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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a British Manufacturer of luxury automobiles.
Based at the Goodwood plant in West Sussex, England. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of BMW.

The symbol of British Automobile prowess. The chairman of the company is Ian Robertson and the CEO of the company is Torsten Muller-Otvos Considered as the ultimate automobile manufacturer.   .


The first undergraduate to own a car. To fund his passion he set up a dealership.CHARLES ROLLS  Charles Rolls studied mechanical engineering at Cambridge. he soon began racing. . selling mostly foreign cars.    His search for a supplier of reliable English cars led to his introduction to Henry Royce.

H. Henry Royce registered his first patent in 1887. Known for his attention to detail and pursuit of perfection.    By 1903 he had designed and built his first engine.  Royce began his career by making dynamos and electric cranes under a limited liability company called F. His first prototypes took to the road in 1904. Royce & company. Dissatisfied with engines.HENRY ROYCE. . Royce decided to improve on it and turned his attention to building the best cars in the world.


a world leading provider of power systems and services for use on land. marine and energy.Royce PLC(1987-present) Rolls-Royce PLC. The automobile company was separated in 1973.Rolls. sea and in the air. . Rolls-Royce was nationalized in 1971 and the present Rolls-Royce plc was re-privatized in 1987.Royce Limited was a car and later aero-engine manufacturing company was founded . defense aerospace. operates in four global markets –civil aerospace .Royce Limited (1906-1987)    Rolls. Rolls.

.2003 that only BMW would be allowed to name cars “ Rolls-Royce” and Volkswagen former RollsRoyce/Bentley division would build only cars named Bentley.for the continued development and production of Rolls-Royce motorcar.Rolls-Royce Motor(1973-1998)   Rolls. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars(1998-present) From 1998 to 2002 BMW supplied engines and parts for both brands.Royce Motors was created from the de-merger of the car business from Rolls-Royce Limited in 1973. whereas BMW acquired . In 1998 the production facilities at Crewe plus the Bentley name was sold to Volkswagen. It was not until January 1.


design it.“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better.” . When it does not exist.


“To provide mobility with comfort. style and speed anywhere be it on land. water or air. To delight customers by providing excellent sales and after sales service.” .


     No co-branding endeavors Dealers are chosen based on their common interest with customers Customers are invited to exclusive dinners Buyers receive personalized letter from the CEO Focus on repeated purchase. . RESULT Nearly 1/3rd of business comes from repeated customers.


            1904–06 10 hp 1905–05 15 hp 1905–08 20 hp 1905–06 30 hp 1905–06 V-8 1906–25 40/50 Silver Ghost 1922–29 Twenty 1925–29 40/50 Phantom 1929–36 20/25 1929–35 Phantom II 1936–38 25/30 1936–39 Phantom III             1938–39 Wraith 1946–59 Silver Wraith 1949–55 Silver Dawn 1950–56 Phantom IV 1955–66 Silver Cloud 1959–68 Phantom V 1965–80 Silver Shadow 1968–91 Phantom VI 1971–96 Corniche I–V 1980–98 Silver Spirit 1998–2002 Silver Seraph 2000–02 Corniche V .

FIRST ROLLS ROYCE: 10HP  First rolls Royce made in 1904 1800cc-12hp at 1000 rpm Top speed of 63km/hr Only 16 were made between 1904-1906.    .

  .ROLLS ROYCE IN THE BATTLEFIELD  The silver ghost was used by the British navy to raise it’s first armored squadron. They were used both in world war 1 and 2 The cars were an important advantage for British forces during the war.

Bentley didn’t knew that RR was the buyer.BENTLEY AND ROLLS ROYCE •RR bought Bentley when the latter failed after the great depression. •Bentley was at that time a complete sports brand like Lamborghini today.O. •The purchase was so secret that even the founder W. •Is used by James bond in the original book by lan flaming. •Was sold to the Volkswagen in 1998. .

 More than 600 sold Was responsible for the reputation of the company RR opened factory in Massachusetts in 1921 where 1706 sliver ghosts ware built.   .SILVER GHOST  First car from the official rolls Royce company.

000(Rs.cutout Price starts at $300. •0-100km/h in 5.1.9s seconds Top speed-240 km/hr-auto.5 crores) .PHANTOM •Made by BMW •At the heart of the Phantom family is a lightweight aluminium Space frame.

