her experience on the night of October 13, 2008. Then an air hostess with Jet Airways (for over a year), she has lived the experience of what one can call retrenchment mismanagement; luckily, she only just about lived it. Late that Monday night, at about 10pm, she received a message on her phone. It was from a friend, Kunal. The message read: Ive been derostered. Kunal had been with the airlines for the past five months. Neha then called up the Area Manager Vipul Jalan who was in the rostering department at Jets New Delhi office. On inquiring whether a similar fate was in store for her, he replied: Dont disturb us right now. There are too many calls. And dont worry, youre in the safe zone. That was some relief; but only just.

There is a typical smile on her face today, as she recalls those moments, but one would lay no wager on the fact that she was at all comfort then. Says Priyanka Dubey, who was then an air hostess with IndiGo, Jets crews were being sacked, without any logical reason. The authorities just told them that they lacked skills and the airline is unable to take them on board! We all were frightened. Thankfully, nothing of this sort happened at IndiGo.Neha had to report for an outbound domestic flight at the New Delhi domestic airport at 4 am. Usually her cab arrived an hour before the reporting time. But that morning, even at five past three, the cab hadnt arrived. I called up the rostering office and they informed me that it was just a logistics hitch, recalls Neha. The cab arrived soon after. She met a fellow crew member, who received a call during their 40-minute long drive to the airport. After the call ended, he said, My friends cab didnt arrive. Hes been told that he has been derostered!

But it wasnt the first time that Jet Airways had taken a mass layoff decision. After its merger with Sahara, it had quietly doled out pink slips to 1,200 of its employees. Even its low-cost arm JetLite had given out a separation plan to another 700. Twice it had done much to lighten its boat, twice without much media frenzy. It tried a third time with 1,000 more. This time, the bear trap got its foot! Perhaps the Airline Management could have implemented significant salary cut across the company which could have solved the situation instead of shaking employee morale across the board, says John Siddharth, Aerospace Analyst at Frost & Sullivan to B&E. Of those sacked, half were cabin crews. The rest were ground and maintenance staff, junior managers and fresh recruits. The common fact however was that they were all serving the six-months probation period.

HR Planning Model
Definition Of HRPA process by which an organization should move from its current manpower position to desired manpower position . - Right number and right kind of people at the right place at the right time which results in both the organization and the individual receiving long run benefits

Human Resource Planning

Leon C Megginson HRP is an integrated approach to performing the planning aspects of the personnel function in order to have a sufficient supply of adequately developed and motivated people to perform the duties and tasks required to meet organizational objectives and satisfy the individual needs and goals of the organizational members.

Objectives of HRP
o To recruit and retain the HR of required quality and quantity. o To foresee employee turn over. o To foresee the impact of technology o To estimate cost of HR o To improve standard, skills , Knowledge , ability and discipline.

Human Resource Planning process:

Analyzing the organizational plans Forecasting the demand of human resources

Forecasting the supply for human resources

Comparing forecasted demand and forecasted supply

Taking appropriate actions

Linking Organizational Strategy to Human Resource Planning

Limitations Of HRP
Resistance by employees and employers Uncertainties Inadequate information system