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Sustainable Buildings

Planning and performance of the built environment

Process of Building Design Architecture Structure Materials .

Building Environment Studies Analysis Planning Simulation Performance .

Analysis Healthy buildings Conservation Ecocycles Place • Materials • Construction methods • Systems • Implementation • Heating and cooling • Lightning efficiency • Clean water • Waste • Renewable heat • Renewable eletricity • Sewage • Vegetation and cultivation • Adaptation to natural surroundings • Sociality • Existing buildings • People .

Simulation Softwares Physical and digital Prototypes Experiments .

Autodesk Ecotec Analysis – Program used to analyse studies of comfort. and ecosolutions . efficiency energy.

.Physical and Digital prototypes simulating eco building systems.

Testing chamber acoustics Laboratory of Environmental Comfort and Sustainability of buildings: study materials for correct application works .

Performance Heating and cooling Comfort Building Efficiency .

solar heat coming in through windows. . walls. windows. energy is needed to heat the cold water and fresh air taken into the house. and utilization of waste heat from electricity and hot water use. floors. doors and from exhaust air and waste water. The rest of the heating requirements are supplied by the building’s heating system.Energy is lost from a house through the roof. In addition. A house is heated by several different heat sources: body warmth.

are some provisions to comfort studies to EcoBuildings.Architectural planning. . Sun orientation chart and engine investigations. measurements in situ.

Architectural solutions such as Brise Soleils are used in bulding to improve the efficiency .

there is a green building that has its high point in a sustainable somewhat normal inspiration: termites.a leisure center and offices .In Harare. Zimbabwe's capital.uses the principles of biomimetics to achieve energy savings. . the Eastgate Centre . In fact.

Assembleia Paraense – Project by the architect Milton Monte who was an reference in architecture regional for environment .

Em busca de uma arquitetura sustentável para os trópicos: conforto ambiental. Sterling. Oscar. London. BLOCK.blogspot. YANNAS. VA:  Rio de Janeiro: Revan. CORBELLA.html http://www. Maria. The Whole Building HandBook: How to Design Healthy.edifique.htm    . 2010. http://institutoecoacao. 2003. Simos.arq. Efficient and Sustainable Buildings. Varis.

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