Carina Raymundo
LIS 173
June 28, 2013

It is impossible to halt it. .Natural aging is inevitable.

Flooding New Orleans Archives. 2005 .

Cause Flooding Effect Preventive Measures Wet records Choose level area with good drainage. away from areas which are flood prone Coastal Site: far from the shoreline as possible. elevated building .

.Pests/Insects Lincoln County. Idaho’s records. 2012.

Cause Effect Preventive Measures Pests/Inse Damaged cts records Regular inspection Removal of surrounding vegetation Avoid the use of pest control chemicals. Use of baits and blunder traps Use steel shelving Sanitation .

Cause Effect Too much lighting Paper whitens and colored papers and ink fade Preventive Measure Proper Direction Quality of light Minimize windows .

Cause Effect Conservation Method Wet floor Increased moisture Use Vinyl Tiles Poor building planning Structural Damage Strong design load .

Minimal doors Perimeter protection Materials stolen before receipt Secure and safe loading and receiving areas . Separate employee and public entrances.Cause Effect Poor security Missing invaluable materials Conservation Record Secured visitor/researcher office(s) to view archival materials Consider lockers for visitor personal packages/bags.

Cause Too much heat Effect Accelerated deterioration Mold Conservation Practice Exterior walls painted with a light colour pain Walls with good insulation properties Use mould inhibitor .

Cause Effect Poor roofing Materials get wet Conservation Method Ideal roof properties Cyclone zone: should be able to withstand winds of 300km/hr .

Fire Burned records Fire Extinguishers Access and available ventilation Automatic sprinkler systems Consider wet weight of stored materials .

Cause Effect Poor organizati Lack of on space Conservation Method Provision for expansion Compartmentaliz Destruction ation of storage of Materials area Adequate Storage Spaces Proper corridor and door width .

Other Issues     Aesthetics High cost of maintenance Work environment for employees Ergonomics .

org/Documents/PARBICALowCostAchivesBu ildingsReport.pdf .florida. Paul. Retrieved June ageGuidelinesforRecordsCentersandArchives.  Ling.pdf .org/design/archives_records. Ted. 2013  NFPA 232A. PUBLIC RECORDS STORAGE GUIDELINES FOR RECORDS CENTERS AND ARCHIVES. Retrieved June 27. 2013.Sources Acker.parbica. Guide for Fire Protection for Archives and Record Centers  . http://info. Archives and Record Storage Building http://www. (2003) Building a Low Cost Archives in the Tropics: Specification and Description http://www.wbdg. 2013  The State of Florida (1996). Retrieved June 27. Edward and O’Connell.php .

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