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 Total Constituencies – 543  Elections filled with history of malpractices.  Security for voting is less. .

      Ballot snatching Fake voting Counting malpractices Voters list name cancellation Difficulties in Identity Proof verification TO OVERCOME THOSE PROBLEMS::  To counter all this Maintaining fingerprint database along with birth and death certificates. .

Image of the Module A Block diagram of the Fingerprint Module used in the Mobile Phone .

Cross Section of Finger Skin Living skin cells Dead skin cells Cross section of finger Current manufacturer of Mobile phones with finger print sensor module : AuthenTec (Australia based Company) .

. User sends his finger print (secured print is encrypted and sent as sequence of data in encoded form) to the service provider. Every citizen above the age of 18 years has got the right to vote and hence obtaining their fingerprints and storing in the database along with their birth/death record becomes necessary. User casts his vote and sends 2nd message. Service provider verifies the fingerprint and checks for the validity of voting and sends voter list (a mobile ballot paper) through SMS.     Since mobile phone has connectivity with computer systems it is easy to store and access at the service provider and results be published instantly.


MTNL .VSNL .   A Basic Phone with GPRS costs 1500  A Study says that by 2010 all the Indians will own a Mobile phone Cost of Implement the phone with a Finger print module  A Finger print module starts from 500 and ranges till 5000 The Service Provider should be representing Government  Example – BSNL .etc .

Practically . Politically.“End To begin with a revolution” Potential with M-voting are many. Economically.