Every Phantom is hand-built at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood in England .to show how much power is still available for driver. The RR logos on wheels always stand upright. The traditional “Spirit of Ecstasy” has an automatic retraction mechanism to prevent theft and tampering.TRIVIA ABOUT PHANTOM      Customers can choose from 44000 colors and any leather trim Instead of a tachometer. the phantom uses a “power reserve Dial”.

CURRENT ROLLS ROYCE CAR MODELS   2003– Phantom 2007– Phantom Drop-head Coupé   2008– Phantom Coupé 2010– Ghost .


Bentley Ferrari Lamborghini Bugatti Spyker Pagani Maserati Aston Martin .


Rolls Royce caters to impulse buyers who are :  Royal class . High level of earning Creative class Car Lover Comfort     .


merger/acquisition. London and Abu Dhabi. Operated in about 35 countries including India (RollsRoyce India) Distribution in various countries is done by the ways of Joint venture. China. UK .   . wholly owned subsidiaries. The largest market for Rolls-Royce motor cars are North America.

The top selling dealers worldwide are Beverly Hills. Abu Dhabi and Dubai. dealership takes place at delhi and mumbai. London .  .  In India . Abu Dhabhi saw the highest annual increase with sales more than double.


e. though it has not released detailed figures about how many cars it sold in individual markets. .347.  The US and Chinese markets are the most important ones for the company.538 cars. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars sold 3. up 31 percent on the year before i. 2711 . beating the last record of 3.

 Rolls-Royce's £165. Sales Growth in 2011 23% 47% 30% Asia Pacific UK  "We will see another record year for RollsRoyce in 2012." said Mr Muller-Otvos. Middle East .000 Ghost model has been the main driving force for sales.


Royce.   . test and inspection.REPUTATION VALUES  Rolls-Royce has prospered for more than 100 years because of its attention to details. Each car has a history book created as it is assembled. The person responsible signs for every major assembly. Once bought it will bear the name of the owner and is a complete record of every stage of the manufacture of the Rolls.

RELATIONSHIP VALUES  Rolls-Royce is one of the few brand that does not require ownership for one to feel passionately about the brand and what it represents. .

 .EXPERIENTIAL VALUES Among the world‟s most exclusive automakers. two brands tower above the others :  Ferrari for performance and Rolls-Royce for comfort. The Phantom has succeeded in its mission to make sure Rolls-Royce remains the household name for over-to-top automotive luxury.

It takes one man. However. .entirely made by hand and eye. there are two identifiable features that make rolls. and then five hours are spent polishing it. „The Spirit of Ecstasy‟.no measuring instruments are used.a strong sensation of driving the car ‘Radiator Grille’ .SYMBOLIC VALUES Rolls-Royce in itself is the ultimate icon representing a person‟s status. 1.Royce a Rolls. 2. one day to make Rolls-Royce radiator.


4 crore sports car. The Indian kings were the biggest customers of RR in the pre-independence days.  RR Was imported by the Indian rich until it was officially launched in India.3crores phantom in India. .  Indian designer Dilip Chhabria redesigned a RR silver coupe for A NRI client making it into a RS.  In spite of economic recession RR has sold 70 RS.


 Our commitment to acting with integrity is at the heart of everything we do. . We embrace the social responsibilities that come with being a major employer. develop successful working relationships with customers. suppliers and governments. and we believe that conducting business in a responsible manner creates competitive advantage.  It enables us to attract the best people. neighbor and partner. and support the global communities in which our employees live and work.


000 hours to community-related projects. .000 of our employees devoted 60. 5.COMMUNITY INVESTMENT  In 2009 alone. CHARITABLE TRUSTS  The company has created a number of independent charitable trusts who use the interest generated from the endowment funds the company invest in to provide important local services.

awards £120.000 each year to UK schools to promote excellence in teaching and learning. the company support science education and outreach programmers to inspire the next generation of engineers. for instance.SCIENCE EDUCATION   Moreover. The Rolls-Royce Science Prize. .


     Rolls Royce has announced its next generation electric car 102EX Rolls Royce gives more emphasis on sustainable development They have a program of improvement in production activities. . and an extended wheelbase Phantom . the famed luxury British automaker. currently they have Phantom and Ghost. safety and environment management. They seek world class activities in health. there‟s a Rolls Royce Coupe.little longer in the length. has announced that it will begin selling vehicles in South America. Rolls-Royce.


Quality class comfort More than 100 years Repeat customers Operates more than 35 countries .

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